Eclipse Vape Handheld Pipe

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OverDose665 22: great pipe wish the vials were stronger. I got the half size ones and they work way better

Batista Dave: Just bought it don't buy it, it's garbage

Sam Honkanen: by far my most favorite product to utilize concentrates in. If you are displeased by the product you are using it incorrectly. The vials are insanely cheap and replaceable at your local headshop. I favor this pipe for concentrates rather than dry herb, thats where most people have their issues. Put some wax through this bad boy then right a bad review, you'll be too gone to be able to ;)

Killuminátor: Are you kidding right? This is shoddy and not vaporizer. tube and bulb would do a better service! It cost me nearly put $ 77? That you are crazy? For what? A piece of metal and glass jar? Over more than $ 5 not worth ! Production cost of $ 1?

Matthew Majane: can u get quartz vials for it?

also this is best used with bho/fullmelt

Beanie HP: so its a crack pipe.

Don. Ramos: That crap sux!!!!!

Ryan Christianson: This is a load of crap I ain't giving u 50 bucks for a device a normal pothead could come up with stoned as freak

Chris Furrow: I have this vape and need new viles for it how much are they

Kugel: is this the same as the essential vaaapp?

nobodynoname: something everyone should know, i went to their website and it's recommended that you HYDRATE the herbs.  it says clearly that dry herbs don't work so well.

Chassy Kettle: Now that i try it that way i guess it works both ways. lol. Sure i ruined mine then! lol

Chassy Kettle: Is everyone sure thats how you smoke it? I used the hole that the smoke come out of and it works amazing!

john rotten: looks like a waste of money...

CAM022475: anybody knows if it works for DMT?

Alex Arnett: freak we all know you wish you had weed in there instead of that nasty t-back lololol

madamebutterfly851: my review time! This vape is nice. It creates a beautiful whirling vape rather quickly and gets me mega ripped. However, it causes me to cough on a whole nother level! why is that? am i doing something wrong?

zorthron: how do you clean this vape? will Black Label work?

silverballer1911................................................................: tobbaco is good u crap

SMOKINAC3S3: could be oregano or something to make ppl like you think its weed

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Eclipse Vape Handheld Pipe 5 out of 5

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Eclipse Vape Handheld Pipe