Nikko Jeep Rubicon RC Car Review And Running Test

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Jose Ortiz: oyes amigo yo tengo un jeep igual al tuyo pero no tiene batería ni el control como lo puedo conseguir

Austin Drewery: hay where did you get this car

David Cook: Can any one tell me how to remove the tire and rim from a nikko spirit.

fredericlaflamme: for couple more bucks i can get a hobby grade rc

Lucio Parra: por eso era que el mio patinaba tanto en al piso, el mio es igual a ese pero tiene 3 velocidades,,, todavía no lo he utilizado en asfalto y tierra. lo tengo es de colección. estos autos son tiernos sea para chicos y tambien para adultos... esto es lo mio. me diran infantil. pero amo todo lo que sea a control. pero están caros, muy caros

piecnqueso: 280 motor

MrTanker10a: This little RUBICON is pretty stable. I was wondering when you were going to flip it. I have the WRANGLER version. I am getting to mount my new GoPro Camera in the back inside the protective bars.
Great driving!

TheGamingBaconator: I come here from Klay World

Kuki Dent: he Escobar...go eat some chilli...

emil granqvist: i have same jeep butt with militery grapichs and they are soooooo bad

airsoftasain1: 1. I'm not a old man currently I am 15 (i was around 13 when this review was done) 2. I had these RC vehicles since i was 8 (i would never buy a cheap RC car like this now) 3. I no longer use these cars anymore, I have handed them down to my younger sisters who absolutely love them. I hope i straightened things out for you!

Edison Escobar: you are a old man and you play with one toy for child ahahaha lol

cantstandzya: took my nikko to the bush the other day and damn so called friends yuppy jeep scalers jumped on my nikko and smashed it to bits. said they would buy me a new and now i got to wait a month or so for it to arrive in frikken mail.

vipersneak2: i have the same and my brother has a rc f150 but same product, and for 3 years old theyre running good, these trucks are amazing

Redcollection: mine have a turbo hummer police edition 1/10 scale and it goes 40-50 kiometers/ih

Redcollection: 1:10 scale

airsoftasain1: Yeah i know, alot of these are older products that i decided to pull out because i ran out of products to review. Today i would not buy anything like these.

Nathan Hartkopf: *sigh* with all of the cash you have spent on cheap rc's from walmart you could have bought a real hobby grade brushless truck or buggy that would get you 10 times the speed, 10 times the reliability and performance. And it would be made out of... dun dun dun dun... METAL! next time you feel like dropping any money on RC at a grocery store, put the cash in a jar marked "real RC car".

beastturtle24: get some team assoiced only 1000$

ROFLCOPTERS92: i had this SAME EXACT MODEL! mine i had for 5 years. its gone into RC HEAVEN now because i was driving it at top speed and it went too fast and i couldnt put the brakes on fast enough and the front end snapped and the body came off. this brand is actually ranked 8 in the top 10 toy car brands. very good rc vehicle. where can i get a Nikko vehicle now?

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Nikko Jeep Rubicon RC car review and running test 5 out of 5

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Nikko Jeep  Rubicon RC car review and running test
Nikko Jeep Rubicon RC car review and running test
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Nikko Jeep  Rubicon RC car review and running test