Relaxer Day :|: MIZANI

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awab hessain: Is the mizani relaxer good for you hair?

Mizani Jones: Hi everyone it's me mizani jones

sweetcountrybear: thank you for the vid...your hair is pretty :-)

Deborah Edwards: It came out nice

Keylow 89: I didn't like that it made my hair bone freaking straight lifeless

Shameka Hart: how often do you clip ur ends? and how many months between relaxer ur hair looks great

Carrie: Great job. I have long, thick hair. I relax my hair once every 3-4 months. No damage to mine. Just normal end clippings. Your hair is beautiful.

Cynthia Powell: That's pretty! I like the shine!

EvanLonda: Thank you for sharing your video. Certain products are made to use the entire line of products. As a professional product, Mizani neutralizing shampoo should be used with their relaxer. Glad you gained length over five months without retouching the relaxer. I do the same sometimes. 

Jean Castillo: Looks great! I don't see what all the hate is about

Amiya Ramos: How long did you leave the relaxer on you hair?

Ayden Sumerall: I know she use petroleum jelly but why does she has some of the relaxer on her forehead? It still should burn and her hair looks a lil damaged. I'll try stretching my relaxers every 5 months if it's damaged.

natty oh so natty: Smh

icequeen2270: OK, OK...back up off my home girl. I have been watching her for years and have not seen a new one. I'm strolling down my subscription line and said "oh yea..let me look". Only to find some fruitcake talking trash!! Like she said, get u some business obviously what she does works cause her hair is down her back. I swear ppl luv to talk crap. I wonder how long her hair is while she talking. Now that my rant is over. I miss the makeup videos. What happened?

Georgina James: Keep doing what you do! Your hair is fab !

TISHANA WARD: Also I wanted to mention I have everything you used and will be following your steps. Do you sweetie and let the hatters keep hatting.

TISHANA WARD: For one I have been doing hair since I was 12 yrs old and now 42yrs old. You can use petroleum to protect your scalp and edges. Don't even listen to that and by the way I see jealousy. My 10yr little boy have the same length of your hair and you did that sweetie!! xoxo oh my 13yr old is close to it as well.

TISHANA WARD: I just wanted to say that I do hair and getting back started on it after my 2 kids that I had and doing home schooling and by the way your hair is gorgeous! I will be doing this and it doesn't have to be the same products once the perm is done. GOOD JOB AND WELL DONE!!!

Kassee Voss: Um I don't think you did think you did that right I have my hair relaxed and you don't use Petroleum Jelly you use butter base , and you completely did it all wrong I'm sorry to Sat so but next time you want your hair relaxed when the roots come in then go to a salon to get it done

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Relaxer Day :|: MIZANI 5 out of 5

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My Relaxer Day 2013
Relaxer Day : : MIZANI
Relaxer Day : : MIZANI
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Relaxer Day (Smart Perm Relaxer Tutorial)
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Relaxer Day :|: MIZANI