Neutrogena Wave VS Clarisonic Pro - Review & Comparison For Acne Prone Skin!

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Natural Saph: You need to do a bit more research on the devices. The Clarisonic does not exfoliate. It simply gives to a better cleanse than you would get with manual cleansing. The bush oscillates. This is meant to work with the skins natural elasticity, flexing the pores to allow water to rush in and back out (removing any dirt in the pore). They do make it very clear that it does not exfoliate. 

Priscilla Nieto: The Neutrogena Wave looks very scary with the way it rotates. Seems like it would be way to harsh and tear at the skin. Glad that my Clarisonic Mia only vibrates like an electric toothbrush! 

Amanda Marie: Gabby, you have to keep in mind this video is 2 years old

Jessica Cortez: Clarisonics aren't exfoliates they are cleansers

gaby varela: Her information is all wrong. First of all, I use a Clarisonic and it was NOT $300-$400. I got it for $149 at Macy's. Second of all he brushes are NOT $40 dollars. They are only $19, I suggest that before you post a review on you find reliable information, cause you are misleading the public. The prices of both gadgets are extremely off, and btw if you hate pink, why are you wearing a pink shirt?

Chimi Dashark: so does that mean u r a teen?? look way older

Tubenuub: If you clean your brush head every time with anti-bacterial soap and pat it off after use, so it's not all wet for hours (breeding ground for bacteria), you should be fine :)

Shea Johnson: She did not do her research. The Neutrogena Wave has different refill pads that you buy separately, you can still use other face cleaning products with it. I suggest Neutrogena facial cleansers. The Neutrogena Wave comes in two types of devices: $17.99 Wave Sonic (two setting: gentle cleansing and deep cleansing) and $10.49 Wave original Vibrating Its not geared towards teens, its for everyone Clarisonic it is in a higher price range $150-$225 the brush heads are quite expensive as well there are several different brushes for your face & body by the way you should clean off make up before using either or these products as for the clarisonic its best to put your facial or body cleanser on yourself then use the brush on top to exfoliate, don't put the cleansing product directly onto to the brushes

KrissXox0: I have the older version of the neutrogena wave and it has Velcro on it so I just put a cotton pad on it I don't know if the newer one has Velcro on it but if it does it works well!

Ruxandra Bogdan: Personally I found that other than removing my makeup, the Neutrogina didn't do anything else for my skin. My skin didn't seem softer, smoother or less acne prone, but that just might be me. I just got the Clarisonic and i am loving it so far! Ive only used it 4 times and I already see a difference in my skin; the tone is much more even and i have a lot less of those annoying little bumps! Just my two cents :)

Lynne Thai: Have you by any chance tried (or know someone who has) the Olay Professional Pro-X? I would greatly appreciate any tips/advice regarding it!

brittani smith: I've tried both i like how big the clarisonic is and the neutrogena just seemed to always die on me and i didn't see any difference in my skin after two weeks of use.

589hana: I have the neutrogena wave that vibrates and it does a pretty good job at washing my face. I have used other cleansers with the wave but I have to massage it in before I use the wave. It seems like not a lot of people on YouTube seem to be satisfied with the wave sonic though.

Christabel xo: clarisonic mia2 is a MUST BUY beauty product, in fact most of the ppl i know have this cleansing tool in their daily facial routine, it helps to remove all the nasty stuffs like blackheads, whiteheads etc etc that lies underneath your skin, also removes make-up residuals...

kitty kat: Can I please warn everyone DO NOT buy any Clarisonic brushes off ebay or amazon as they are probably fake. Go to the Clarisonic home page and buy them there, I just wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed. Cassandra sorry pet but this was a very poor review, you really haven't done enough research on both of these products. 

Hnan amora: you changed my opinion to buy clarisonic 

xMistyx95x: You can use regular cotton pads on the Neutrogena Wave.

brooke penshorn: the blue and green are smaller and don't spin they just kinda buzz.i know this cause I own both

Marina Gilbert: does she know that "gyp" is a racial slur? wtf?

carina c: shes wearing pink tho...

beautylifestyle: u are like a little sick😁

Camo Chick: Hopefully you stopped saying 'Umm' in your videos. 

Connie Craig: Ugly

Bianca Mercurelli: The clarisonic is not an exfoliator! and you're supposed to clean the head at least once a week and change it every 3 month. 

Diana Labode: Haha you are pretty crazy, stay that way :)

PipTheBeautyE.l.f: the wave sonic has different pads, antiaging, acne, exfoliate, and makeup removing

Caydee Farnworth: Were do you get the waze?

