Mauser C96 Broomhandle

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Iron Fly: with a oliver in your month?

Jacob Strader: Actually it does matter how he handles the gun it's basic gun safety. It does matter if its unloaded or loaded. You obviously need to learn more about gun safety as well as he does. People accidentally kill themselves cause they don't know what they are doing. It's not an opinion it's a fact. 

Unacknowlaged: is this one automatic? i know that some of them are.

m1garand44: @XLedZeppZoSoX Hahaha I had the recoil spring guid at about 1 cm under my eye lol. That's why now I always put protection glasses.

gomann64: i freaking love the Mauser, its just such a cool gun. plus the name is just badass.

KnotWYou: You always ALWAYS treat a pistol as if its loaded, take a gun safty class kid!

B Dup: You've got collector pseudo

Manfred Diedrich: were do i buy one from and how much

m1garand44: @AndreHiltre I wonder how a someone could marry a person like you.

menju32: How could you get a Mauser C96 as a 13 year old ?

chernobylexploder: it looks like he is trying to force the hammer back in unfired position

sasquatch440: get your greasy little cheeto hands off your dads stuff!!

Ray Finkle: hay you have to be 21 to own a handgun so you should stop playing with your dads pistols

flyboy0920: are thous blanks

ChevyAdrian1: there may be video game talk but at least it's RE4 and not MW2 whoo very nice gun indeed

TheRaiders345: ur way too young dude i handle my first gun when i was 18 for military school rifles m1 BE CAREFUL

jordan kan: its a pretty collectable and in my opinin collectable gun. the only pistol i know that loads like a bolt action rifle. HATERS STOP HATING. dam...

m1garand44: freaking spammers

Xephrocrsith: @ROFLX4X this comment deserves a beer!

m1garand44: @menju32 It was not mine's lol all of the guns are owned by my father... And now i'm 16...

banditthetheif: who freaking cares how old he is. I was just paying attention to the gun in the video not the kid.

m1garand44: @n00buler89 Well Switzerland.

AK47vsAK74: the mausr c96 is the most beatiful pistol ever made, even though it is as old as it is, and i personally dont like older style guns, the only two older style guns i like are the M1 Garand and Mauser C96, and i still dont think any modern pistols have come even close to looking more beatiful! great gun, dont ever get rid of it!

m1garand44: @mrlegohumor I was maybe wrong I guess :0 Im 17.

XLedZeppZoSoX: I hate it when it comes in my eye... But very nice gun.

m1garand44: @AndreHiltre Hahahah why should I be repulsive to women dumbass? I don't care of what you did in your youth. Just stop freaking spamming my videos.

ichireaper123: Jesus christ shut the freak up people He can handle his gun however he wants to handle it. Its none of your goddam business. loaded or unloaded whether he keeps his finger on the trigger or he puts the barrel in his freaking mouth. If you think its important than you do it dont force your opinions on others.

m1garand44: Yes, Ma'am.

ralikdiver: Nice piece. Take good care of it. I would love to get one of those myself.

alexmini123: they couldve made this gun the most revolutionary gun ever made cus of the way its loaded you could have longer bullets with piercing ammo instead of stupid 9 mm

maplecreek662: you sound like a idiot

Carlo Rizzuti: one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, lmao

Verdunveteran: Very interesting video! But pleas, don't have your finger on the trigger unless you actually are about to fire the gun! Even if the weapon is not loaded you should never have the finger on the trigger. Just some basic gun saftey :) Very good video though!

J HNV.: @HollowedForest you can get chinease veirson of these guns now im not saying you should, but they are very cool looking pistols

MrJp990: lol the gun tried 2 eat ur finger XD

laura hartley: I want it

m1garand44: @Arjetube Here, in my country, we don't have the habit to do this kind of things. So shut up. I hate your type of people, judging without knowing anything.

MrSV996: Exactly how hard is it to find an original Mauser C96, Walther P38, or the famous Luger P08?

KnotWYou: If you really knew how to handle pistols you wouldnt constently have your finger on the triger.

m1garand44: Hahahaha yeah! German guns are really well made.

m1garand44: @AndreHiltre Two questions for you miss: 1. Are you jealous that germans had better guns than your ginger freaking country? 2. Are you frustrated that no one girl (or boy) wants you? 2. Sionists will probably kick your little pudding ass before you kill them. :)

texasdustfart: yes the stock was also the holster

bunnymansp: you didnt hear about the watching your fingers on those

lilperch64: its the first pistol that isnt a muzzle loader or a revolver lol so yeah its not even plose to the first pistol

soolerman: Mate the Chinese made C96 variants from the late 1910’s till the mid 60’s. Some types of the C96 are only of Chinese origin. The gun is, as you rightly state, German. But in China it is seen as a bit of a national icon.

baronofcheese: @sondre163 Why not? The c96 is a beautiful gun.

2boredfortv: I shot my first gun when I was 2, a smith+wesson 9mm, eat that.

billtamer: where the hell do you get these guns? and at your age no doubt?

Kenneth Chan: @johncenawwe10 haha its nineteen sixteen you say it in two numbers haha but nice gun

Jaime Noveno: please respond what is the width of the gun trying to settle a bet

Mauser C96 Broomhandle 3.7 out of 5

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Mauser C96 Broomhandle