Poknawa - Minecraft Pixelmon: Catch A Crazy Monster

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Jed: 5:05, there's a drowzee watching

Mr.Timelord: give me 10 subscribers i give every subscriber a free account for minecraft

Alex Goldblatt: THE FRIEKING IP!

Thomas van Hout: yeah whats is the ip

KevGaming: swimmingbird plz give us ip for PokeNawa

Wesley Roberts: snow sword turns 2 a snowball :D

Wesley Roberts: you must have the usful tools mod 2 join

Wesley Roberts: y dont u join mine?

Wesley Roberts: you may bec ome any gym leader but fire

Wesley Roberts: first 16 people will get 64 rare candy, 64 master balls, and a pc with healing table

Wesley Roberts: u may do anything you wannt o it except greifing of course ip is

Wesley Roberts: join my server plz

BARKING BARK: is lucario in this mod i bet we,ll match >W< (i have a lucario skin)

MrReXGame: wats the ip plz tell me my email ararar2223@live.com

Oddrun Håland: Is the server public now?

Agent Gillmore: I'd like to join the sever cuz every other sever is always to full I have Skype plzz respond to me and I'll tell u it

Ley porteous: Swimming bird what is your skype name?

Ley porteous: Whats The IP my email adress is lochie196@gmail.com plzzzzz let me join im not the best builder but im still tempted to join I have never been on a pixelmon server before

Grand masterJMC: how can i join the server swimingbird? i do have skype i like to play mulyiplayer pixelmon better than single player

mastershrew82: And if it isn finished plz STOP MAKIN RANDOM ASS VIDS AND FINISH ALREADY (im really tired of waitin

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Pokénawa - Minecraft Pixelmon: Catch a Crazy Monster 5 out of 5

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Pokénawa - Minecraft Pixelmon: Catch a Crazy Monster