What To Expect 2 Months After Jaw Surgery (Jaw Wired Shut).

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Hadi Assaf: I had the surgery two years ago. I’m 17 now and I still have the double chin... is that normal?

Niko Ilisevic: Thanks for these videos I'm in my first week of having my jaw wired, it's ok but like you said it's important to read and keep myself busy and think maybe why the accident happened...everything happens for a reason

FunnyTube !: my jaw has been wired shut for 2 weeks so far only another 2 to go

joshua mccart: UAMS Arkansas freaked up me man I can't even open my mouth And take medication should had had got the liquid kind

Kris Payton: I am a 46 year old man I got sucker punched exiting a convienant store which led to my lower jaw being broke in two places. i just had the surgery on Monday 4/3/17. Surgery went fine it was done at O.S.U. Hospital in Columbus , Ohio. i had a truely wonderful surgical team and after care nurses. I only spent 1 day in the hospital and have been home since Tuesday (4-4-17). the pain has not been too intense. trying to grasp the fact that I still have 5 1/2 weeks left until they cut the wires. I have an intense fear that for some reason something will happen and I won't be able to breathe. All the videos I've seen you have posted have been very helpful. Thank you. not sure how You tube comments work so if you would like to comment back my email is Krispayton1@gmail.com

Gmail Account: So glad someone talked about the depression that comes along with this intense surgery. I'm 5 weeks out and the depression did kinda of go away but it was horrid the first two weeks.

Eduardo Ruiz: Vitaly

Jay Kitty Power: Lol I fell off a mountain bike in a dead end. Now my jaw makes a "click" noise....;-; My first broken bone ever....And was a doozy...

Jay Kitty Power: How did this happen to you? And BTW your videos really helped me when my jaw was broken! :3

Tad Segars: thank you soooo much for your video!

Elizabeth Martinez: Thank you for making this video:) you answered a lot of questions that i had. (i had jaw
surgery 3 weeks ago)

Anonymous User: I got hit by a car and my jaw was broken in 3 places and detached from the rest of my skull. Jaw surgery and recovery the past 2 weeks has been the worst and I wouldn't wish the situation on anyone, except 3 people.

Jordan Zachary: You should have been put in braces before your surgery. Sounds like you didn't get a good OMS.

seanj164: you should have braces before, that is where u bit wrong. simple as that. your surgeon should have told you that

jonpaul70: No, not really. They put me out for it.

Elajah Thornton: Does it hurt to get the arch bars taking out?

Cody McLaughlin: Today I got my wires off after 8 weeks of having my jaw wired. I shot myself in the head from under my chin and shattered my jaw right in the middle. I've healed incredibly well but I've noticed my jaw definitely doesn't open up more than an inch. I also can't get my tongue to poke out of my mouth more than 1/8 of an inch. I have all of the feeling in my face back already! Its miraculous. If you've had this done please feel free to share any tips with me, I'm doing all the research I can on how to get back to "normal." Good luck everyone! Take care.

Metal Lemon: i still cant open my jaw wider than the thickness of my thumb. wheneveri try and stretch it out it goes about idk a cuple centimeters more but then hurts so bad that i dont want to try it agaain and it just goes back to the way it was. can you give me any advice at what to do to make my mouth open up again? idk maybe i am not going to be able to open my mouth up as wide as before ever again i could be wong though. i am regaining feeling in my chin however little by little.

Marisol Garrett: Thank you so much for sharing, I found this info very helpful, I had my surgery 3 weeks ago, my mouth is still shout and im starving, I lost 15 pounds, I think thats the bright side of all this lol!!! My chin and lower lip is still numb and my pain level is still 5 to 6, I still have 6 more weeks to go before they remove the wires, :(

jonpaul70: No, just not normal food for a few weeks.

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What to expect 2 months after jaw surgery (Jaw Wired Shut). 5 out of 5

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What to expect 2 months after jaw surgery (Jaw Wired Shut).