What To Expect 2 Months After Jaw Surgery (Jaw Wired Shut).

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jonpaul70: No, not really. They put me out for it.

seanj164: you should have braces before, that is where u bit wrong. simple as that. your surgeon should have told you that

Elajah Thornton: Does it hurt to get the arch bars taking out? 

Cody McLaughlin: Today I got my wires off after 8 weeks of having my jaw wired. I shot myself in the head from under my chin and shattered my jaw right in the middle. I've healed incredibly well but I've noticed my jaw definitely doesn't open up more than an inch. I also can't get my tongue to poke out of my mouth more than 1/8 of an inch. I have all of the feeling in my face back already! Its miraculous. If you've had this done please feel free to share any tips with me, I'm doing all the research I can on how to get back to "normal." Good luck everyone! Take care.

jonpaul70: @CptJayF Thanks!

leor shadia: thank you so much jon u have truely helped me a lot the pass month and a half

Vishal Chetram: heyy man! your absolutly right the first couple days were intense. Im over little over 4 weeks now too but my mouth feels great no numbness or anything. I broke my jaw and I got a metal plate inserted in my chin. My jaw feels good though. How long until they open up my mouth??

adidam1706: thanks for sharing your opinion bro :D

brittmiss: Can you tell me what exercises I need to do? I just got the wires off and I can barely open it. The doctor just said keep trying to open it but didn't give me any exercises to do. help.

Paul Mekhail: hello i called my dr cause the the roof of my mouth was very sore he told me to take the rubber bands of ( what keeps it shut) i was suppose to take them off in 2 days now i cant open my jaw as wide as i could it feels really weird Is that normal and how long will take me to be able to open it normally. my bite and everything is completely normal would greatly appreciate your reply thanks

jonpaul70: The first 4 or 5 days the pain is pretty considerable, but you will/should be in the ICU and have a morphine drip. After about 5 or 6 days, the pain is considerably less as long as you are taking your pain meds. The first 5 days is the worse and then it gets a lot better as you go. The pain is worse than anything I have ever felt. Just think, you have a broken bone in your JAW.

leor shadia: so im finally getting my jaw unwired on tuesday. how long is the process and are they going to have to numb me to take out the bar from inside my mouth? how clean were ur teeth after you got unwired did u have any cavities or did u have to go whiten ur teeth?

jonpaul70: How's the jaw? How wide open did you get?

jonpaul70: Six to 8 weeks is usual. It'll take another 4 weeks after that to eat semi-hard foods. Good Luck!

Tiffany Nicole: They say my jaw is fractured. Is that the same thing you think?

lex1125: Thanks for sharing this and thanks for the good info. had my jaw broken, but I was lucky in that they did not have to wire me completely shut post surgery. Just four rubber bands which stayed on for several weeks. I just had my arch bars removed yesterday and it feels great to get rid of them, but sadly my bite is not what it used to be. Sounds like some tooth shaving will be involved in a few weeks. Hang in there everyone! the first 3-5 days were really tough, but it got better!!

jonpaul70: Oral surgeon. They did mine in the office with knockout juice.

jonpaul70: I just saw the second part of your comment. No, after the wires are taken out, you will not be able to open your mouth. You may get 4mm or so, enough to put a plastic spoon through the opening. After a week, you'll be able to open to 12mm or so. You won't have any strength in your jaw to open your mouth.

JBANGAtv: Bro I had gotten two fractures on my bottom jaw I've been wired already for two weeks I'm feeling alot better my doc said Thursday he will remove only the wires so I can start trying to open my mouth how long until I can open my mouth good for reg food

jonpaul70: Mine is still numb after 2 years... learned to live with it. I think its getting better slowly. Straws were great!

adidam1706: okay thanks ! This summer i had a ingrown toenail removed (it was a very deep one) they even had to stitch it. And that hurt pretty bad too. Anyways thx for anwering my question i really appreciate it !

Johnathan Stmary: I was supposed to have my arch bars removed the 27th but I couldn't make it to it cause I was only visiting where I got my jaw broke... Do you know how I can get them removed?? Like what kind of doctor do I go to?

jonpaul70: I don't know. I never had that problem. What does your doc say?

Tiffany Nicole: They are going to have to wire it. :-( I am scared to be put down.

Kamlesh Jinjuwadia: so why you had surgery with arch bars not braces ?

jonpaul70: No, just not normal food for a few weeks.

jonpaul70: I did sets of 15-20 seconds each. About 2 minutes total, three times a day.

