3020 CNC Machining 6060 Aluminium

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nobodyelse: is this the 200Watts default spindle?

ParkourNerd: Could I ask for the link to the end mill? It looked like a non-centre cutting end mill but didn't break on the plunge. Just trying to learn. Thanks!

Random Brandon: Depth of cut? How many watt motor? I'm considering buying one of these primary for my small aluminum jobs. any insight from you would be much appreciated!

JbassPlayer28: do a helical plunge, I cringed when I saw/heard you plunge straight down so fast for such a tiny tool and light duty machine

Lee Marsden: Hi there. I'm just about to order one of these machines. I'll be using it to cut 15mm pvc Foamex. The sheets are a4 size, could you tell me if that will fit on the bed? And where the spec says 300x200mm travel, does that mean it will cut a maximum size of 297x197mm with a 3mm bit?
Thanks in advance

Alberto Gulmini: hello steve greetings from italy. may i disturb you for a few questions about this machine? i am a enthusiast into motorbikes and i often have the need of small parts  like flanges, scrws plates etc. nothign big, let say 25 by 10 cm maximun size. i wish to know which kind of precision this machine has while " passing and repassing" the path as you have shown here , until the plate has been cut. i mean i do not need 1/1000 mm precision but almost the 1/10 th of mm is needed. how will you  " grade" this machine? moreover is sold with the small " dremels" or must bought a part? morevoer the flute tool you use is used witha mandrel that seems not from a dremel tool, is your modification or stock from the item? where have you bought it and will you suggest to buy? thanks ps: wich cam software comes with the machine if any and will accept autocad files? thanks alberto and congratulation great job.

The President of The Internet: I am tempted to buy one of these purely to create parts for a better CNC build - nice to see it can cut aluminium reasonably well - if v slow

anil kumar: Please give seller and price detail

Steven Reynolds: well done for relizing how many people are quick to criticize others, nice job we get what you were trying to do,
as getting to be an expert you will i'm sure as it takes years to train in engineering to be a master machinist,
well done again, thanks for posting Steve

EverythingOnWheelz: Hi I'm wondering , how thick was this aluminum ? I'm thinking of buying one off of ebay it says it's a cnc3020. For a few custom pieces of aluminum and plexiglass but I'm not sure if this is a good buy for those purposes. I like what you've been able to do just wanting a realistic opinion . Thanks bro

Have a happy day: I have the same machine, but I can't get it to work. Which configuration file did you use?

Martin Scorsteezy: RIP Headphone users.

Charles Cook: Hi Steve I need advice pls. I want to get a router to make my own vacuum forming moulds in aluminium.I found a machine from HENAN YINGKAI TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD Tel:86 371 88883365 Fax:86 371 67845555 Cel:86 18037689511 Skype:maggiewang0621 MSN:wukwuk123@hotmail.com Email:yk007@feiyangcnc.cn Model FY7090 is 1.5kw,if change it to 2.2kw,we need to change the inverter and the spindle motor any ideas or comments please? thanks regards Charles

DJB HSI: Put it in a sound poof enclosure. I have a friend who made a nice dust containment cabinet for his and the sound is really low.

Victor Perez Losada: Hello, amazing job !! I have the same machine, but i have a problem to configurate the axis motor, velocity, for that i can not reach the size that i have for the ob, could you send me this configuration please? Thanks, best regards.

Johhny Hasklet: It's obviously loud on aluminum,,,I'm getting a 3040 for wood, it's not quite as bad they say, I have close neighbors as well, they're already loud so o well!

Brian Janiszewski: Got any info on that spindle??

Enrique Gutiérrez: Great job buddy

Halfdantheblack: Hey Steve. Which spindle motor is this? Is it the water cooled 800 watt or the smaller one? Thanks, and enjoy your day.

rc filming: Hi, I also wanna buy 3020. But I live in a flat. Do you think it is too loud? I don`t wanna disturb my neighbors;-)

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
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3020 CNC Machining 6060 Aluminium
3020 CNC Machining 6060 Aluminium
3020 CNC Cutting Aluminium
3020 CNC Cutting Aluminium
CNC 3040 machining 6082 aluminium
CNC 3040 machining 6082 aluminium
3020 CNC in action
3020 CNC in action
Cnc 3020 cutting 6mm aluminum
Cnc 3020 cutting 6mm aluminum

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3020 CNC Machining 6060 Aluminium