Spektrum DX5e Review!!

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scott firman: Stay away from the 6i. I think you ment you were going to get a dx6. I have been happy with my 5e and use it on both my Apprentice airplanes. You need to articulate better but covered the info ok. You didnt show how to set the rates by holding the adjuster all the way to the right then turning on the transmitter. You disable it by reversing the procedures. I personally didnt know that myself until I watched a demo by a Horison Hobby rep on how to set up the transmitter to different planes. Its not automatic just so you know.

CladCoin: Good review, thanks for posting.
Just ordered a DX5E.

George Kasparyan: For an Eflite Apprentice S 15e is the dx5 mode 2? I think so.

mr1bienvenu1: The DX6 is NOT a park flyer radio. You can use it for that if you wish but it is a full range TX.

조본희: No different dx4e

superleggera: so no throttle hold?

Paul ST Pierre: Great job on the resever now I got a deal paid 25 dollar for it Thanks Paul

sniperjdp: Very good review, thank you, I just today purchased one to use with a robot project !!

James Lewis: Great review, plan on getting one.

Thomas Uren: I've ordered one for my king hauler, so i hope it works good

Manuel Perez: Thank you for your time and the nice review.  Well Done!!!

VetteWay2Fast: Thumbs up!

Chris B.: Is anything I can do to get it to work? And any idea why the motor was working only in one direction? Thanks, Chris 

Chris B.: Hi Graig, I just bought a DX5e and because I am new to the R/C world I don't know to do certain things. So here is my problem, I'm using the DX5e for a little project I'm working on, for that I need a motor to run forward/reverse (I'm using Tazer 15T speed control), but for some reason the motor was running only in one direction. I started playing around with the buttons/switches on the transmitter. I held the training switch up and turned the power on, after that nothing works. 

ipadize: There´s Jeti also! :D

randygardener: my tips for dx5e. the main power switch breaks whilst youre flying! so u have to bypass it later. it is actually a 6ch tx but its very basic, and tx antenna snaps easily, mine did. range is great,i actually reach 600m flying fpv.. HK has better deals though nowdays. 

Messyapocalypse: Well done very informative. Brilliant video for someone just learning. I have the dx6i for flying quads but this would do the same job.great video

hokuspokus29: no throttle cut off switch ? and can batteries be charged with cable ?

Christopher Capra: witch switch is for the collective pitch 

nightelfmastr: would this remote work for scale trucks? 

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Spektrum DX5e Review!! 5 out of 5

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Spektrum DX5e Review!!
Spektrum DX5e Review!!
DX5e Spektrum Review
DX5e Spektrum Review
Spektrum DX5e review
Spektrum DX5e review
The transmitter talk- Side- by- Side comparison and review of the Spektrum DX5e!
The transmitter talk- Side- by- Side comparison and review of the Spektrum DX5e!
HorizonRC.com Preview- Spektrum DX5e
HorizonRC.com Preview- Spektrum DX5e

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Spektrum DX5e Review!!