Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review

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N4TUR4LKILLA: Just built a YHM upper and lower. Put in the Geissele 2 stage trigger, upgraded the buffer, and got an Israeli 6 point stock. The rifle is chambered in 7.62x39. Probably the best AR I've ever fired. I've shot everything from colts to DPMS and gotta tell ya, YHM puts in work on every rifle. Over 2500 rounds and still no performance issues at all. Hit a clay pigeon on a range hill at 150 yards every shot with the irons. 

muffemod: most of their offerings are NOT mil spec

Adam Dorland: Just so you guys know.. YHM builds parts for many of the big name brands, dpms, bushmaster and etc. Their quality is top notch, especially when you get the real deal YHM parts. Midrange price with insane durability. Not the lightest, but 7075 billet all the way through. I love my YHM build, fantastic rifles.

weaponlover32: Zombies aren't on the way. They're already here. They dwell in our nation's capital. 

3914hwood: Correct me if i am wrong but arent those magpul flip up sights

Timothy Rust: Looking to build my first ar but I'm on a budget. What do you suggest I start with?

Titz Mcgee: @Moldovawineimporter i heard yankee hill was mil spec. Am i wrong?

GrizzlyGunsmith99: @dbmers bushmaster used to be one of my favorites till they got a big name and started cutting corners and slacking on quality a name can only go so far.. if you compare a bushmaster side by side with say rock river or stag you will see a lot more tooling marks, uneven and non matching finishes you will also notice there bolt carrier does not have a full tail or shrouded firing pin they dont have these features because of the cheaper technique of manufacture wont allow it.

OLDBD1: man you guys are fast

SNEEPER1980: hmmm. i got a yhm ar and i love it. nothing cheap about it period.

Moldovawineimporter .BensonEnterprises LLC: @MrAzcabowabo I have never heard of this brand of AR before so I can't say what quality these AR's have to them. When I build an AR I use Bushmaster and DPMS parts or I buy Military parts from an Internet site Called FTF Industries . . After one of my AR's was blown up using Young Machine parts I don't use strange unknown AR company's parts to build AR's any more .

Titz Mcgee: i just picked up this same rifle but mine came with diamond cut flutes in it which kick ass!! Guess it helps strengthen the barrel and cool it. If anyone wants to see a vid go ahead and click on my page

saclve: not a big ar fan probably because i own a saiga ak but nice rifle guys the reason why i was so interested in the video is the aimshot sight how has it held up to the beating the .223 right? gives it thanks for your time

Springr1911: I've shot quite a few YHM AR's and liked them. Only snobs would talk down that rifle. There is a difference between cheap (crap) vs. cheap (affordable). 2 lessons I teach in class are 1) Let your shooting do the talking don't worry about the talkers. 2) A gun doesn't make you a shooter ability and hard work does. I like seeing young shooters, gives me hope for the shooting sports. Take care, Bryce

Conservativearmyguy .: I've own several different AR makes & used the M4 for a while, my favorite is my YHM rifle 16" barrel & even though it didn't come with a MOA guarantee I get .5 groups at 100 yards with match ammo. I never even heard of YHM rifles until a buddy from my old unit told me to check it out he's a swat officer and his department uses YHM rifles.

werno175: noob question what is mil spec... sorry lol new to guns :)

allupinyoguts: Ecjjggnjjuggg

semiautoriflelover1: Why are you resting the barrel on the hard wood? That is not going to help barrel harmonics.

Luger718: i like the whole zombie apocalypse talk you do.... i always joke around like that....until the zombies come of course ;)

sootch00: @imperialfleet1 Thanks for the sound info. I personally only shoot Steel cased ammo in my AK /SKS for that exact reason. I may research this farther and make a video. Take care~

keenshooter001: Very Nice, Sootch.

hawaiianlineman: for the basic model I would rather invest in a smith and wesson, they are milspec and perform flawlessly.