Shivani Mahida: I put boxes under my bed ;P

Casey Caserta: There is no comparison between these two. The clarisonic is NOT a luxury exfoliator. It is a sonic cleansing brush. It oscillates at 300 times per second to loosen trapped sebum, makeup and bacteria from pores. You are supposed to cleanse the brush AT MINIMUM once a week with anti bacterial soap. The brush heads are $25 for the normal line heads, but the cashmere cleanse brushes are $30. All the Wave does is get your pad soapy and feel a buzz on your skin- it does not penetrate the way the clarisonic does. The clarisonic is worth every penny. I own the Mia 2 and it was the best investment ever.

ambercromby2: She is soo pretty!!

lapetitebichee: you are so beautiful!

juls robertson: I have used both of these~ I Love my Neutrogena,it works great (for me) I didn't like the Clarisonic (for me) Neut. is better price point And my skin FEELS & LOOKS clean,& I like the spinning brush. Claris. vibrates. It doesn't move so I just don't feel clean.I would actually turn it 'back on' for a 2nd cycle & still didn't feel clean! I got a refund & went shopping instead! What works for some~doesn't always work for others.Don't post mean comments~ EVERYONE CAN HAVE THEIR OWN OPINIONS. ALOHA

Tamia Fedrick: I seen a lavender one

Cupcakebarbie: "But that'

Amy Jarvis: I keep the boxes got storage

RawrTara52: You have no idea what your talking about. These are not comparable at all.

Kelly95925: Ok, lol... The extra boxes you have can be used to store lotions, different sun blocks, nail polish.. etc.. I use all my extra boxes for these things! A label maker and a closet all you need! ;) As far as the Neutrogena face cleaning devices.. I actually loved mine until I started wondering when I heard all this hype about the brush heads.. The only thing that made me worry was is there possible condensation happening on those pads I'm storing and creating a germ breeding ground? They are like sponges after all then I decided I'd look around and see if I could find a brush like the Mia and that was even over priced for my liking! So I've settled with the Olay Pro-X for now but may even go back to the Neutrogena system if I don't like this brush! Because #1, I never had any problem with it. #2, I always felt it left my skin clean and #3, I never noticed any mold in the tubes from the pad holders. -That was just a worry of mine, as to why one may pick a brush head over there removal pads product. (But I never saw that happen, I just let it get me carried away to trying the brush over the pad.) I do think you're right and the Clarisonic, Mia are just over priced items.. I can't see myself buying that over something else when there's so many other products lower in price. Thanks for your review!

Catie Kilts: One part water and one part rubbing alcohol and soak for 10-15min and it's germ free!

Ally Biase: I got the Neutrogena wave two years ago and I never really liked. I also made the mistake of getting that pinkish color because I thought it was the only color and later I saw a pretty blue one at walmart. This past Christmas I got a clarisonic mia 2 and I love it! It works so much better than the Neutrogena wave!

harveythepooka: With the clarisonic you can and should be cleaning you brush. Just take it off and spray it with rubbing alcohol and leave it to air dry. Also with the Clarisonic you can get different brush heads for different skin types which is very important imo. I don't change my clarisonic brush head every 3 months like they say, because I don't use it every day. 

Nicolle Reber: Cool

MrsDogLover: I have to disagree with you here Cass! When I was 13-14 ish I used the neutrogena wave and the pads did nothing for my dry combination/ sensitive/acne prone skin with eczma. It actually tugged at my dry patches and eczma too much that it really really irritated my skin. I asked my dermatologist about it and she said "The wave? No, no, no never use that, the 360° motion is actually really bad for your skin." I don't know what exactly she meant, for if it is bad for all skin types or just ones like mine... Anyways since then I bought the mia clarisonic and absolutely LOVED it (loved, past tense). Until I left it along with my entire skincare kit and some of my makeup on the metro in Washington DC ;(.. I am now getting the Clarisonic Aria!

lucretia vicuna: Lmol "Oooh yea! Lets rub rocks into our skin!" So true so true, ur really funny :-P

on_pointe505: great vid but she hates pink and is wearing a pink top and pink earrings! lol

Angela Hagerman: They do sell different ones

Bo Dangers: Not one of the better reviews I watched... 

Madeline Malabe: I use the Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Although I've never tried its competition, the Clarisonic, I feel like this is almost the same thing for a fraction of the price

goldfish1871: this isn't ur best review, cassandra, but i do appreciate the last couple of lines in this video. have you bought other similar products to the clarisonic, like the olay pro-x brush? if so, can you do a review on them?

Hannah Stites: There are many colors(light pink, dark pink, red, purple, blue, green, ect.) of the calarisonic Mia (look around other stores or online to find them for $40-50)the reason behind only having two colors of calarisonic pro is because the pro is used for more "professional" uses. Also it is an exfoliant when used with a more course brush head(you can find these for about $10-20 if you look in the right place), there are sprays sold for weekly bacteria cleansing. I understand you live in a different area but I have most of the products for clarisonic and they work well.

Kristyn Loggins: Soak the removable head of the Neutrogena Wave in vinegar to remove the buildup of cleaner. Also the pads from each of the brands of cleaners Neutrogena, Olay, etc will fit on the Wave. Olay has an exfoliating pad that I like to use once a week. 

Neutrogena Wave VS Clarisonic Pro - Review & Comparison For Acne Prone Skin! 4.3 out of 5

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Neutrogena Wave VS Clarisonic Pro - Review & Comparison For Acne Prone Skin!
Neutrogena Wave VS Clarisonic Pro - Review & Comparison For Acne Prone Skin!
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Neutrogena Wave VS Clarisonic Pro - Review & Comparison For Acne Prone Skin!