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fordpickupguy2001: Lots of extra room there and kinda wasted space. I would have included a portable j pole or other antenna besides that mobile magnetic base. You could then cut out about 2 pounds or so of weight. Also get rid of the fan and find a radio with a fan build in that would save weight and space also. Not really a need for lights in there I wouldn't think. Also a D-star radio and HF rig would be good, though I think I heard you say you were getting one. But all in all a good start.

jokewallpaper: Wheels, I agree. I looked at the Gator box with wheels but the additional cost was not something I wanted to spend on. The drawer I also thought about, but the additional weight the drawer added to the box was not worth it.

CanAmQ8: nice job 73 de 9K2LT

n4ktz: Really need wheels and a drawer. Those 2 things make boxes much more practical.

helipilot727: Not efficient

cmrusna97: Where did you get the rackmount shelves for this case? N3CMR

Marcio Rampazo: very good that your box, I live in Brazil and I'm designing a season like yours. my congratulations

Funkerfilme DK zwo NDR: Very interesting video, thank you, many greetings from Germany. dk2ndr German amateur radio movie / B13 der film

Laban Johnson: 50 miles on 5 watts?

radiosification: Why do you think CW is one of the best modes for emergencies? I personally think it would be far to slow compared to voice.

ScotticusZ: Hey Steve! Go box looks great -- you gave me some ideas once I had mine done. I'm using an 8U gator box, probably a little heavier than yours but I think it's got some tricks you'll like. I posted the intro to my build as a video response -- check it out, see what you think. I REALLY like your idea for an integrated mag mount ground plane so I did that myself. Take care, my man. Well done.

jokewallpaper: I'm in Indiana and got the sheet metal at the hardware store called Menards. It cost $7. I don't have an HF radio yet. Did pass my 13wpm test back when I was first licensed in the mid 90's but did not stick with it, so a key would not be a good addition for me. Will check out your go box.

Daniel Freeman: What about making the whole box metal, then you would already have a faraday box? Do you think that would work? I thought your Go Box was awesome looking. I'm thinking ahead.

ThePauperPrepper: I have seen ALLOT of Go Box Videos. You have come up with some great new ideas (at least new to me) Love the steel plate in the lid. Cant believe that no one that I have seen thought of that one. Also didnt know about the "U" model Rig Runner. Great idea. And love the Light Panel. A very nice clean job that is ready to go to work. Some guys do get a bit gung ho w/ Power Eating , yet unnecessary accs. You have not. Add that HF Rig & U R Done! Job Well Done! 73 de KB3VEW

Lambda25: Looks like a lot of wasted space to me. And no integral battery either. So it's not a fully self contained system...

jokewallpaper: YouTube won't let me put links in the comment section. If you scroll up to the video description there is a link to kf9za-kremer-com-gobox that is a web page with a complete list of materials with links. I got the box at Sweetwater Audio. A link is on the page.

vaughnburrows: What is the dimensions for the 22 guage steel cut out? Thanks

jokewallpaper: The extra space around the radios was intentional for three reasons. If the box is dropped the space helps to absorb the shock and transfer it to the equipment. The additional space allows for storage of 50' of coax and AC extension cord. The main reason for the space is for heat dissipation. In an emergency situation the radios may need to operate on high power for a long time generating a lot of heat. Air space means cooling.

ohgary1: very nice.. I have a similar case with an icom 706, but like some of your mountings better than mine. Thanks for the video.

Richard Morris: I think this design is brilliant! Excellent job and video!

Daniel Freeman: I am in Fremont, what vendor access do you use for solar?

MrJaylassiter: Nice!

SolarSteveUSA: Get with me So Cal if you have any solar questions...I'm in Nor Cal and I have vendor access.

pockets264: Where did you get the box?

irishbrew101: What a great presentation of your go box. Very clearly shown and described and even a well done material list WITH vendors. Excellent video....... Thanks

jokewallpaper: I was wrong with my estitmate of 50 miles. According to Google maps the repeater is 36.4 miles from my house. That's driving directions, not as the crow flies. The video doesn't show that the strength was only a 1 on the scale @ 5W, plus I didn't get a signal report from anyone. The repeater is the MARC repeater in Johnson County Indiana at 940 ft. You Tube won't let me link to the site, but you can Google MARC Indiana and click on the repleater link.

afirdaus068: Neat and simple design. Good job!

n4ktz: Where did you get the 22 gauge steel for the inside of your lid. I have built a go box also(under this user name if you would like to see it)so maybe you can get some ideas to. I am adding a battery system for emergency and both a straight key and iambic key for morse code. Dont know if you do any CW but for emergency it is one of the best modes! 73 Steven

jokewallpaper: The steel cutout is 18" by 11".

jokewallpaper: Plus, The box was not meant to be fully contained. The battery is carried separately. The box is already 30 lbs. A self contained battery would have made it too heavy to carry easily.

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Amateur Radio Go Box - Ham Radio ARES - RACES
Amateur Radio Go Box - Ham Radio ARES - RACES
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Amateur Radio Go Box - Ham Radio ARES - RACES