Beard Brushing

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Jack Tyler: You remind of cm punk when he's in the straight edge society 😂 and to be honest you look great dude

Brandon Lee: My beard has improved so much compared to when I first stared watching your videos.

Turnbuckle Corner Wrestling Podcast: nice tips! nice beard, I want my stache lime yours

Nate Rivera: im not gonna lie, with the way you look in this video, I was kinda sad when you said you were 32.

zensurfer55: I also use jojoba oil for my beard and face, as well as comb with a boar bristle brush. I do wash my beard periodically and use Dr. Bronner's soap. It comes in liquid and bar form and is all natural. You are right about "commercial" shampoos with silicon; very nasty... not cool. Peace - ZenDog

Brandon Lee: Can I use regular cooking oil in my beard? I don't wanna ruin my hairs

Crystal Saldana: nice. thank you..really great hair

tlebin: beautiful hairs and beard !

John Doe: Really nice video. A few things there that I haven't tried yet. Maybe I'll try some of them too. Though I realistically cannot do without shampooing at least a few times a month with a mild shampoo just to keep it clean.

Thomas Norris: Its total crap.... No I'm just kidding, I can tell when I brush instead of comb every time. When i get out of the shower in the morning I will brush but when I'm at work I have to use a comb and it is never the same. Then when I come home again I brush it back out and everything is good again. Brushing is the way to go. :)

Brandon Lee: Still watch, your videos bro they keep me motiveated to keep my beard growing you have really good tips/advice hopefully you post a new vid some day

JingoistUSA: Who here has actually seen Jesus? :-)

Regina De Bestiis: MAJESTIC.

Andy Sutton: you look like Jesus : )

Brandon Lee: You look exactly like Jesus :)

Thomas Roberts: Great beard videos brother!

josh71111: is argon oil good for a beard?

longbeard1407: two years groath nice wait till you hit thirty yrs if it annoys you may I suggest a braid or poneytail , the beard if you see in my picture its rolled up under my chin its 28 inches long Yes I dont have regal hair like you! PLEASE keep your hair FOREVER just look how it frames your face . HIS MAJESTY HAS ARRIVED. All the best gs

Sara Escoto: I'd bang you so hard.

Justin R: hypotheses.

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Beard Brushing 5 out of 5

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Beard Brushing