Eslamizar: 1. I liked the AR you did a review on. 2. I would never talk trash about what someone else had as far as firearms go. Just another gun snob your friend doubt with lol that's all.

tank52r: is that range in SC? it looks identical too a range I go sometimes

GrizzlyGunsmith99: @dbmers yes its the more recent rifles roughly 2003 and later rifles.

DrMTHead: I put together a custom YHM upper and put it on a Delton inc. lower, and I absolutely love it! It's extremely accurate, has very little recoil, and an incredible trigger pull (for a stock mil-spec trigger)!

ZeroTechSkilz: Another great review, thank you.

DarkKitchen: Kill that paper!!

jrmym2: @MrDowneast It isn't lower priced. They go for $1200 and up. I'd spend my money elsewhere for that kind of price.

deadlychemist: @sootch00 Great video. Not really firearm related but may I ask what camera you use?

Hannibal Smith: YHM makes awesome stuff just top notch! I own a Stag rifle and I get the samething sometimes which bothers me a little but when most shoot it they say "O this is not that bad" I also get the satisfaction with my Stag to know I didnt pay as much as the next guy most of the time. Good review Sootch!

thomassmyth65: great review sootch, cant believe someone would sacrafice 100$ in sales like that, nice AR the collapsable sights are a nice add on.

numba1stunna4269: Awesome video!

imperialfleet1: Great video Sooch. Make sure to tell your buddy and anyone else you know that fires steel-cased ammunition to keep some spare extractors on hand and even a spare bolt wouldn't hurt. You never know when a part could fail ya at the worst possible minute! I love shooting steel cased and have never had an extractor fail me yet, but if you research it, it does happen. I've gone to a separate bolt altogether for shooting steel-cased, and preserve the other bolt for non-target practice readiness.

m4gunner25: I always find it strange that anyone would call YHM 'junk'. i have NEVER seen a product made from them that I wouldnt claim as my own creation. great machining!

0122358: hey sootch, does that yankee hill have a mid-length or carbine gas system?

stephenabm: Yankee Hill is a quality company and produces good components. I think the store owner (gun shop) did not like the name "Yankee Hill" down in Dixie!

ARBuilder1776: YHM makes very good products. Anyone who says they make junk has never used their products. Just curious as to what range this is.

sjr341: Sweet Rifle!

USNERDOC: Another cool rifle and and awesome Sootch video. Love the ending!

esh325: @MongoWongo777 I don't know of any state has banned AK's or AR15's. You probably can get a neutered version.

rcruz003: Good review on the YH AR-15 , Never heard much on them but overall they appear to be a fine rifle. Thanks

GrizzlyGunsmith99: Bushmaster high quality...... LMAO

SkinnyMedic: @tacticalfirefighter3 Thank you for the advise, I will try that next time.

buszero: Great stuff, Sootch! I sometimes get qun questions because I can spit out answers about my own experience with my own guns, but I also get questions here and there about building AR15's that often stump me because I don't even own one yet. I can always refer people to this video as a great recommendation. Thanks, bro!

Titz Mcgee: Scootch, I have the same Black Diamond YHM AR as well. Curious as to why your buddy doesnt have the diamond cut flutes in the barrel? Is this something YHM didn't do on the older models? Looks as though other then that, we have the same rifle. Thx

jrmym2: @redmule02 They are cheap now and were plentiful during the Obama scare. Of course people want them; it doesn't say anything about their quality, though.

sootch00: @Thrandi Yes, you're right. I didn't notice it until I was editing the video. I also forgot my sandbags. Thanks Bro~

MonGo WonGo: @esh325 Thanks. They're not banned in my state, just my county. My local gun shop will only sell those to LEOs. I cannot even get ammo shipped to my house. Total pain, I will ask if there are "neuterized' versions available. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I did not think of that.

Vercingetorix51: Yankee Hill and Magpul make great stuff. I think a lot of the people that dismiss their products are the ones that spent $350 on a Daniel Defense lite rail or $250 on a Larue Handguard for example.

Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review 4.9 out of 5

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Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review
Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review
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Yankee Hill Machine Co. AR-15 Rifle Review