2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7L - Filling The Engine Coolant System

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Douglas Bollinger: Thank you for the video, it helped me out a lot! The only other thing I'd mention is raising up the front of the Dodge truck like on car ramps. I've read several articles where that helps while doing this procedure. Worked great, thank you! Now...if you had a video to help me get that cd out of my radio!!! 3-15-2018

chvydrptop: FYI this is the exact way to bleed the system on a 4.7 Durango. Additional tips, elevate the car in the front and also once the car warms up to operating temperature (should be 195), you can rev up the engine, this will shoot bubbles out the bleeder hole and coolant, cover with a bunch of paper towels or a towel. Took about 25 minutes before I could finally feel heat. I also flush my heater core.

Travis Thomas: How's the no fan working out for you?

Brad: any suggestions to draining radiator and avoiding a huge mess. looks to me to be unavoidable when draining old coolant. too much plastic in the way.

Randall Dearing: I changed a water pump on my 07 ram 4.7 going to try this to get the air out, THANKS !

VTwin4Christ: PB Blaster bro! Makes those pesky bolts and threads a breeze! All a man needs is a healthy spray of PB Blaster and about 10 minutes of patience. And no more stripped bolts or alens from over torquing.

louann barton: This is the 3rd time I have bled bubbles out of my system from watching another video. The other video failed to mention turning the heater on. I was wondering where the bubbles kept coming from lol. Thanks for sharing. (:

littletoy: do you think the housing could break when taking bleeder screw out mine is really tight

Rose Williams: Thank you this video was very helpful. I watched at least five different video's on how to bleed the cooling system to my 2000 Dodge Durango and none of the other videos was helpful at all so I wanna thank you again for posting this video.

Edward Gallego: So do NOT use the old standby Prestone green 50/50 antifreeze on the 4.7 Dodge Durango? Zerex G-05 only? Getting ready to do maintenance on my 2001 4.7 liter Durango and want everything just right...

Matthias Pleil: Thanks - very useful video.

Jerry Walter: 1-21-16 Eastvale, California.

I just completed the replacement of the thermostat & both hoses and this video was extremely helpful as I have never bled the cooling system on a Dodge 4.7 before.

A few things....the size of the tool you need to take out the bleeder is not a Torx 50 but an Allen 5/16".... That's why he's gonna need a new bleeder.

Second, he's filling the engine with green anti-freeze. The correct fluid would be Zerex G-05. It's red.

Third, I'm pretty sure he started the car with his tools on top of the engine. Not the smartest thing to do.
But I'm pretty sure the video helped me with the understanding of the bleeder to get the air out of the system.

Lastly, he capped reinstalled the bleeder, and again I'm pretty sure, there were still bubbles coming out of the bleeder.

Extreme Thanks Coder.

kevin nicholson: i think this will help me out greatly with my 4.7 durango

xorockstar411ox: what if there's no bleeder?

mark sun: 2.4 quarts? in the owners manual for my 2004 dakota 4.7 it says 17 quarts. i'm totally fkin lost because after i flush and drain the radiator (with lower rad hose off) it only takes about a gallon of fluid.  so, im not sure how to dilute the concentrated antifreeze.

Nicholas Alvarado: Awesome video I've got a 4.7 in my jeep and couldn't find any videos on this process except yours worked out great for me thank you again

Zach Gavell: Great video.  Got a 2001 Dakota that needs some maintenance and finding all your videos on this model was a godsend.

Greg Goss: Thanks very useful info most repair manuals never show what you want to see. Watching your video so helpful.

Lisa Hanna: Is your coolant already pre-mixed with water?

dragonox2010: My 2003 3.9 doesn't have a bleeder like you show in the video....help

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2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7L - Filling the Engine Coolant System 5 out of 5

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2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7L - Filling the Engine Coolant System