Beard Brushing

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John Doe: Really nice video. A few things there that I haven't tried yet. Maybe I'll try some of them too. Though I realistically cannot do without shampooing at least a few times a month with a mild shampoo just to keep it clean.

R C Shoff: Fork. The bearded icon!

Thomas Norris: Its total crap.... No I'm just kidding, I can tell when I brush instead of comb every time. When i get out of the shower in the morning I will brush but when I'm at work I have to use a comb and it is never the same. Then when I come home again I brush it back out and everything is good again. Brushing is the way to go. :)

tlebin: beautiful hairs and beard !

Crystal Saldana: nice. thank you..really great hair 

BrAnDoN062694420: Can I use regular cooking oil in my beard? I don't wanna ruin my hairs 

JingoistUSA: Who here has actually seen Jesus? :-)

michael duncan: hair on your head is looking awsome man. keep it growing. im trying to grow my sideburns out myabe soon it look like an acutal beard.

King Geoffrey II: sup man, this might sound dumb but i comb with a "ace comb" and it gets static almost every swipe, i was wondering if the static could help promote the hair growth?? like i said it might be dumb... but it was a thought haha, im bout 5 months in the growth and shooting for a "yeard" Keep Growing, Beard Power

BabyHorseKiller: A beard grown out over a year.

mfourchette: @manfredoxyz Thanks for taking the bait man.

Druvi Jinasena: ur cool

Thomas Roberts: Great beard videos brother!

mfourchette: @unrealxXx Thanks. There's a lot of it. I feel like a hippie lion.

Rockstar8390: Man your video are awesome thanks for the great advice

BrAnDoN062694420: Still watch, your videos bro they keep me motiveated to keep my beard growing you have really good tips/advice hopefully you post a new vid some day

Humberto de luz: Jesus

David Walsh: What the hell's a yeard?

mfourchette: @byronbuchannan Not having enough.

Isaac Rahman: wow the hair looks great!

neoyorke: Awesome, I do the same thing with my wide tooth comb and then my brush. I agree the brush really brings out the hair.Where do you find the JoJoba oil? I can't find it anywhere. I have the beard saver from BlueBeards but it feels heavy and clumpy in my beard. Thanks for your vids man!

CCSF1999: About 2:34: I don't know. It's seems to me that before I used to shape and brush and trim and hedge and so on, my facial hair used to grow in a more uninhibited fashion. It seems like messing with it so much has left some, not baldspots, but sparse growth. It's almost like it says to me: "no, I'm not coming out. You #%*^ with me too much."

BrAnDoN062694420: You look exactly like Jesus :)


tmgoverdose: You seem cool man, youve earned yourself a new sub.

missoptimus: sup jesus

brandon wild: i think in this video you look most like jesus, it's awesome man!

Martin Schreuder: ey man love u vids. can you please tell me what products you use for your hair looks great. (lol iknow this is a beard vid.)

M Ragunathan: Feel free to bang me, im in New Zealand

gamper33: You look like a freaking boss!

IStehSHIT: I rly digg your hairs man

infineo1291411: you look like jesus

Tye McClellan: cool! never thought of the blood flow thing. i don't brush, just comb, but i'm going to get a brush now. can't hurt.

David Walsh: oh

SOUR D: Does eggs(yoke) and fish oil (omega fatty acids) stimulate facial hair growth???

LMDNYC82: Your Job Doesn't Mind The Hair?

neoyorke: @mfourchette LOL thanks man. Next time I smell patchouli in the air I'll be on the look out

archaiccelt89: I'm trying to grow my beard out and I notice that if I don't shampoo it then it tends to have an odor. Will the rinse and oil be enough to keep the odor at bay? Thanks for posting the videos.

CannibalZombieKiller: GEEZUS?!?! LOL :)

longbeard1407: two years groath nice wait till you hit thirty yrs if it annoys you may I suggest a braid or poneytail , the beard if you see in my picture its rolled up under my chin its 28 inches long Yes I dont have regal hair like you! PLEASE keep your hair FOREVER just look how it frames your face . HIS MAJESTY HAS ARRIVED. All the best gs

Eisenwanst: whats the oils you are using please text me need help from a pro

mastermuppet71: nice beard and hair! i'm growing it out now for university;) did you also have troubles with itchyness and dry skin in the beginning? any tips?

joaquinmatho: Have you tried out the Bluebeard Beard Shampoo? If you haven't, try it out. I've been growing my beard since late August and its about as long as yours was when you started your videos. The shampoo was recommended by a coworker and it feels great and helps keeping it fresh.

Steve weiss: I have used bees wax in my beard on really humid days. I have found that the wax helps stop frizzing and also helps condition my beard.

josh71111: is argon oil good for a beard?

gurkirpal singh: Your very good and look like a MAN I cannot stomach the girlfaces they sicken me . quick question your hair to terminallength ? I have had mine for 56 years in the photo its rolled up its 28 inches long and never cut! gurkirpal singh And enough with the hippie crap you are a man the way god intended you to look like and NOT some freak polite society are the FREEKS.

dick sandy: jojoba oil. any vitamin E oil will be just fine for hair and skin. Go to walmart to the nig section and get yourself some DOO GROW works real nice. my beards past my chest.

mfourchette: @MasterSword31 If you look closely, you'll find I don't have sideburns. Just gaps where they ought to be. :)

goodtimecharlie3: @mfourchette haha, hippie lion...awesome

dick sandy: uneducated. MR. 7329690653

Beard Brushing 5 out of 5

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Beard Brushing