Iron Man 2 Amazing Interfaces And Holograms - The Ultimate Review (Part 1 Of 3)

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Felix Su: breakdown not brake (to slow) down.

Lord: i liked

Video Archive: The video has some deleted scenes and also test videos from Video Effects companies. All the holograms are obviously not real but I've seen recently some transparent LCD screens from Samsung.

Arun Saini: just imagine if you can play Black Ops 2 with that type of tech

rockhopper123452: iron man 3?

Veyron722skyhook: I wish these things were real. Love to have some of them in my own house.

Nicholas Hodgson: This guy....

chebz: 5:52 "Rendering periodic table" wtf its just a table why does it need to "render it"? XD

Video Archive: Good to hear such great news! I'd support you on croud-funding. Good luck!

Luka Cadež: depends on the studio

chebz: so much work on effects and so little on script. That movie was total crap compared to first one.

gamegrid12: 5:15 its actually spelled Vanko

Senopaty Adha: woooow.. amazing videos

ironmangrl08: I just had a techgasm!

Rony Bakale: that look hard to do

TheRMSAndre1: Some monitors are just plane glass that acts like a monitor, showing data n crap.

Musa Sulejmani: Okay sweetpea. :D

Alex Redbulling: were did get jarvis sistems

Video Archive: Same here. I wonder when someone cleverer than me will make an Android ROM out of that ;) Would be awesome.

deejaypile: HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!??!!?!

Jay Feng: I can't see the period table in the actual movie!

LadyDeadPooly: I want a laptop from Stark Technology with Jarvis voice on it!

Aletse Avila: Should i stay or should i go -clash

Arjun Raghavan: Not sure if trolling or really stupid...

VipKamaro: i dont understand.. what is that dark background and these scenes..

ironmac wade: every last hologram in this movie is fake

Musa Sulejmani: You do know steve jobs didn't make the iphone, he didn't even design it, he advertised it. he had little to NO contribution to the iphone.

joshtimasprime: no thats the date for captain america 2

Musa Sulejmani: So do I? I did what again?

dorian barrier: Lol are you serious

Cronosinfinity: S-Phone is the best one i believe.

Jw Smith: no sound

Seth Larcomb: 1:51 scarlett johanson... how did I not see her being put into the avengers...

blackhawk182: has amazing futuristic technology - still uses windows xp 1:17

TheRMSAndre1: This is why i love Iron man films...the thin glass technology n crap.

Rasky Mechatron: and a BenQ monitor

Video Archive: BTW, today's 5 sec. film: /watch?v=DcV0DJzrLA8 ;]

Video Archive: Neat. Just wanted the original source file to be left without interference.

Vincent Paul: wow

TheHolyMongolEmpire: This craps probably only 10 years away.

Emil Rosdam: what the hell was this?

Rich Valdéz: 07/23/2014 I FOUND THE DATE O_O

A2heRb: 3:41 ROFL

Kilon Alios: I am actually making an GUI API that will allow building futuristic GUIs like this with ease. Its part of my project "Ephestos" an effort to make coding alot more visual and to allow even clueless users to code with ease. When I have something concret I will upload it on youtube.

pocde3456: if you see in minute 5:51 sale the plans of mark VII cool :)

Sharpclawasaurus: BEST. COFFEE TABLE. EVAR.

Troy Parker: ironmangrI08 me to. This stuff is awesome.

jayp28: imagine getting hologram pop-ups from your 'boring work stuff' folder'

Rich Valdéz: I don't know.... (rapid breathing) I feel like if I can conquer the world....yes I'll do dat!! I'll conquer the world..... I'll do it... yess..yesss that's what I'm going to do.. I got the date... I got the date... yes... I got it... I got it.....yeees......

greedgard101: why is there no audio?

Iron Man 2 Amazing interfaces and holograms - The Ultimate Review (Part 1 of 3) 4.9 out of 5

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Iron Man 2 Amazing interfaces and holograms - The Ultimate Review (Part 1 of 3)