Magic Chef Mcstcw16w2 1.6 Cu Ft Portable Washer Review Video 1

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Amber Banks: Hello. I am considering portable washers and I want to know if you still love your Magic Chef? Thank you.

homeowner777: The information about the connector is great since the tip of my faucets are tamper-proof therefore not removable. Thank you

brownsuga298: to matthew88 like I said I wish they would have showed how it worked so mind your own business and keep your comments to yourself fat pig.

JB Tillman: Hello, you have contributed to the Magic Chef Corp bottom line, your excellent comprehensive review of this product is AWESOME. I am considering purchasing the MC 2.1 cu ft washer as I am concerned with the ability to wash queen size sheets, and the queen duvet cover in the model you are featuring here. Please let the folks know how your MC washer is treating you. I do hope you were able to work through that wash/rinse cycle problem you were experiencing. Thank you for posting this extensive video. 

louis vanity: thankyou for posting this video is helping us a lot to connect my brand new magic chef washer and is nice to see how it works without the manual it really helped us

mlaneprod: Hello, thanks for posting your video on the Magic Chef 1.6. I am desperate to get a washer for my NYC apt and these videos help. It's been 4 months since you got it, so i have some questions: Are you still happy with it? Why can you not rinse your clothes in it? And how long does the cycle take altogether? Can i just plug it into my faucet, no plumbing required right? Many thanks!

Rube2zday: AGREED, Well done. Thank you for the info.

smartdudeandrew: go to amazon and type in claber sink adapter.

smartdudeandrew: Ya you would have to fill it up and do a wash, then have it spin out. Then do another wash cycle with no soap. Then spin out. Then I do another wash cycle with no soap, then spin out. Then I throw it in the dryer. You could probably get away with only 2 wash/spin cycles but I do 3.

smartdudeandrew: Thanks Kaitlyn, you will definitely love the magic chef and be happy with your purchase. Im so happy I got the magic chef over the haier.

monalisabx: I had a portable Sanyo washer for 20 years and it finally broke. So now I'm trying to find a replacement but the Haier washers seem a bit cheap. Most important for me is finding one with casters so I can roll it to the sink and then roll it back into the closet. Does your Magic Chef have casters? Thanks so much for posting this.

Ladimystyk: Thank you sooooo much. I was hearing you incorrectly. It sounded like you were saying claver. I need new speakers on my laptop. Now I found it and have ordered it. You are a lifesaver.

ItsOKtheyKnowMeHere: Thanks! I'm guessing I'd have to babysit/catch the rinse cycle? Or maybe I could do just the wash cycle and then run another one with no soap, as you did in the vid. Am seriously considering getting this, and appreciate your info very much.

Kaitlyn Rouse: Thanks! I've been trying to decide between the portable washers for months and this review sold me on the magic chef instead of the Haier!!

Mlvarcticcat: I read a lot of reviews in line that say this model leaks. How is it working for you now that you've been using it for almost a year? Have you had any trouble getting it repaired? I am thinking about buying this model, but Iwould want to put casters on it. Can you tell me whether it is possible to replace the feet with casters?

smartdudeandrew: Hey thanks for the comment GacktandHydesmiles! I mainly made the video because there were no other reviews of this. Im glad someone liked it! If anyone else likes the video please comment. Also, please check out the other 3 videos I posted of this washer.

TheMadSyrupMaker: Does this washer have rollers for moving?

Wael S: You don't show how big it is

smartdudeandrew: Hey Louis, thanks for the comment. That is why I made this video, to help everyone. I am so happy this video is helping people. I love the comments! I have had the washer for 2 months now and still love it. The construction of the unit feels like it costs thousands. Its very very sturdy. The haier dryer I bought is made of cheap parts and I am assuming the washer would also be made of cheap plastic/metal. The magic chef is made of quality construction so id definitely recommend the magic chef.

louis vanity: im so happy i dont have to go to the laundry room anymore your worth gold

SoundProfessional Boston: Does it spin dry the wet clothes automatically after the rinse cycle?

Ducky: Thanks for the video. I bought one today. I hope it will wheel over to the sink easily. And wash a twin size blanket. That is my main worry. But it is nice to have your videos to watch before I made my decision on what machine to buy. Mine ended up with a three year walmart warranty . The total cost Of everything shipped to my home $297.54. Ordered on Thursday due to arrive Monday.

smartdudeandrew: wow someone did a thumbs down on my video? Thats bogus. Im glad 3 other people did a thumbs up. I did this video to help everyone decide if they want this washer or not. I tried to make the video as well as I could. I realize there are crazy people out there so I hope it was just a crazy person that did the thumbs down. I hope everyone else does thumbs up!!!

private personal concierge: just bought one today because of your video! thanks!

Rube2zday: yuppers I bought the Sanyo it's the bomb :)

Tracy T. B: I was considering the Haier also, but I think the reviews on this was better and they say the Haier leaks or something. It could be that they don't have it leveled to the floor. I will be getting this one this weekend. I do not at my age want to start going to the laundromat-mat. It's not safe or sanitary. Thanks for the You Tube review. That helps allot.

Isabell Amelie: I have the same one...but with mine when it spins it makes such noise like if you had rocks inside instead of clothes..but does do the job! I

Jim Sevilla: Great job are you still happy with this washer having had it for some time now?

smartdudeandrew: You can add water manually to the magic chef and probably the haier too. All you would have to do is open the lid and pour water in.

ItsOKtheyKnowMeHere: Pronunciation, Haier = Higher As in, "My opinion of the Magic Chef washer is higher than that of the Haier." ;-) I'm trying to find one that will allow me to add water manually, not use the intake hose. (I have a faucet filter attached).

Nana Lala: Love this review. You are nice and easy to listen too. Thank you for posting this vid of the 1.6. Been looking for a review of this size Magic Chef. Again great video. : )

Ladimystyk: PLEASE....can you give me a link for the sink adapter you bought. I can't find it on Amazon. Perhaps I'm not spelling it correct;ly. That was a great video. Thanks for sharing the info. .

J Silver: Can you do a review where you show all the connections in the back etc. and how much you can load in the machine. Does it have rollers etc....Just looking at it run is not so helpful. thank you!

smartdudeandrew: I posted 4 videos in total. Watch them all

smartdudeandrew: ya the laundry room sucks. Having an in unit washer/dryer is a luxury (atleast to me). My building doesnt even have a laundry room. I could walk a mile to a laundromat and pay $2.50 for a wash, 2.50 for a dry, and wait there for hours. Instead, I paid 500 bucks for this and now I can wash/dry for free at my convenience. Its the best 500 bucks ive ever spent.

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Magic chef mcstcw16w2 1.6 cu ft portable washer review video 1 4.6 out of 5

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Magic chef mcstcw16w2 1.6 cu ft portable washer review video 1
Magic chef mcstcw16w2 1.6 cu ft portable washer review video 1
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Magic chef mcstcw16w2 1.6 cu ft portable washer review video 1