How To Use A Shur-Line Paint Edger

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Candi ea: You will definitely still need tape as excess paint on the edge of the trimmer will get onto areas you don't want it. However, I found out just a day ago that the edge trimmer can be used to actually paint the walls & it gave me excellent result & didn't throw off spattering like rollers do when painting.

Lorie Penrod: didnt work hated it

rolemodel29: Not tht great would always recommend tape

CantWeedThis: Dont use or buy this crap it wont do the clean crisp paint job you want. Thats why the video is not in HD and thats why they didnt even show you a closeup.I mean really no closeup? Thats like trying to sell you a diamond from behind stained glass. Thats also why not a single professional painter uses this. We all wish it was this easy but its not. Thats why you see bad paint jobs everywhere and professionals always use a quality brush. This is just another crap marketing gimmick. Peace

AbuBishir: Accubrush is better

amutimer100: I think we can see a gap between the paint and the molding. This has happened to me with other wheeled paint pads. It looks wrong, wrong wrong! Actually, if you think about it, this is more or less bound to happen because the guard sticks out beyond the edge of the pad.

TheIndypacers: Sucks I paid for this years back and forgot the reason why I didn't use it now I remember after buying it again. It sucks thank god I taped before trying

tekatero: @JessMenu What about accubrush, would you recommend it?

utoober1111: Don't waste your money on these gadgets, they never work as nicely as advertised. Invest your money in a good brush and good tape (i.e., Frog).

clark165c1: The biggest problem was after doing the roller work, in good lighting I can easily see the lines from the edger. Maybe I'm an idiot but I never expected this. Perhaps most people edge an area, put down the edger or brush and pickup the roller and paint that area right away. Doing things this way might eliminate this problem. But I prefer to get all of the edging done first rather than switch back and forth. Lines have never been a problem for me when using a paint brush, though I do feather.

ridezarize: Leaves streaks, doesn't carry paint, still need brush for many places. Just use brush and tape. Better yet, tape and run 4inch cut in roller (has fuzzy end) above that counter and up corners of room real quick. Frog tape sucks btw, it's expensive and doesn't stick well. I use 3m blue and don't get bleeds. Just taped all off trim, cabinets etc in order to paint walls in large high-end home, brush ceiling line and 4" roll below that, then 4 inch roll every other cut-in and 18" roll walls.

capoman1: Your hair is perfect.

alinhilde: Aaaah. I was missing the scrape step! :)

Zeliuos3184: Mom gave me a bucket full of tool and told me to pain a room, had no idea how the hell to use this thing.......

32lilbruce: if it saves time and does a better job, why not?

towfiqul haque: sureline leaves an unpainted line between the skirting and the wall you have just painted, i can even see this from the distance you have minipulated the camera to be in. why not go in for a closer look. i prefer the accubrush because it solves that problem. sureline is a big money player that tried to snake its way around the accubrush patent right? parasitic profiteering and big bully marketing. thats the american way.

MAGICHUSTLEENT: This is one charismatic-as-hell salesman. I'm gonna go buy 50 of these.

CBVideoGster: I agree - this thing sucks! Tried it last nite to cut into a corner ceiling and wall. The paint bled no matter what I did. Do not waste your money on this thing. Use a brush and practice doing a straight line without any gadgets!

alinhilde: Followed this technique step for step and this is the first time I've painted the walls without getting paint all over the ceiling and the molding! The retractable edge guards are great, and when you scrape the excess paint off the pad you won't get paint all over them (which was always my problem). Did the whole room without having to clean the edger once :)

CantWeedThis: On a second look i see exactly what they did to give the false impression that this works. You see the thick white caulk bead ontop of the backsplash. They prepped the edge like that to give off an illusion of a clean cutin. But theres actually an ugly jagged edge and a gap between thetop of the backsplash. Its suppose to be tight if you actually wanna look at it and say "nice" green paint with a white line against the black counter looks stupid lol

Joseph Enero: Ive been painting as a contractor for about 7 years without any cutting tools, just a Purdy brush. Now I have labours using this cutting tool. Works great if used right. TIME IS MONEY !!

kcmusickc: I tried this thing a bunch of times, it sucks, i had to constantly clean the plastic guide and I still got paint in the wrong places. I do not recommend it, you will end up throwing it away. I paint for a living and really tried to give it a try. Not worth the hassle.

sabotage427: very good information, will use this as a selling point for my paint customers Dept Mgr store #518

Enl1gtend: how da hell did longboarding bring me here?

2LateIWon: I guess they fixed the audio

2LateIWon: dude kill that cricket LOL

scottiebody1: Professional painters just stck to the old basic's PLEASE! A brush and a good steady hand thats all you need dam! Home owners buy crap like this!

Aimee Compo: what cricket?

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How to Use a Shur-Line Paint Edger 4.7 out of 5

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How to Use a Shur-Line Paint Edger