FTL Ship Unlock Guide By Ohm - Unlock ALL The Ships!

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TheAdamBomb: I was found the ship that you fight to get the federation cruiser. I used engi, and devoted everything to drones...I ran out of drones... 

ewan weldon: what is the sector with the zalton ship??

superlolguy123: 1 becon away from crystl and so close to freaking that boss up and i die by going to pee with 4 bursts lazers and beam drones by forgeting to set on auto fire

Yoko Littner: is this the same for ipad?

silas stewart: thx lol i unlockt the zoltan and the rock ship in one run

buffalo827: I was so close to unlocking the slug cruiser, but my freaking gunner kept missing so i couldn't penetrate his shields. He managed to get away. Sooo pissed.

Wookie Luke: LOL As soon as I got back on FTL I got the crystal ship! Talk about Good Fortune! :D


coliedug: when unlocking the stealth ship 3:00 its not always a mantis bomber i got a mantis scout/fighter cant remember

Lance Arilat: I had the crystal dude was used for the quest urg the only time I got him I imeadietly died shortly after ):

br0dskalk: On my second playthrough of this game I got the crystal cruiser. A few runs after that I got the 2nd version; the red crystal ship. No weapons, but 4 man transport (like mantis version 2) Only missing the stealth plane now, but i got that when playing at a friends place the very first time i tried it. Fun game, max score is 5295 with mantis version 2. 5249 with crystal v. 2

Doddeh: I have beaten the flagship multiple times but i am still yet to unlock the federation cruiser, HELP!


Джонатан Свифт: unlocking the mantis ship is freaking crazy, i think the designers should have made it a little bit more obvious. Even unlocking Crystal Ship felt much easier to me, it felt like it involved more logic.

Anton Lind Vazdekis: The rock cruiser you can choose either 1 or 2 as long as you don't ignore them

Earthgaming190: new federation unlock? i have no clue other than go to rebel stronghold

Darkorbit 2007: the most easy unlock is the zoltan cruiser it was my first cruiser to unlock

crozzam: I unlocked the rock ship from this guide but also got the lanius one the freak? 

baconator: does this include advanced edition?

Nate Tan: I found the stasis pod but died shortly after. Then when my friend had a go he found two research facilities. I got pissed off so bad.

Eric Kebel: I just bought the game and got the crystal ship in my second run, looks like I'm really lucky.

Mike Ciulavu: Weird, I unlocked the ship by destroying a mantis scout not a mantis bomber. anyone know why?

Kyle87000: I can't beat the game, it's way to hard >:c

Blobsky9: Thanks so much, this was extremely helpful.

keith sutherland: before I knew about this video I went for the weapon and scrap and the second time I grabbed the stasis chamber but I didn't get it

wafflecopter11: Wait the mantis bomber is supposed to be hard? It was a scout for me too. I killed it in less than a minute

PoisonedPancakez: um the 2nd layout for the crystal cruiser has no weapons/drones? Wut Da FUQ

Gabe Fenzl: thx soooooo much, i needed this to get the ships i couldn't sm 2 gt

Tom Brev: Wow literally as I was about to grab the crystal weapon he said grab the chamber NOICE

delectance992: Jesus.. I sold that stasis pod earlier today when I found it. freak

Flunksh: I can't get the zoltan ship.... ;_;

Cursor Gunner: i am griding for the slug ship this helped

Dranox21: I have 2 of the Stasis Pods but cant find a Zoltan research facility dammit!

laxénbraxen laxenbraxen: omg your freaking kidding me double stais again and in same senters

mason from black ops: for the zoltan i failed. it hapeend before i wached this vid i pressed the bottom one why!!! thatnks for this vid

Aaron Otworth: Great video. 

Robert Rusk: First time I got the statisis pod I sold it bcuz I didn't know what it was. Second time I got the crystal guy, but died in the crystal sector before i could get to the ship. :(

Sam Linton: the rock ship jumped like a min when we arrived

leon Goodwill: i was fooled by getting the weapon and scrap and after that i found a zoltan research center freak me.

Ashcroft Brindley: If you want to at&t iphones for no money, just go chat with at&t, and i found their customer service chat link, here is the link to the online service: https://plus.google.com/114478486794248594736/posts

heimont lolmont: show how we can get it With the kestrial

bandit play: i had the rock then next time on steam it said cant find FTL and a lost it :(

speedwire6151: OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOO i was just playing and i got the stasis pod and then i died right after... :(

Soopah Kitteh: why cant there be an easier way to unlock the mantis ship

TheDumbRatMan12: i had the crewmember then I got the facility then got to the quest and there was a ship not a transmitter A MOTHERfreakIN SHIP

laxénbraxen laxenbraxen: OMFG OMFG OMFG WHATTHE freak l got double statis pod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on in pirest and one in rock sector HOW THE freak OMFG

rocketboymoto169: Thanks dude 

ZerglotLove: WTF i got TWO damaged stasis pods :S

ARNOLD SHASHANIGAR: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff clarke: Thanks, very helpful video.

FTL Ship Unlock Guide By Ohm - Unlock ALL The Ships! 5 out of 5

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FTL Ship Unlock Guide By Ohm - Unlock ALL The Ships!