How To Replace The Water Pump In A 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

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Michael Mccracken: Do i really have to wait 24 hours for the ultra grey RTV to dry before i can put liquids in it and drive it??

Bryce Johnson: So I legit have like 60 bucks to fix my water pump, and have no access to this ft lbs measuring doo dad, or to new anything (aside from the water pump and the clutch fan kit). Is all the extra crap super important? Or can it wait a day or two until I get the money to get them?

Tom Strickland: The kits at the auto stores are not strong enough to break my fan clutch nut loose. I bought a 36 mm combo wrench and that did the trick. The by pass hose is the part you didn't talk about. I see why. My recommendation is to replace it as it is something you don't want to fail on the road. The brackets come off fairly easy. The 2001 Durango is set up a little different as the shroud is one piece and easier to remove. I also didn't have to remove the air cleaner assembly. Good video.

Gene Frye: Outstanding ! Fan clutch was a Biatch for me.

Lewis Finch: My fan clutch pulley did not have holes in it to use the wrench so I drilled a 1/4" hole in the face of the pulley where the belt rides (it was going to get thrown away any way) stuck a punch in the hole and 2 seconds later I had the fan off.

Krushim: Should have put RTV sealant on the return tube before sliding it back in and a little extra around the top after seated rather than just relying on the o-ring. Mine has it that way from the factory even. The book says to get to the thermostat housing tube by removing or moving the alternator....don't you think that would be a little safer and easier than messing with the compressor?

Daniel Fuller: Very helpfull video. I changed water pump this week using this vid!

Carlos Perez: this is well done, great vid

Daniel Loveall: I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 . I have a problem over heating just when I set fo awhile the temp goes above 200 degrees when I'm driving it's at 185-190 I have not noticed any antifreeze on ground could I still be water pump or thermostat sensor

Atul Modi: wish it could be done as fast as shown on the video , but what the heck , I thought the video was right on the money. Very very helpful. Thanks a lot guys.

fck the only thing missing is u: where the freak did those big holes comes from to hold the clutch fan on my ram they aren't even a 1/4" the upper radiator hose didn't have the stock hose clamp either.

u tuber: Good video thanks....

Flysooner9: you make it look so easy to break the clutch fan nut loose.

Russell Ealy: The Youtube is a great video. You may want to add the amount of gallons of anti freeze, the type of anti-freeze concentrate and water, versus 50/50. Last on dodge ram 1500, the removal of the water pump by way of a crow bar to dis-large from the frame support. Last, the type of clamps that is the best practice when installing the radiator hoses.

dennis joseph: Rented fan clutch tool kit from O'rielie's and only used huge flat wrench to tighten fan clutch to w/p hub. Great video, I cheated and used my cutting torch to remove the fan clutch from the old water pump. After trying for 45 minutes using the f/clutch tool kit. You can get the fan shroud off with the fan clutch still on by removing the 4 bolts holding the fan to it and moving the fan closer towards the engine. There's just enough room to remove the shroud and make life 100% easier. Then you have lots of room to "fight" removing the fan clutch. Up here in Michigan that nut is really frozen onto the w/pump hub. The f/clutch was the biggest headache of the entire job. I could only guess at tightening the new f/clutch nut to the correct torque. My 2001 Ram 5.2 has the reverse direction clutch, I bought the heavy duty clutch. So far so good, anyone know of a better tool to replace the fan clutch? There was now way to hold the w/pump hub while trying to turn the huge nut holding the f/clutch to the w/pump. The whole job took me 5 1/2 hours give or take a few minutes. It's not as horrible as it appears.. Good luck..

Joshua Sulwer: Is the fan clutch nut reverse threaded? I'm confused because you said you were under neath but it looked a lot like you were up top and you pulled the fan out the bottom in the same frame, or at least that is what I heard. Lol clarification please for the next guy, I've been wrenching hard both ways with no give and any harder and I'll break the water pump pulley holding bolts

Michaelle Cabrera: I have the same problem as Doug Montgomery where my coolant return tube had gasket sealer on it and now that I have everything installed I notice a seeping leak on the tube. I am replacing the o-ring today, any suggestions if I should put gasket sealer on the tube to ensure that it wont leak or should I trust the o-ring to do its job?

Jason McMillan: I own a 1998 Dodge 1500 5.9 L truck. Would you know if the water pump replacement would be a similar procedure?

rickwalkerjr: very helpful video, thanks for posting! i always use anti seize on all my bolts and radiator hoses, makes them slide right on or off even after many years.

Rick White: thanks for the video. I'm not mechanical and nothing is leaking or overheating so far

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How to Replace the Water Pump in a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500
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How to Replace the Water Pump in a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500