G Pen Vaporizer Review

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smurfynj2448: You can smoke bud out it but you have to get a different coil for it.

Med1na347: basically wax bro

Nike013: Concentrates are wax or the flavored stuff?

Med1na347: nope only concentrates

Martian Luther king: Man i want those so bad but in my school they only sell e liquid ones it's hard to find some one with a hash pen vaporizer I found some people who has one I tried it out pretty good but wht ever ill just but the e liquid vaporizer.

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C Rock: What's wax or concentrate where do u get that from

enaz2: Holy crap vertical videos are awesome.

TheSuperGlock: i checked your page...still no gpen video, put up or shut up.

Jawad Khan: So we can't smoke bud out of it?

DACHAGS8: I'm sick of all this gpen lame vids I will make a worthy one

Usiris23: Learn punctuation @BRUNOelmalo

BRUNOelmalo: Oops you cant cannot smoke bud out of it bud freak bud concentrates is the crap

BRUNOelmalo: Can smoke bud out of it but craps awesome odorless and buzz is crrazy!! GPEN its a must you must get blowing some blue dream right now on mine

insainxvoltage: How thick are the clouds

lerry owen: Got dabs in the mail from this sick delivery service has anybody used them? master pusher dot tk

Alan Photos: you can't smoke bud outta it?

THEBROWNSTAIN: It smells dog

Joshua Harris: hes already high making this video

infringinator: u is one ugly mo fukka

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G pen vaporizer review 5 out of 5

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G pen vaporizer review