Renault Clio Airbag Light Fix

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Jose Candido: voce é loco axo, kkk

Patrick Michaud: nul

Alper Raim: Hi There, has anybody got the following fault

DF033 Side collision sensors not programmed /Permanent

180 Passengers side front side sensorcircuit; short circuit / Permanent

Any help much appreciated

metalux1971: what else you do in this car? You trying to create new lifeforms in the car??

stelios dodos: Hello mate. I need your help for my clio passenger airbag if you could advice me. Can i send you a picture of the wires cause i cant figure how they connect. Thank you.

sean jones: Hello my car has the seat belts in the seats and it's the plug that is pointless which isn't clipping back in, any suggestions?

Roberto Vaia: Hello, sorry the offtopic, my renault clio ( similar of this in the video) have the fun( inside car) that don't work. Can u please say me if I have to check fure ore relè and where exaclty are located? tank you

Tucker: Hi, wondering if you can help. I have done what your video says. But I used a terminal block. But my car does have the side air bags but still the light is on. I have also checked the ECU and that's all clean. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Bikerboythousand: Hi. My partners sons 2004 clio was fine until he slammed the bonnet from mars or somewhere higher and now the bag and serv light are on. If I go down the buying a tool route (ebay and the like. £15-£150 sort of thing) Which tool do you recommend as some do not reset the air bag light. Do all show the codes at least?

dav01kar: I had this, remade under seats no joy, my mate put it on computer, sensor passenger side, scrap yards  £10 all sorted.

SickGnomie: Hey, i have these lights on in my car and it failed the MOT. The guy said i need new pretensioners for both the driver side and passenger side, on the computer it said for both sides, short circuit. Does that sound about right needing these new parts? Thanks

chevy790: my wife clio-theairbag light has come on---------i checked under passenger seat-all wires soldered(no connectors)-----under drivers seat all wires soldered only the main block from pretensioner but all wires appears to have a good connection---------------could the pre tensioner which has 3 sets of 2 wires coming from it be faulty?-would a scan show up the actual fault to be in wiring or pretensioner-just wondering if u might know as its about £25 thanks

chevy790: does anyone know-if high level brake light on clio not working-is this an mot failure--?  rest of lights working-tried brand new one -no joy-must be a wiring problem cant c anything obvious  thanks

Sam Skosana: I know this is somewhat a stupid question, but, what device do you use in order to know what's wrong with your Clio?

Tom Marriott: My airbag light and service light only comes on when it is cold. If it is warm then it won't come on. Also if it's cold and it comes on, drive around a bit then restart it won't come back on. Does this help find out which is the cause of the problem, under the seat or the airbag ecu?

JOHN GOUZOUASSIS: dump this garbage car, it looks abandoned anyway, filled in dust and dirt inside, dump it and dont waste any effort in airbags whatsoever for this piece of crap you are showing us...

Al jones: I've had it plugged in its saying df060 multiplexed, also done the passenger side plug removal... Still no difference!

Al jones: Hi I have one with the airbag system iv tried cleaning both the connector (dunno how well as some I couldn't disconnect) and the Ecu still the same??

shark21ful: Thank you for this video helped me out :)

DANIEL WILLIAMS: was this car pulled out of a river or something lol 

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Renault Clio Airbag Light Fix 5 out of 5

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Renault Clio Airbag Light Fix