Bedini SSG Battery Charger/Desulfator

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George Knowles: Nice neat job you did. Could you use bicycle spokes for the filling of the coil-core?

Inventor Down The Rabbit Hole Network: Of course i'm the 44,444 view. The universe loves me. I will invent over unity devices and help Gaia out a.k.a Terra.

Al Beau: pulse dc.....

Capt Tom Adams: can you buy one someplace?

Abrar Haque: what batteries did you use ?

Harshad Gawde: i cant understand the coil building structure

Deborah Anne DeMarco: do you got a vid on the self contained self powered one ?

where do you get parts for all this ?

Deborah Anne DeMarco: whats that silver thing connecting to your charging 12v battery?

Davey Gregg: What is the output voltage?

Made by one man: How can we be sure you are getting 35 mA at high pulses averaging out the spikes with 12.91 you can only hope it charged by readings after correct? contact me also I have something big for you. thanks Scott

Skinz2013: Need help on the trigger coil no movement with 6v battery and tried a 12v the coil got hot ???

aaalexccc: That's not  perpetual motion machine! The magnets have 400 years life

ZeekerBolero5: How high is the output voltage when you say "very high voltage"?

DarkrickNetwork: can you show how to build the coil?

3personcomedy: What the people who doubt these systems don't understand is that this is not receiving more energy than is being put into it, the battery is putting in X amount of energy, the magnets and coils are generating energy as well as Faraday's law will explain to those interested. He is getting energy from the battery, and energy from the coils and magnets as a system, it's not perpetual motion or creating energy out of thin air.

Thomas Ferko: Are you using rectified ac to charge your 12 volt battery ( In other woirds DC power) or are you using hi frequency hi voltage AC back EMF coming directly off the coil itself?

K L: Hey what if you put 4 more magnets + 5 ( more more coils ), will your volt goes up ?

Jose Farinha: I saw a diagram of the circuit. the neon bulb connects to the open hole, and the E on the transistor? the diagram also shows IN4007 connecting to the other open hole. But, I see only one thing connection to one of your open holes? do you have a better diagram? Idont understand your connections? where can you get the spool? I found a bunch of wire from a junk tv off craigslist.

electronicsNmore: No, it has to be a small 120v neon lamp. You can buy them at radio shack. I used a drill, and I wound both wires onto the spool at the same time.

Jose Farinha: for the neon bulb, I have a bunch of christmas lights, they look , like what you have, will those work for the neon bulb. also, how did you wind the coil?

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Bedini SSG Battery Charger/Desulfator 5 out of 5

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Bedini Battery Charger will even help NEWER Car Batteries
Bedini Battery Charger will even help NEWER Car Batteries
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Bedini SSG Battery Charger/Desulfator