Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review

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Jeffrey Testerman: Why would you buy a free float rail if your going to rest the rifle on its barrel smh

rockey balboa: i know this video is from a long time ago and just incase people are watching this currently, note that the yankee hill ar15 is not milspec. this term is thrown out there very loosely by just about everyone in the firearms community. You need to do your own research specifically. never take anyones word for it when deciding to purchase something, other rifles are available with better specs for less, if your going to buy why not buy the better spec'ed out rifle especially if its less money? no brainer

jrabmw69: Is the rail system rifle you shooting have a free floating barrel on it? If so why are you reasting the barrel on the wood?
Looks like a nice weapon. I just picked up some Mag pull Pro sights, check them out!

SHONUFF: I don't get why YHM get's crap on by some.  I have thier flip up irons not super cheap bout 150 for both and I have a rifle length diamond free float quad rail.  Now I believe there are daniel defence and larue for two to three times as much but Yankie hill seems to make quality stuff for middle to mid- higher ranged prices and seems to be absolute quality.  I hear people bash them but I never really hear them say an experience or why they don't like them just that they don't like them.  Leads me to believe they have never tried em

muffemod: most of their offerings are NOT mil spec

N4TUR4LKILLA: Just built a YHM upper and lower. Put in the Geissele 2 stage trigger, upgraded the buffer, and got an Israeli 6 point stock. The rifle is chambered in 7.62x39. Probably the best AR I've ever fired. I've shot everything from colts to DPMS and gotta tell ya, YHM puts in work on every rifle. Over 2500 rounds and still no performance issues at all. Hit a clay pigeon on a range hill at 150 yards every shot with the irons.

0009hwood: Correct me if i am wrong but arent those magpul flip up sights

Adam Dorland: Just so you guys know..  YHM builds parts for many of the big name brands, dpms, bushmaster and etc.  Their quality is top notch, especially when you get the real deal YHM parts.  Midrange price with insane durability.  Not the lightest, but 7075 billet all the way through.  I love my YHM build, fantastic rifles.

Timothy N7TWR: Looking to build my first ar but I'm on a budget. What do you suggest I start with?

weaponlover32: Zombies aren't on the way. They're already here. They dwell in our nation's capital.

U238Gu: I have a YHM 8150 ($1498.00 on YHM site) and I received the same comments from Stag/Sig AR fan boys. "Is that one of those cheap guns?" They say and "no Sir!" is my answer. They wont believe me until we ran a mini-torture test on our rifles when the Stag fan boy had 3 malfunctions and the sig boy had 1. My YHM on the other hand fired flawlessly. To add insult to their injury, every time somebody is looking to buy a rifle, they want to buy my YHM.

SNEEPER1980: hmmm. i got a yhm ar and i love it. nothing cheap about it period.

stephen gibson: Love my YHM!!!!

Conservativearmyguy: He said YHM rail never said they were YHM irons it does have a caption that says they are magpul irons though.

Conservativearmyguy: I've own several different AR makes & used the M4 for a while, my favorite is my YHM rifle 16" barrel & even though it didn't come with a MOA guarantee I get .5 groups at 100 yards with match ammo. I never even heard of YHM rifles until a buddy from my old unit told me to check it out he's a swat officer and his department uses YHM rifles.

m4gunner25: I always find it strange that anyone would call YHM 'junk'. i have NEVER seen a product made from them that I wouldnt claim as my own creation. great machining!

baron1c: Just an observation, those are magpul MBUS sights. Not Yankee hill. I do love there products though. Troy quality at 10-20% less in price. I just got a stripped lower that a del-ton kit will be going on with Yankee hill diamond handguard

Bryan Miller: I bought a Colt AR-15 A3 for 1145$ at my local shop in michigan

Bluelineknives: Sootch im glad you are a good christian man. Love your vids

Juan D: What is the appropriate height, when shooting from a bench to rest your rifle?

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Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review 5 out of 5

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Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review