Johnathan Stmary: Lmao oh the irony ur name is also Jonathan but I spell my name johnathan....

leor shadia: did u need physical therapy after you got unwired?

jonpaul70: Yep, that 5th day is relief!

jonpaul70: Yeh, braces are a must after!

DANK NUGREVIEWS: i just had this done, they moved both top and lower jaw and moved some teeth to fill in missing gap, i was in hospital one night, i then took my pain meds for a few days but after not eating and taking mass meds i got sick and threw up everytime i would take anything, so after about the 5th day i stopped all meds completly..im on my 3rd week now and scheduled to get them wires out next week.

Courtney Reed: i get my wires off this thursday , but my surgeon is leaving my arch bars on and giving me elastics will i be able to eat something like kraft dinner the day of?

jonpaul70: Don't be scared. If you remember that this is only temporary, just for a little while, and you're going to be back to normal soon, you can do this.

jason jace: Happy for you man!

jonpaul70: Hi Brittmiss! The only exercise to do is this... I'll try to explain it as best as I can. Take your hand and make a sock puppet. You know, where all the fingers come to a point like a sock puppet. Do this with both hands and slip each hand in your mouth, one on each side (beneath your cheeks and in between your teeth. So, you should have both hands in your mouth on each side. Open your hands, which forcing your jaw open. Be gentle ans continue doing 6-10 times a day. You'll open quickly.

adidam1706: *correction : story

leor shadia: they had to knock you out to take them out?? I'm doing it in doctors office... whats a root scaling? how long did it take them to take the bars off? am i going to be able to eat right afterwards?

jonpaul70: I went under to have the arch bars removed. He put me out and I didn't feel anything before or after. My teeth after the wires were disgusting. I'm still trying to get them clean. They had a lot of plaque buildup and they were stained from both not brushing and using the special mouthwash. Plan on getting a root scaling on all of your teeth afterwards.

leor shadia: finally got my jaw unwired!!! im so happy right now. you talked about how u had a bad expeirence at ur hospital. im sorry to hear that. i had my surgery at mount sinai in manhattan and i had a pleasent experience and some of the nerses were really good and others were really bad

Johnathan Stmary: i still cant open my jaw wider than the thickness of my thumb. wheneveri try and stretch it out it goes about idk a cuple centimeters more but then hurts so bad that i dont want to try it agaain and it just goes back to the way it was. can you give me any advice at what to do to make my mouth open up again? idk maybe i am not going to be able to open my mouth up as wide as before ever again i could be wong though. i am regaining feeling in my chin however little by little.

Johnathan Stmary: Dude I just had jaw surgery like 3 weeks ago. Basically some dude jumped me and broke my jaw... I kinda wondered if it was normal to lose feeling in the front of ur face like that like in your lips down to your chin. It's son weird feeling cuz I'm slowly getting feeling back day by day. I'm guessing it sucked at first trying to drink out if cups and stuff... Straws definitely become your best friend... And it can only openly mouth like the thickness of my thumb

jonpaul70: A fracture isn't a full bone break. I'm not sure if they would wire you shut for a fracture but could be! Let me know what happens!

Tiffany Nicole: Thanks jon for the encouragement. I got my jaws wired yesterday. :-(

Marisol Garrett: Thank you so much for sharing, I found this info very helpful, I had my surgery 3 weeks ago, my mouth is still shout and im starving, I lost 15 pounds, I think thats the bright side of all this lol!!! My chin and lower lip is still numb and my pain level is still 5 to 6, I still have 6 more weeks to go before they remove the wires, :(

jonpaul70: It's normal. It'll take 3 or 4 weeks to open back up. Do some exercises to help open it up.

leor shadia: jaws okay. im not sure how wide i was able to open it, but it did take several minutes for me to be able to open it. even though i am eating soft foods it feels so good :)

jonpaul70: Yes. My doctor said it is extremely painful to have the arch bars removed. I ate after that. I had some refried beans. Your diet won't change much in the first week, you'll still be on liquid foods until your mouth widens up and you can put pressure on your jaw. That usually takes weeks afterward for your jaw to strengthen. Root scaling is when they clean your teeth with a pick. They scrape all the plaque off and clean the root of the tooth.

jonpaul70: Depends. Your teeth may be really sore and you may not be able to open wide enough. It took me weeks after tohe able to open wide.

leor shadia: what do u mean u had to use ur hands to pull open your mouth? im not gonna be able to open my mouth fully after i get unwired? its been 6 weeks since my surgery i get unwired september 5th

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