HHO Dry Cell - 2 - Alternator Power Source

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gary shirley: try using 316ti as your power plates, and 316L AS THE NEUTRALS MY WATER STAYS CLEAN OVER 8 MONTHS NOW ON IT

chris keiley: more resistance will cause more heat and the lower the amperage will be. in short the amperage can't pass through the cooked minerals ( brown crap) . loosen up the crap and then the amperage goes up. try using distilled water the first time, everytime. you will have no good results doing this half way. the purpose of a pwm is to change the frequency and duration of the on off times. I understand people want to have science experiments and what not but you are all attacking my ocd in a bad way. get it together

CARLOS ALFONSO: hola soy Carlos de Ecuador congratulations also must be a didactic and understandable video to learn goes on gebte so we want to share your knowledge

Cliff Collins: so you have a battery charger (alternator) but your battery is still flat!!! and those leads wont carry anywhere near hat your trying to go

Cliff Collins: How are you getting Power though those leads??? I can only see a battery chargers leads and no battery feed The amount of Baking soda your feeding should be just about drawing I guess !00 Amps if it was my unit. this though comes to me because the voltage drop when you started the compressor. How good is your battery.
As for the stain try looping the return line down to a container on he floor then back up

Trinity is still my name: what I need to work on a direct current of 220 volts. I mean, you could use DIODA .  or TRANSISTOR,DIODE?
and what the AM and VOL The DIODA? Please

littlerupert1111: hydrogen is deep stuff, its the creation of all things if you dig deep enough, that "sludge" could be more important than you think aswell. I would recommend mr2tuff2 and SuspiciousObserver for more on hydrogen and the sun. love your work btw.

GypsyFrank: That's could be the gasket material used that is deteriorating with the chemical reactions. Try using neoprene for gasket material like I can see on another video,

Zeke Gilbert: So I got 5 minutes into this video, first off you need to use distilled water. Second you should measure your surface area of 1 plate into sq inches, then divide by half and that tells you how many amps you should put into it per 7plate system. That should help with the yellow build up. Koh will also help, baking soda actually creates a corrosive mixture.

Solomons Words: the tubing in the bag

Solomons Words: try using isopropyl alcohol 97% and hot water in a plastic bag and just shake

Nastrusnicu: @ObixMT KOH will kill you`re gasket

obix: @Nastrusnicu Yep, as it turns out some of it was do to the steel content of the stainless. In my case however it was the electrolyte I was introducing into the system. After cleaning the plates I tried distilled water with KOH and after 30+ hrs it was still crystal clear... KOH rocks!

obix: @Nastrusnicu Good point, however 75 amps is the max current the alternator is capable of providing, not what is necessarily being drawn from it. According to Ohm's law ( I = V / R ) if the battery was at 12 volts the resistance of the battery would have to be 0.16 ohms or less to draw the full 75 amps. A battery works much like a capacitor, the closer it is to it's full charge the higher it's resistance. That is why the amp draw goes down on a charger as the battery approaches full charge.

Nastrusnicu: If you connect the Generator directly to the battery with 75 AMPS ? Are those too mano amps?

Nastrusnicu: The problem you have it`s because of the steel quality. I have a friend that works with Steel and he thould me that If I use a High quality steel that's not gonna happen.

obix: @jdcproducts I wasn't sure either, how ever Bob Boyce talks quite a bit about it and also I found this video interesting, it pertains to testing your electrolyte. Do a YouTube search for "Myth or Truth, is Hexavalent Chromium in the Electrolyte". Thanks for the comment!

JdcProducts.com: I have the same issue with my cells ejecting flakes but was told it was just the "break" in of the cell. I just flushed the system about 4 times and now the water stays clean. I'm not sure what the flakes are, they don't seem to be iron because they are not affected by a magnet. Something someone should analyze to know for sure where its coming from.

HHO Dry Cell - 2 - Alternator Power Source 5 out of 5

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HHO Dry Cell - 2 - Alternator Power Source