FTL Ship Unlock Guide By Ohm - Unlock ALL The Ships!

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Wookie Luke: LOL As soon as I got back on FTL I got the crystal ship! Talk about Good Fortune! :D

silas stewart: thx lol i unlockt the zoltan and the rock ship in one run

buffalo827: I was so close to unlocking the slug cruiser, but my freaking gunner kept missing so i couldn't penetrate his shields. He managed to get away. Sooo pissed.


coliedug: when unlocking the stealth ship 3:00 its not always a mantis bomber i got a mantis scout/fighter cant remember

Lance Arilat: I had the crystal dude was used for the quest urg the only time I got him I imeadietly died shortly after ):

br0dskalk: On my second playthrough of this game I got the crystal cruiser. A few runs after that I got the 2nd version; the red crystal ship. No weapons, but 4 man transport (like mantis version 2) Only missing the stealth plane now, but i got that when playing at a friends place the very first time i tried it. Fun game, max score is 5295 with mantis version 2. 5249 with crystal v. 2

Mike Ciulavu: Weird, I unlocked the ship by destroying a mantis scout not a mantis bomber. anyone know why?

Kyle87000: I can't beat the game, it's way to hard >:c

Blobsky9: Thanks so much, this was extremely helpful.

keith sutherland: before I knew about this video I went for the weapon and scrap and the second time I grabbed the stasis chamber but I didn't get it

wafflecopter11: Wait the mantis bomber is supposed to be hard? It was a scout for me too. I killed it in less than a minute

PoisonedPancakez: um the 2nd layout for the crystal cruiser has no weapons/drones? Wut Da FUQ

Gabe Fenzl: thx soooooo much, i needed this to get the ships i couldn't sm 2 gt

Tom Brev: Wow literally as I was about to grab the crystal weapon he said grab the chamber NOICE

delectance992: Jesus.. I sold that stasis pod earlier today when I found it. freak

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TharWinzar12: I can't get the zoltan ship.... ;_;

Cursor Gunner: i am griding for the slug ship this helped

Dranox21: I have 2 of the Stasis Pods but cant find a Zoltan research facility dammit!

Aaron Otworth: Great video. 

laxénbraxen laxenbraxen: OMFG OMFG OMFG WHATTHE freak l got double statis pod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on in pirest and one in rock sector HOW THE freak OMFG

mason from black ops: for the zoltan i failed. it hapeend before i wached this vid i pressed the bottom one why!!! thatnks for this vid

Sam Linton: the rock ship jumped like a min when we arrived

Robert Rusk: First time I got the statisis pod I sold it bcuz I didn't know what it was. Second time I got the crystal guy, but died in the crystal sector before i could get to the ship. :(

leon Goodwill: i was fooled by getting the weapon and scrap and after that i found a zoltan research center freak me.

heimont lolmont: show how we can get it With the kestrial

Soopah Kitteh: why cant there be an easier way to unlock the mantis ship

bandit play: i had the rock then next time on steam it said cant find FTL and a lost it :(

speedwire6151: OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOO i was just playing and i got the stasis pod and then i died right after... :(

TheDumbRatMan12: i had the crewmember then I got the facility then got to the quest and there was a ship not a transmitter A MOTHERfreakIN SHIP

laxénbraxen laxenbraxen: omg your freaking kidding me double stais again and in same senters

AlagomSwede: Non of the ships are really OP, not from my experience at least. The different ships simply allow for more unique and diverse strategies.

Invisible Hand: Fck, i found the stasis pod but i didnt take it

Evan Michael: i just found the crystal activating event in a rock controlled sector

ZombieAssassin47: I really hope I can get all the ships but I'm trying stealth ship first though

johnnyy rainbow: i found the stasis pod in a rock home world

JT Legionnaire: CRAP, level one medbays don't work! they need to be two, now I don't get the ship dog gone it!

SilentGamer: i nearly got the zoltan one...

adambomb7771: it's the beginning ship

Llamus: READ

XNightmareLPX: You dont start with the engi cruiser.

Robbinio2: I found it was easiest with the Zoltan ship. Then implemented the "Jump over and kill all the firing capabilities of the ship" method and just held out for the other two rounds! Zoltan Shield is not to be underestimated!

legit_gamingz: lol i got the crystal ship its a BEAST

notbobby125: 12:38 The Rock Ship's "Rock Plating" Augment gives you a blue option that will always give you the stasis chamber.

tf2exe: MEAT PIE

Justin Reeves: Sarcasm särˌkazəm Noun 1. The use of irony to mock or convey contempt

carson819: I destroyed the rock ship :(

IncogInfidel: I kind of beat it the other day, we both destroyed each other at the same time, but I did technically beat it.

legit_gamingz: the first ship i found was the crystal cruiser i lucked out and did it quite easily, i got most ships and i got to say i think its the best :) it won me the game on hard.

FTL Ship Unlock Guide By Ohm - Unlock ALL The Ships! 5 out of 5

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FTL Ship Unlock Guide By Ohm - Unlock ALL The Ships!