Real WWE Ring Used Smackdown Tag Team Championship Title Wrestling Belt JMar

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Kenton Wrestling: Nice dude I like this you now have a new subscriber

Mr Linkinpark94: hi im from switzerland and my question on you is:

where do you buy this belt and how much it costs? thx :)

Stephen Rodriguez: how did u get that

JohnCenaChannal: Belt was sold a while back.

Yourfriendbradley: Would you sell?

Travis Paterson: Your so damn rich

james carters: How much would the sell for

NC Higgz: How come you guys are saying there is no resale value in figs belts? I have bought and sold them, and never lost a penny. The least amount of profit I've made is $20

DAPDave: Cool videos. But please turn up your mic.

naniyamomma811: im so goddamn jealous of you right now O_O my favorite belt design by far.

Justin Tran: awesome belt, im just want to know where did you get it at and how much was it because i would love to get one

10richjones: Its actually not "made in china" it's a real hand made belt by JMAR

AJP102: If you EVER decide to sell this, tell me first because i will buy it in a heartbeat.

BeltFanDan: @devilkid256 Ring used WWE belts usually go for $3,500 to $12,000 depending on the belt, who held them, when it was used, etc.

BeltFanDan: @TommyRanson I saw your videos. They look good releathered, but understand there is no resale value in Fig Inc replica belts, especially releathered ones. If you plan on keeping them forever, that is fine, but you will not be able to get the money back that you spent when you try to sell them. Real belts and ring used belts not only keep their value, but gain value over time. Always a good investment.

Tommy: Love it. I would do A LOT of things to own something like this. I would give up my whole collection just for one ring used belt. If you could check out my videos dan and give some opinions on my collection id be much appreciative. Tommy.

The Original Wilson: @BeltFanDan looks like i'm going to this forum! how much do the ring used belts go ususally for?

BeltFanDan: @devilkid256 Numerous ring used belts are sold on the forum or among a certain group of private collectors. Most I cannot post. I do post the few I can.

BeltFanDan: @Cenation1994 This is the real ring used belt made by JMar, not a toy replica copy.

The Original Wilson: how did you get a hold of this belt?

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Real WWE Ring Used Smackdown Tag Team Championship Title Wrestling Belt JMar