How To Pass A Drug Test W/ Sure Jell: Certo

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Lyachos: how to pass: kill yourself´╗┐

Clemente Avila: I just did it but the only problem was that i didnt have b12. its for a job so wish me luck­čĹŹ­čś×­čśŐ´╗┐

Jupiter Fasuro: test results came negative´╗┐

Jupiter Fasuro: certo works, i thought i was gonna make it, here how i passed nite before mixed two certo packs into gallon gatorade, i also ate orange, quart of cranberry, and raspberry limonade , only thing last needed was a color urine came out very diluted´╗┐

Brian Inloes: how long does it clean u out for is it a permanent clean´╗┐

d4nzig4life: Did you pass? I wanna try but I did a self test at home with this method and failed. Any ideas? I did the certo into Gatorade and chugged water, waited the couple hours and still failed an at home...´╗┐

stanley archer: Do any of you realize that the ONLY ingredient in Certo is crushed Lime peels? Yes, crushed lime peels. They contain high amounts of pectin. This occurs naturally in fruits and limes have one of the highest levels. This crap does not work! Except when you drink a gallon of water with it before your urine screening. Yes, screening. That is the first "stick" or immunoassay test you get. Then you will pass with any crap people tell you to eat or drink. Because you are diluting your sample with the gallons of water you drink. Whatever you eat or drink has nothing to do with you passing. Its the water. Oh and BTW, that crap won't work on your confirmatory drug test. 1st sample, drug screen. If it comes out positive, split into 2 and sent to lab for a confirmation drug TEST. At which point your diluted sample will result in a tampered result (FAILED). You wanna pass, substitution is the ONLY 100% way.´╗┐

T Bone: by some cheap B12 vitamin pills and take a few the night before so your piss will be yellow.´╗┐

Kevin Hines: this crap works hands down´╗┐

Arnold Taylor: Will it work for opiates?´╗┐

Tony Cruz: I've been dabbin it for a while I stopped smoking 2 days b4 my drug test and did this method on the day of my drug test and passed´╗┐

Billy Azlin: did u pass´╗┐

Bird smerkish: does it have to be 2 hours before or can it be the night before or sum´╗┐

Yessi Barrera: how long did you have before your drug test?´╗┐

Matthew West: Did it make you feel sick at all a couple days later?´╗┐

Dirty South: Lmao bruh every body getting off on this african american kmsl roasting df out of him my lil bro would rip this african american´╗┐

Jacob Watson: boy u ugly af´╗┐

beautiiandbrainz: I've never used the yellow pack I've always used CERTO the one in the blue box I KNOW FOR SURE WORKS ...IVE PASSED EVERY DRUG TEST IVE HAD TO DO´╗┐

Lear32dvl: does this work for etg? alcohol drug test?´╗┐

Shani Love: Did you take the b12 vitamins or no.... Because I heard if you don't your pee is like ineffective or something´╗┐

How to pass a drug test w/ Sure Jell: Certo 5 out of 5

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How to pass a drug test w/ Sure Jell: Certo