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nr3rful: Get a smaller gun...daaaaa

Michael Thomey: For you Colt Mustang owners. This holster will not fit the Colt Mustang Plus II. There are two types of Mustangs. There is the Colt Mustang Mk IV with a 6 round mag and a Colt Mustang Plus II that has a 7 round mag. The Plus II will not fit. Also the company does not supply a phone number to reach and their customer serves sucks. I really liked the holster however they are unable or unwilling to fit my needs

Bobby Owen: Do not buy anything from these people. Zero customer service. I have been trying for a month for a RA# and they will not answer an email and do not list a phone.

Kenneth Clark: By the end of the video you compared the holster with a conventional one witch you can't use outside of your clothes, what were you thinking?

flamingpinhead: Look at the size of your gun. Did you think the sneaky Pete holster would magically shrink your pistol? They do market it as appearing smaller, I agree, but I looked at my G27 and common sense kicked in, it would need to be at least the dimensions of the Glock.

ComradeBrosefStalin: It might, but it would look like you had an iPad in a belt holster.

flamingpinhead: I will add I was still considering it. But after the reviews I agree it would look rather silly carrying an iPad case on my hip. Have been using a comptac IWB holster which I do like. But limits options when shirts must be tucked. I do have a .38 derrenger but that's a weapon of last resort. Still... may try my luck with the sneaky Pete. Wish I could see one and try it out first. The bad review s make me leery.

Charlie Baldwin: Don't believe you expected it to be as small as a cell phone case. Did you not specify the gun you were going to put in it. How stupid is this.

RJTINNC: I bought one of these holsters and had an issue with the fit. Like others have said their customer service is SLOW or not at all. They DO NOT communicate by phone at all even when requested. I don’t have time to email back and fourth when they take one to three days to respond to emails. I will NOT do business with them again and would not recommend them. Other companies like Bull Dog offer comparable holsters for a fraction of the price and they use the phone for communication.

sbeeish: The p3at/ruger equivalent arere smaller than you kahr and have a smaller case.

Josef Roesler: I have to agree, you couldn't possibly have thought your pistol would fit in something the size of a cell phone. I'm looking at the advertisement in a magazine and it seems it is as big as you would expect a holster to be. There is nothing making me think it is tiny. But I don't expect my 5 inch gun to fit in a 2 inch holster.

Irishintexas: The company will NOT refund your money even though it is their fault for having to return the holster, you will be out a lot of money in shipping alone. Secondary, If you have a laser site, this holster will not work and they do not make one that will, Otherwise, it is a nice holster, big, but even a 380 is not the size of any cell. only in comes in Black , a

mdileo12: The dimensions for each holster are listed on the page for each model. We understand that not everyone reads the description, but that is not our fault. Each holster is only as big as it needs to be to fit the model gun you have and no bigger. The video on our website is for the Ruger LCP, which requires a much smaller holster than the Kahr. 'Because you did not like it' isn't a valid reason to make us pay for return postage. Return postage for defects or mistakes is always covered. -Thanks

Walter Strong: Your video technique REALLY SUCKS!! Learn to use a light or two! As for the Sneaky Pete holsters, I got mine today for my Kahr PM40 with CT laser. Right off I could see that the gun set WAY TO FAR down in the holster for easy extraction, SO, I cut a piece of fir to 3/4" X 2" deminsions and dropped it into the bottom of the holster. NOW, the gun is held 3/4" higher and is VERY easy to extract. This is going to be a really nice concealed carry holster for me. YMMV

Jessica Thompson: do you think that a sccy 9mm would fit that style holster

ComradeBrosefStalin: faliaphotography has a great video on conceal carry techniques for women. Obviously the carry technique and dynamic will differ because the clothes are different. I use a pocket holster almost exclusively, however if you're looking for a method of carry that doesn't use your clothing as concealment, there are some pretty clever purses that have holsters incorporated into them.

bobw62: Did you think the holster was going to make your pistol the size of your cell phone? I can't believe some people!

ComradeBrosefStalin: Like I said before, the footprint of the pistol was about the same size as that of an iPhone with an otterbox case on it, so no I didn't expect the case to be as large as it was.

jfk12334: It would seem this company's customer service is horrible.

ComradeBrosefStalin: So no, you're not.

wamcknight: Good review, but did you think that the firearm would magically shrink once it was in the holster? You did already know how large your firearm was didn't you???

ComradeBrosefStalin: Khar p380 - 4.9" long by 3.9" tall by .75" wide. Ruger LCP 5.16" long by 3.6" tall by .82" wide. This is why I said "comparable in size", not "exactly the same size". The two guns, along with almost all small .380 handguns are close enough in size where my issue with this holster would still hold true.

Bad Hand Jim: That thing is huge! I usually carry my XDS in either a pocket holster or in a paddle (under an untucked shirt, etc.). Thanks for the review; was considering one until I saw this and another video.

James S: While I think your size expectations are unreasonable, IMHO the company should offer a painless return process.

Hanges007: That's exactly what I was thinking... it's the size of the GUN! Duh!

jerrman29: Well if the case was the size of one of those cell phones the gun wouldn't fit. You had to figure te case was going to be at least as big as your gun.

ComradeBrosefStalin: Considering the pistol has almost the same size footprint as my iPhone with an otterbox case on it, I did expect the holster to be a little smaller.

ComradeBrosefStalin: Then clearly, this holster is for you. If you enjoy overpaying for poor quality and non-existent customer service, then I would highly recommend you buy from this company.

ComradeBrosefStalin: Sounds like you're the exception to there otherwise non-existent customer service.

gene814100: I ordered the holster (see my comment below) and it came in a Medium Priority Mail Box. They only paid postage for a Small Priority Mail box and I had to pay additional $7.30 to the postman. When I pointed this out to Sneaky Pete they quickly refunded me $7.30 and apologized for the mistake. I am happy with my purchase.

ComradeBrosefStalin: The quality is lacking, the companies advertising is misleading and their customer service is non-existent. Thanks for assuming I was just being petty, but that's not the case. I'm glad you like the holster. I just wanted to give my perspective on the product and the company and hopefully save someone else the same negative experience I had.

61353ful: I just got my Sneaky Pete Holster and don't like it the Magnets that hold it shut do not hold at all, I contacted them about it and they seem to be ignoring me no wonder they are called Sneaky, wish I had a Phone Number for them but I don't!

ComradeBrosefStalin: If you have a shirt over it, then you wouldn't need a holster that looked like a cell phone case to begin with.

Jimi957: Of course it's much bigger than your cell phone case. Hint: your firearm is much bigger than your cellphone. Otherwise, we'd all be cramming our CCW into cell phone cases.

Charlie Baxley: For the fastest safest holster of this type check out the PDAHolsters web site. They have been around for several years.

clancey165: If you have a shirt over it the part showing does look like a cell phone case

MessianicDaddy: What was the holster that you discuss at the end that goes in your pocket? I couldn't quite make out what you said.

ComradeBrosefStalin: Walter - I already apologized for the poor video quality so I'm not going to do it again, and you're really going to be disappointed with my video, and not the fact that you had to modify a $50 holster to get it to work? That doesn't seem logical to me.

ComradeBrosefStalin: That has been my experience.

Jessica Thompson: so would you buy one for a sccy and if not you have any other suggestions on a holster like this for a sccy?

gmcjetpilot: Depending on how you dress few people will notice.... it is a nice option. The average public is not going to think gun.

Mike Riojas: Thanks for doing review

ComradeBrosefStalin: I have a DeSantis, but there are several companies that sell pocket holsters.

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Sneaky Pete Holster Review 3.8 out of 5

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