ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial

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Veronica James: just got zeepad the word demo stayes on screen can't get off does any one know how toget it off

Eva Brassell: zeepad can't get sign in to goggle store

ZombieX13: Wow not sure where everyone on YouTube Git their zeepad but mine is a giant piece of crap that barely functions.

lonsomdov: I had to set my zeepad back to factory and oddly enough the apps did not reload. So I looked all over internet and googleplay and amazon for apps and I can not find the solitaire game four row anywhere. Do you know where I can find it so I can download it back on my tablet. thanks! :)

cfrenchist: My screen wouldn't click ANYTHING! The screen was either broken or badly calibrated. I hate it.

Mark spam: Advanced Task Killer. I didn't go down far enough. Sorry. This is a lot of help, thanks

Mark spam: what is the name if that little green alien app that tells you what is open?

martita Wells: I just received my zeepad and I can't get I any of program to open up. click on setting nothing happened. help me please

stephanie tremble: Hello, I love you video. May I ask you where did you purchase your case from

Joselito Montalvo: I just put one on layaway and i just have to pay 61.98 and its mine i cant wait i was trying to get it for my birth day but i dont have all the money yet i cant wait i want the red but send me a comment of which color is the best to get.

Kim Jackson: how do I delete a picture or pictures on my zeepad

oshea. ross: Can someone help me with my problem? I just got my zeepad today and it keeps buffering and stopping on YouTube ;even with a strong internet connection I really don't know what to do now ibcant look at you tube videos on my tablet!

dexter brock: @Raynalicious

2blackkitties: Which case did you buy on Amazon, lot of bad reviews! I want to make sure I get the same one. People say it does not come with the correct adapter and the tablet falls out!

Rayna Joanna Kristin: I am glad it could help! The Zeepad is prettty awesome for a starter tablet. Some tips--it comes with pre-downloaded apps. We found that to get the best of it, we had to uninstall the apps and then reinstall them from the Play Store. This will get you the most updated versions and will have your Zeepad running smoothly! Good Luck & Merry Christmas! :)

Kai Carrier-Richard: How do i use the freacking wireless hotspot!!!!!!!!!!

Manjot Singh: Do u know how to take a screenshot on it? @raynaJoannakristin

chris Blake: What if i want to charge it when i am asleep will it die on me if i don't keep it in the charger or if i keep it in will it die on me?

Rayna Joanna Kristin: You're welcome :-). From what I understand the battery life depends on what kind of app you are using. If you use an app like Netflix to watch movies, the battery will drain quicker. I believe on average it should last 3-4 hours of consistent use. If you are near an outlet when watching movies you may want to plug it in as you watch to conserve your battery life. Good luck! :-)

Emely Styles: Para mii la mejor tablet es la zeepad 7.0

Littlemanwsd: I just got my tablet today and i tryed to use it right out of the box it had no battery and now i let it charged and it said it was fully charged but right when i used it the battery went down to 16% of battery life....why did it do this???

Rayna Joanna Kristin: Thank you so much for your great feedback! I hope you all love your zeepads as much as our mothers do! :)

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @slactweak Thank you so much! I got this for my mom and my dad needed one so he just got it too! It's a great tablet and for the price its pretty amazing! Good luck and have lots of fun with it.

Chris Burns: I got a zeepad today for Christmas However I can't get it past the zeepd 7.0 screen, can you help me out

Jacque Williams: Great tutorial, I just got my Zeepad, but I don't have the "little alien" app what's it called so I can get it on the screen to use.

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @marissa. The zeepad I got for my mother had instructions with it indicating not to charge it for more than 3 hours. You may want to contact your seller or manufacturer to confirm if this is true for your tablet as well.

monkeyrose08: Can you download music on the zeepad?

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @littlemanwsd123...first try doing a factory reset and then recharging for 3 hours and turning it on again. If that doesn't work I would recommend contacting the seller. Good luck!!! :-)

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @alexis. The keyboard does not come with the zeepad. It came as part of the case I got for my mother. I purchased it on amazon. :-)

dexter brock: how to work.the hotspot

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @2blackkitties look up the below sold by SFPlaney fulfilled by amazon. No additional adapters needed.

Rayna Joanna Kristin: Unfortunately I am not sure if this can be screen printed. Please refer to your seller that you purchased the zeepad from.

rampageda59: Good very nice

Amy Flores: Thanks for the video. It's going to be helpful for me bc I just ordered one for Christmas.

85jims: Thanks, very helpful video. You do a nice job of explaining features and gave some good tips. Please consider doing a couple more maybe with settings and other features for beginners. When you have it in the case is the sound okay since the speaker is on the back? Again thanks.

alexis brooks: Does the key board come with it

Matt Richardson: Awesome tutorial, thanks.

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @jacquewilliams thank you! It's called Advanced Task Killer. :-)

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @chris @danielle. The zeepad we got for our mothers came with instructions not to charge it for more than 3 hours at a time as that is not good for the battery. With that being said, I would assume it wouldn't be good to keep it plugged in for more than that but to be sure you may want to contact the seller or manufacturer to confirm. Good luck!!

Monkey8649: Thanks! Excellent!!!

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @rayna Great name!! Thanks for watching :-)

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @kyaratinnin I'm sorry that is happening to you. I would recommend doing a factory reset. If that doesn't work, reach out to the seller you got it from for trouble shooting tips or a refund. Good luck!

anahi galindo: Is the white cover removable

singingechoes: I just got it and when I was messing with the camera feature some how a reddish pink line came through the middle that I cant get to disappear! If there something I turned on?

Rayna Joanna Kristin: Check this out on AMZN: 7" Tablet Stand with USB Keyboard - Black Faux Leather Carrying

Rayna Joanna Kristin: Yes you can. You can go to the Play Store and find an app to download music, however, I do like to recommend Pandora the free app to listen to music. Happy listening :)

Rayna Joanna Kristin: While in the case, the sound is still good, although the sound on full volume isn't that loud. I would recommend getting small speakers that plug into the zeepad where you would plug the headset. Also, using a headset maximizes the volume. Enjoy :)

Rayna Joanna Kristin: It does have YouTube. I would recommend going to the play store and uninstalling the factory installed YouTube (as its an old version) and then reinstalling it. Good luck!

Rayna Joanna Kristin: Thank you!

kyara tinnin: My zeepad doesnt do anything..irs very sliw and I cant download abything and all the other appsdont really run can you help

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ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial 4.6 out of 5

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ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial
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ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial