ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial

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Aaron Zamora: is irulu and zeepad the same?

Hyer Dan: How do you logoff facebook on this version of the zeepad

Ms Fu: I ordered a Zeepad for my daughter and it arrived yesterday took a minute for me to get the WiFi going but so far so good. (Tip: if you're trying to setup WiFi and it's not connecting power tablet off then turn back on.) It's not a Samsung but for the price (ordered from nomorerack) it's not bad. The web browser was fast also.

Veronica James: just got zeepad  the word demo stayes on screen can't get off does any one know how toget it off

lonsomdov: I had to set my zeepad back to factory and oddly enough the apps did not reload. So I looked all over internet and googleplay and amazon for apps and I can not find the solitaire game four row anywhere. Do you know where I can find it so I can download it back on my tablet. thanks! :)

ZombieX13: Wow not sure where everyone on YouTube Git their zeepad but mine is a giant piece of crap that barely functions.

cfrenchist: My screen wouldn't click ANYTHING! The screen was either broken or badly calibrated. I hate it.

oshea. ross: Can someone help me with my problem? I just got my zeepad today and it keeps buffering and stopping on YouTube ;even with a strong internet connection I really don't know what to do now ibcant look at you tube videos on my tablet!

stephanie tremble: Hello, I love you video. May I ask you where did you purchase your case from

Joselito Montalvo: I just put one on layaway and i just have to pay 61.98 and its mine i cant wait i was trying to get it for my birth day but i dont have all the money yet i cant wait i want the red but send me a comment of which color is the best to get.

Kim Jackson: how do I delete a picture or pictures on my zeepad

Rayna Joanna Kristin: Unfortunately I am not sure if this can be screen printed. Please refer to your seller that you purchased the zeepad from.

naeem thomas: hi i have a zeepad 7.0 and i was wondering if you can take screenshots on it. please reply

Manjot Singh: Do u know how to take a screenshot on it? @raynaJoannakristin

Emely Styles: Para mii la mejor tablet es la zeepad 7.0

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @alexis. The keyboard does not come with the zeepad. It came as part of the case I got for my mother. I purchased it on amazon. :-)

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @marissa. The zeepad I got for my mother had instructions with it indicating not to charge it for more than 3 hours. You may want to contact your seller or manufacturer to confirm if this is true for your tablet as well.

Rayna Joanna Kristin: @rayna Great name!! Thanks for watching :-)

alexis brooks: Does the key board come with it

Marissa Raquel: So u can't charge it over 3 hours..because I charge my phone all night..and that's what I had planned on doing for this tablet

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ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial 5 out of 5

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ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial
ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial
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ZeePad 7.0 Tablet Quick Tutorial