How To Color Epoxy Resin For Jewelry Making.

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stan: Thanks for the clip! I also use two-part epoxy resin, name brand Envirotex-Lite, for portraying water effects on dioramas. I wanted to model mud effects, and needed to know if my supply of powdered pigments in the rust range can be added to resin. An internet search brought up your clip. Will give it a try. The only difference that I see is that my pigments are oxides and earth-sourced, but should not be critical; as long as tinting occurs and the product cures without the dreaded soft spots. Thanks StandOut. - Stan in So.Cal.

Erin Shelton: I know the mechanism for the chem reaction!! WOOHOO for orgo!!

It's Cute: @MomoxDLicious22 Yes.

MomoxDLicious22: Can you use makeup pigments ??? Pls reply ;)

Cristin Rose: What happens if you mix the color when you are mixing the resin to begin with? Will it mess up the process? I guess I'm asking because I am scared to stir too much so I do not get a lot of air bubbles (;

ausetkmt: Heres a few suggestions - stirring in ONE Direction helps to prevent bubbles. also allowing the mix to sit for a few minutes before you pour also allows bubbles to pop. otherwise, blow on the surface with warm breath or a hair dryer to remove bubbles

Awhhs: Hi, omg, your vids are AMAZING :) does resin have any strong odours or anything?

CaelanCatx: Can you just add acrylic apint?

jadacoversonful: Where did u get the Molds from

Adriana Ramos: And once u add the resin u just let it sit??

HKlover23: AWESOME tutorial . . !~ can you make a video for people who are beginners for resin like me PLEASE ^-^ that would help alot :]

danzr31585: Why do u have to use liquid color AND powder?

danzr31585: What kinda camera do u use?

Megan Bush: I am going to have to try your paint on silicone mold builder. Check out They have a great resin section of molds and colorings.

AdamarisCraftsss: I've been wanting that mother of pearl stuff. I think its a buffing powder, it works pretty well. What I do though is I brush the powder onto the actual mold with a soft paintbrush then pour in the resin and the shimmer sticks to the outside of the piece and makes it more pearl like.

mel180574: @1StandOut1 ur soo welcome i just love ur vids they r soooo great and my birthday is in september to wat day is urs?????

It's Cute: @mel180574 Thank you so much.

mel180574: I LUV UR VIDS they r sooo awesome ur sooooo creative i love wat u dooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Cute: @claymaker09 Um yeah. Lol Just playin.

It's Cute: @BlowPopCharms141 I will.

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How To Color Epoxy Resin for Jewelry Making. 5 out of 5

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How To Color Epoxy Resin for Jewelry Making.