How To Fix Kindle Fire HD Screen

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jmauricio191: can the glass be removed from the LCD?

Robert Egleton: ... and after cannibalizing one dodgy kindle with a good screen for 20 bucks, and some hours sourcing the right torx screwdriver, into one that worked but with a broken screen, I now have one version of the truth, all singing and dancing ... I could have just bought another but is wasn't about that!

Robert Egleton: This was a most helpful comprehensive professional explanation.

Niall Mackenzie: what an awful thing to say about anyone

Tyler Steiner: Why would you make the video like this? Make it normal you tool

Niall Mackenzie: My glass on my oven door is needing replaced arrgh!!!!

Scott Amy: STOP AND READ COMMENTS: If you are watching this you most likely broke your screen and want to fix it yourself.  Don't just order the screen.  Although possible to pull the glass off the LCD it is very likely you will break the LCD in trying.  So order the LCD and touch screen together. Preferably with the front frame. Good Luck.

Life As Me: I'd rather just get my kindle screen fixed my a professional lol because chances are I'm gonna completely mess my whole kindle up by trying to fix it myself. Don't try to fix your own kindle just by watching a simple youtube video if you know nothing about technology :D

lizzy Pandaishness: I just did everything here. AND IF ANY ONE THINKS THEY CAN REPLACE JUST THE GLASS YOU'RE MISTAKEN!!! its practically impossible especially if the glass is shattered!!! Believe me i tried! But any who i replaced everything and put it back exactly the same way and i made sure every thing was plugged in and now it wont turn on. Any suggestions????

Mike D: lol.. u failed to mention that the lcd and the digitizer are glued together like most phone lcds ... ive removed the glass from phones before and this why much harder .. i guess thats why there isnt any videos on people removing just the glass on this kindle

Sean Little: Thank you.  Very helpful.  Only problem I had was the speaker connections.  I tried sliding the first one out instead of lifting it up.  Should have paid more attention to your vid.  Anyways thanks again.

TheSteelerTom: Wow! Maybe it would have been easier had the glass only been cracked slightly on the one I'm repairing for a friend? Unfortunately, the entire glass was shattered! Talk about a pain in the butt. Not even going to attempt to separate the glass from the LCD. Having the friend purchase the entire assembly. I replaced the glass for my daughters Kindle Fire (non-HD) a year ago and that was faaaaaaaaar easier than this HD version!!!!!!

Rob Forster: On top of not being able to replace the screen, now the screen doesn't recognize my touch, rendering the device useless.  Any suggestions on what is wrong???

Rob Forster: Yep...just got jacked by this video...should have read the comments before ordering the screen.  I'm pretty sure it's not worth repairing or spending more money we'll see if the kindle turns back on after I got it all put back together (still using the broken screen due to the lcd fusing issue).  I'm pretty technical and handy with this stuff, but this was tough and what I consider not repairable unless you get the entire new glass screen assembly with lcd already fused.  And, getting the front of the case apart is difficult in itself...I ended up dinging up my case while trying to separate it.  Lesson learned...

Dale Smart: The tegra Vega was 200 last year now 99 in Curry's n still they can't sell them cause they break down n freeze. 

Dale Smart: They are crap waste of cash best smash em against a wall n stick to laptop 

Jose Galindo: He destroyed his kindle with his stupid idea

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
How To Fix Kindle Fire HD Screen 5 out of 5

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How To Fix Kindle Fire HD Screen