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State 48 Street Rods: Thanks for the video. Would like to see a write up or video on the portable antenna you had on the camera tripod.

kd5you1: I use pigtails on mine as well. It's especially helpful on my Yaesu FT-2800 where the antenna connector is very deep under the heat sink.

Clecy Conner: Do you have battery? Which do you use?

Vern Six: Love the layout. You helped me decide what size GatorBox to buy! I appreciate the video very much. 73 de KV5SIX

Arnold Ruiz: Joke Great vid and great job on go box. I would like to do something similar using a Kenwood TM710G and a KX3 complete with Pan (waterfall) adapter. I'd like to mimic your GoBox.. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated... N2YDC

WickManDoo: Here's mine (finally finished - mostly):

Anthony Picciano: This is exactly the specific recommendations I have been looking for. What would you update if you were building this in 2016? My goal is to build 4 or 5 of these for our group.

Lance Homer: Any thoughts about doing this with a 6U shallow vs the full depth?

WickManDoo: I liked your basic structure, so I copied the general layout for my own go-box, with the exception of a laptop rack drawer on the bottom 1U, and the addition of a custom back plate and cooling fans. It's fully VHF and HF all-mode capable through the laptop and a Signalink USB, and it has bandpass filtering on all bands for field use at contest sites. - KK6L

kylemc1979: Love this setup. Going to use alot of the ideas for my HF rig setup. My only suggestion for you, is to replace the ziptie around your 1/2 wrench with a piece of velcro. That way you don't have to cut the zip tie every time you need to tighten or loosen a nut.

imperialfleet1: This is a really great setup. Thanks for the ideas.

fordpickupguy2001: Lots of extra room there and kinda wasted space. I would have included a portable j pole or other antenna besides that mobile magnetic base. You could then cut out about 2 pounds or so of weight. Also get rid of the fan and find a radio with a fan build in that would save weight and space also. Not really a need for lights in there I wouldn't think. Also a D-star radio and HF rig would be good, though I think I heard you say you were getting one. But all in all a good start.

CanAmQ8: nice job
73 de 9K2LT

cmrusna97: Where did you get the rackmount shelves for this case? N3CMR

JokeWallpaper: Wheels, I agree.  I looked at the Gator box with wheels but the additional cost was not something I wanted to spend on.  The drawer I also thought about, but the additional weight the drawer added to the box was not worth it.

9mmsteve: Really need wheels and a drawer.  Those 2 things make boxes much more practical.

flgliderpilot: Not efficient

Marcio Rampazo: very good that your box, I live in Brazil and I'm designing a season like yours. my congratulations

Ham Radio DK2NDR: Very interesting video, thank you,
many greetings from Germany.
German amateur radio movie / B13 der film

JokeWallpaper: Plus, The box was not meant to be fully contained. The battery is carried separately. The box is already 30 lbs. A self contained battery would have made it too heavy to carry easily.

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Amateur Radio Go Box - Ham Radio ARES - RACES