Android 4.2.2 ROM + Root For Galaxy Note GT-N7000/SGH-i717! [JellyBeer ROM]

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Mr. McMuffin Man: Now I have a reason to buy a new battery for this phone

Andy Afful: Will this work on a rooted samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0

AH Eart: May it work for Galaxy Note Korea LTE?

Mark Bunker: Why is playback video over x number of minutes all static?

XTN94: @YuNgRoNify you need to use TWRP not CWM. the same thing happened to me when i was using CWM

Mark Bunker: Why don't my contacts that I enter stay in the contact list? They keep disappearing! Help!

Elijah Vasquez: can you tell me why it aborts?

Carl Walker: Lol at it making the pictures smaller!

محمد الشافعي: i'm

reshma begum: I love your reviews, i come here when i want see how a ROM is. But could you please go ino the phone app, message app and other apps so we can see what they look like. These ROMS look awesome but i would like to see what the apps look like. thnx.

msn m: does anyone know how to get "MULTI-VIEW" for the note i717?

Jesz Roble: does this version play mkv and avi files..? so far ive tried CM roms and they all have issues with playback- avi dont get played at all. ;0(

Pravin J: dude .. can i get the link to download Asylum cm10.1 rom by Chasmodo ??

Kwamina Eyiah Arthur: My Galaxy Note is SGH i717R (Rogers, not AT&T) will flashing any of the SGH i717 roms brick it? Pls clarify for me. Thanks

spicychuan: SlimBeam rom is also rly nice! Make a review bout that rom ))

Neil Younger: How do I flash this ROM, it would bre the first I have tried, I have rooted and cwm

razorman1977: Not keen. Im using alliance jb 4.1.2 and it seems to be the best Ive found.

Biggz: so i tried to install this rom and everytime i try it says error and wont install it help

Biggz: im having the same problem with avatar rom also

محمد الشافعي: Hi can I downgrade my note n7000 from 4.2.2 rom TO 4.1.2 Original Official ? Thank You

adnauseam23: I installed it and the SPen apps were no where to be found. Sucks. Going back to stock.

harish pal singh: hi guys i could really use some help. i would like to mod and rom my gtn7000 because after my jb4.1.2 update here in malaysia its been terrible. battery life drains from 100% to 85% after 10 mins usage wifi (WTF RIGHT?) which one is the best? i like this and slimbean. is there anything that has vanilla 4.2.2 and still maintain spen functionality? im very very new at this so i have no clue what kernels are and how to root and how to switch between ROMS. i could really use some help. thanks :)

Wooi Hoang Eng: any new function?

Markus Howard: i have this rom. its Beast

no_YOU'RE_procrastinating: Hi, so I loaded the asylum rom on my n7000 to try 4.2.2 out, and one issue I have is I find it seriously difficult to use the zoom on the camera. Is this an issue with this ROM specifically, or 4.2.2 in general? I'm nearly out of broadband allowance so it'll be a while before I can download another ROM. :/

XTN94: Hi zedomax I just rooted my Galaxy Note i717 and wanted to add this rom. Do you have a video on how to add them?

Joseph Elliott: Hey help my note sgh-i717 will not install any kind of roms its says aborted @rootgalaxynote help help help pls

showme85: Does this rom have a cpu performance settings ?

psp785: Need multi view for i717

Joe Willz: jelly bear??? I think he means jellybean

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Android 4.2.2 ROM + Root for Galaxy Note GT-N7000/SGH-i717! [JellyBeer ROM] 4.8 out of 5

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Android 4.2.2 ROM + Root for Galaxy Note GT-N7000/SGH-i717! [JellyBeer ROM]