Poknawa - Minecraft Pixelmon: Catch A Crazy Monster

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kingyman1212: Can you get other Pokemon balls and shoes it have the black and white pokemon in it?

EaterofCarpets: whats your ip?

Wesley Roberts: first 16 people will get 64 rare candy, 64 master balls, and a pc with healing table

Wesley Roberts: u may do anything you wannt o it except greifing of course ip is

Wesley Roberts: you may bec ome any gym leader but fire

BobDog2002: @SwimmingBird941 when is this server open i would give so much to be oj ur server scottland or pokenawa please let me in i have over a 100 of ur videos

tj reif: you now have all 3 forms off bulbasaur

TrainerDillan: I really hope this server comes out one day :D

SwimmingBird941: I believe so...the dance of death!

GHOSTHUNTER159: i died when he was making fun of snorlax! great job adam i love the pixelmon series!!.

dark hound: i have three words to say more longer videos

Grand masterJMC: how can i join the server swimingbird? i do have skype i like to play mulyiplayer pixelmon better than single player

Cordell Smith: I'd like to join the sever cuz every other sever is always to full I have Skype plzz respond to me and I'll tell u it

TheDoctorsTardis MANXD: give me 10 subscribers i give every subscriber a free account for minecraft

Ali Himmet: that is what my minecraft skin a umbreon ^_^

George Fry: what the ip

aaron petronella: Adam can u make the videos longer plz

mastershrew82: And if it isn finished plz STOP MAKIN RANDOM ASS VIDS AND FINISH ALREADY (im really tired of waitin

coldfire0007: im surprised your team isnt in the 80s by now

shatley123: freak you made me want to play Pokemon now...

SymticDK: How do i get out my pokemon

TheGamingallsorts: can i join

Alex Goldblatt: THE FRIEKING IP!

XDZeven: last I heard he was waiting for everyone to finish their gyms

superjake80CP: first comment

Wesley Roberts: you must have the usful tools mod 2 join

Nincalamako: hey adam gen VI has been announced! What do you think?

tristan lauzon: waht is the ip for the server

Jed Klapprott: 5:05, there's a drowzee watching

BobDog2002: thx for the info

Thomas van Hout: yeah whats is the ip

lochie porteous: Swimming bird what is your skype name?

DangerousSnake123: what is the server ip?

TʜᴇFɪʀᴇRᴇᴅHᴀᴄᴋs // Bʀɪɴɢɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ: Could we get the IP possibly

RedXanna: im loving these. when i get my gaming laptop fixed i hope i able to get in what ever kind of contest you are having to get in the sever

ChannelOfTheWriter: Man, you were in the catching mood this episode, SwimmingBird.

MrReXGame: wats the ip plz tell me my email ararar2223@live.com

Spiveper BR: tip: don't use a plant pokemon (Venusaur) versus a fire pokemon (ninetales). XD

superjake80CP: can you tell me the link for that fml thing that people say they need to get on a multiplayer pixelmon server? for when the server is finally unwhitelisted??? an if I do download that, do I need to download pixelmon too????

T8Gamerz: plz whitelist me this server is a dream to me and i know every thing about pokemon so i can help u. i have a youtube cannel called t8gamerz and im 2 gamer so plz let me on ill be the grass type player and im 11 so i have skype my name = tommy.taylor27 plz read it so i can come on ill biuld a town and have a poke mart and pokemon center so plz read so i can come on and ill do any thing to come on

kingyman1212: Every server thats a Pokemon mod server and I have the mod it wrong work I clicked it on textures and mods

Wesley Roberts: join my server plz

Murphio: when will you choose the people to go on your server, or did you have a change of plans

Wesley Roberts: snow sword turns 2 a snowball :D

The Invisible Ash: Unsupported video format :0 plz fix adam

Amir cat: Plz Adam show us other peoples towns and gyms thx

Buddery EnderBrine: what is the ip?

gdz416: dude plz hurry and make it live server

stardustgamemasters: can i please join minerdude55

TheBurningtornado: Did no one notice that Drowzee during their fight doing arm flexing....

Pokénawa - Minecraft Pixelmon: Catch a Crazy Monster 4.9 out of 5

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Pokénawa - Minecraft Pixelmon: Catch a Crazy Monster