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Clecy Conner: Do you have battery? Which do you use?

Vern Six: Love the layout. You helped me decide what size GatorBox to buy! I appreciate the video very much. 73 de KV5SIX

Arnold Ruiz: Joke Great vid and great job on go box. I would like to do something similar using a Kenwood TM710G and a KX3 complete with Pan (waterfall) adapter. I'd like to mimic your GoBox.. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated... N2YDC

WickManDoo: Here's mine (finally finished - mostly):

Anthony Picciano: This is exactly the specific recommendations I have been looking for. What would you update if you were building this in 2016? My goal is to build 4 or 5 of these for our group.

Lance Homer: Any thoughts about doing this with a 6U shallow vs the full depth?

WickManDoo: I liked your basic structure, so I copied the general layout for my own go-box, with the exception of a laptop rack drawer on the bottom 1U, and the addition of a custom back plate and cooling fans. It's fully VHF and HF all-mode capable through the laptop and a Signalink USB, and it has bandpass filtering on all bands for field use at contest sites. - KK6L

kylemc1979: Love this setup. Going to use alot of the ideas for my HF rig setup. My only suggestion for you, is to replace the ziptie around your 1/2 wrench with a piece of velcro. That way you don't have to cut the zip tie every time you need to tighten or loosen a nut.

imperialfleet1: This is a really great setup. Thanks for the ideas.

fordpickupguy2001: Lots of extra room there and kinda wasted space. I would have included a portable j pole or other antenna besides that mobile magnetic base. You could then cut out about 2 pounds or so of weight. Also get rid of the fan and find a radio with a fan build in that would save weight and space also. Not really a need for lights in there I wouldn't think. Also a D-star radio and HF rig would be good, though I think I heard you say you were getting one. But all in all a good start.

CanAmQ8: nice job
73 de 9K2LT

cmrusna97: Where did you get the rackmount shelves for this case? N3CMR

jokewallpaper: Wheels, I agree.  I looked at the Gator box with wheels but the additional cost was not something I wanted to spend on.  The drawer I also thought about, but the additional weight the drawer added to the box was not worth it.

9mmsteve: Really need wheels and a drawer.  Those 2 things make boxes much more practical.

flgliderpilot: Not efficient

Marcio Rampazo: very good that your box, I live in Brazil and I'm designing a season like yours. my congratulations

Ham Radio DK2NDR: Very interesting video, thank you,
many greetings from Germany.
German amateur radio movie / B13 der film

jokewallpaper: Plus, The box was not meant to be fully contained. The battery is carried separately. The box is already 30 lbs. A self contained battery would have made it too heavy to carry easily.

jokewallpaper: The extra space around the radios was intentional for three reasons. If the box is dropped the space helps to absorb the shock and transfer it to the equipment. The additional space allows for storage of 50' of coax and AC extension cord. The main reason for the space is for heat dissipation. In an emergency situation the radios may need to operate on high power for a long time generating a lot of heat. Air space means cooling.

Lambda25: Looks like a lot of wasted space to me. And no integral battery either. So it's not a fully self contained system...

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Amateur Radio Go Box - Ham Radio ARES - RACES 5 out of 5

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Amateur Radio Go Box - Ham Radio ARES - RACES