How To Cut A Beard - By: IamTaeTheBarber

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manb4war: The color would look better if the beard was longer, with it being so short, it looks unnatural, you should see some skin through the beard at that length. That being said, that line up was a work of art, great job TaeThe Barber.

amir10able: Pls link for your straight razor

Treblady: tbh it would've looked better if u used the color to darken the bottom and make a fade effect, that looks like a painted on mustache, lol why even go thru all that work, get a spray can and template and spray the perfect beard every time in 30 seconds then charge these african americans $9.99 and you got yourself fast money. crap i just made a new business model

Rob Bennett: very cool

Rob Bennett: straight razor works too

Jack Azz: african americans trip me out nowadays getting their freaking face painted. That crap is not manly. 

GetoffitPlz: You sound like soulja boy 

Xarne: haha yo Tae, you are a salesman bro - you broke this video down!! Good commentary! Lukewarm beards haha

Curtis Lindsay: ok so i grew my beard for no shave november and i want to trim my beard but i dont usually take care of my beard like im suppose to so my beard hair is curly and my chin strap is kind of patchy how can i line it up too look nice or should i just trim all of it ?

NottinghamAzn: What else would a barber do on a daily basis?

Neil Williams: any suggestions on products to use for coloring those premature greys on beard or goatee?
 temp or permanent

FerranoPier: I like everything you do but i hate persons Who repeat their name too much in short time

nusense808: BWOI!

Ceris “CerisCeris” MyCeris: Bearded Men are Sexy

blackwallstreet1982: Trill

INDUSTRIALIST1234: Tae The KING. If you come to CANADA these barbers will have to find another way to make MONEY because you will EAT THEM ALIVE !!!

OldSkoolPunches: Never tried to grow my beard out... Said I was going to switch it up this year... Appreciate the Brand and type of clippers your using, is there any particular brand of straight razor to use or are all straight razors created equal?

Mamoutou Doumbia: Same voice like Big Sean

Antonio Fernandez: Sup Tae!!!!  Great vid man!!!  I was reading the comments and got a little confused. Exactly what product do you use for beards, is it bigen or just for men?  Thanks man, and keep up the great work!

JOETERRANY: Whasup fam?? What do you use to trim long beards?? What clippers?? 

How To Cut A Beard - by: IamTaeTheBarber 5 out of 5

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How To Cut A Beard - by: IamTaeTheBarber
How To Cut A Beard - by: IamTaeTheBarber
How to Trim Your Beard
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How To Cut A Beard - by: IamTaeTheBarber