Tea Tree Oil, Neem And Turmeric For Face: Comparison

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Roxane Findlay: Does Fopobiacne Secrets really work? I see many people keep on speaking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But I'm not sure if it is good enough to get rid of your acne problem.

Kylie Padila: I can't see coconut oils in the grocery, is it the same with cooking coconut oil? I'm hesitant to put that on my face

lynn miraglia: I would also like to know if you can use coconut milk instead of cow milk.  Thank you!

4evrneo: Thanks Tina! One question, as I do not drink regular milk, can I use coconut milk or almond milk? 

Gim T: In India even women in village use turmeric on face and body.. Most of them use the gram flour to wash it away! U can get that flour in Indian store ALL Indian stores in USA has this flour which we call it as besan flour .. Coming back to turmeric powder there is 2 types one we use for cosmetic another for cooking (curry) purpose .. The one for cosmetic is called 'kasthuri manjal' u can google about it.. The one we use for curry is different! Except for the fact both is antiseptic naturally!! This kasthuri we get it like ginger shaped one n we rub it on stone or pebble to with little bit of water n use it fresh on face.. For dry skin we use it with milk/ milk cream/ plain yoghurt .. For oily skin we use it with rosé water.. Yep it does stain your face but once u use a mild soap after sometime it goes off!!

Thị Thắm Cao: My sis suffered with cystic and severe acne ever since the lady was 14. Today she’s 37 and only just last year eradicated her pimple breakouts. She was alerted to the Acne Executioner (Google it) and it demonstrated to her how to remedy acne disorder.

C DAVIS: She uses a very, very small amount which can be increased or decreased depending on oily or dry skin.

cnith2: oh and honey! I forgot, I also add in honey. I make a paste with all the ingredients. I also eat turmeric and that helps with my aches and pains. :)

cnith2: if you use besan (chickpea flour) and/or olive oil it stains way less! I used to be like omg be careful with turmeric or you'll be yellow for weeks! (my skin loves pigment, it keeps henna for almost a year!) I use the turmeric with besan, olive oil, milk and I stain very little! Plus my skin is baby butt soft!! TRY it! :D

Sara Sharifi: this is just partially true - yes, you can use tea tree oil directly on your skin, but in a long term it can be quite aggressive and can dry out your skin (especially the sensitive one), just like the video says, so it is much wiser to use it along with the carrier oil, for both tea tree oil's aggressiveness and synergy it accomplishes with other oils.

Tania Godinez: I use Greek yogurt and Turmeric , they work wonderful , and the best part is that using turmeric with yogurt the turmeric doesn't stain the skin which us awesome :)

Tina Jones: Yep. smiles. Thanks for commenting.

cg0609: tee tree oil does NOT need a carrier oil...is one of the very few essential oils that do not need carrier...another one is lavander...

Tina Jones: of course one has to be careful. I suggest using a q-tip as shown or it will definately cause flaking.."This" video was to show there was something better than tee tree oil for me.


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Tea Tree Oil. Neem and Turmeric for Face: Comparison
Tea Tree Oil. Neem and Turmeric for Face: Comparison
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Tea Tree Oil, Neem and Turmeric for Face: Comparison