Jinhao 159 Review

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xsvalbardx: Stephen, I bought a Jinhao 159, and i can not believe what i got. Writes like a 1000 dollars pen. You can do a lot of flexing writing and the flow is great, really a GREAT PEN!

Tyrone Walker: Saw them on Amazon, I'd like to get a roller ball unit.

Bieber Ninja: I don't know,did you weigh this? you said it's heavy,maybe I missed it

Yiyin ICP: Jinhao in China is actually considered as students & teachers pen. especially Jinhao X450 i remember my math teacher from high school always grade my exam with it...not a good memory haha

Bodah Christiansen: I was really pleased to see that you reviewed this pen.  I bought one about a year ago and liked it very much and then I bought a Goulet 1.1mm stub nib for another pen and on a whim tried it in the 159.  It really made this pen beautiful to write with. A month or so ago I noticed that my middle finger was picking up ink from where I was resting it on the section at the top of the ring above the nib.  It seems there is a small leak where the hardware and the metal fit together.  It doesn't keep me from writing with it every week or two because I always have ink on my hands anyway, but it was kind of a bummer to find that there was an actual flaw in this very inexpensive (cheap) pen that I was so amazed by.  Other than that this has been a real surprise in terms of quality and reliability and with the Goulet nib it competes with many of my much more expensive pens.
By the way, I really appreciate all of the knowledge I've gained by watching your reviews.  Thank you for all of the effort you obviously put forth.

FORMETOKNOWONLY: I purchased this pen based in part on this review...good review, but my experience with this pen is different.  IMHO the performance of the 159 is crap (it's a real shame the pen doesn't perform as well as it looks and feels).  As an aside the converter for these pens I really don't care for.  Think I will stick with piston fillers.  I am still new to fountain pens and still prefer the Noodler line of pens(I purchased two Konrads and they both perform well  and I REALLY LIKE THEM).

I think my next piston-filler purchase will be a TWSBI.

bretmaples: That is a very beautiful ink!

Citizen Smith: so, how would you rank this for standard writing vs a Serwex/FPR pen and vs a Noodler's Ahab/Konrad/Creaper?  

ScottyDoh: is that a twist cap (threaded)?

Citizen Smith: I wonder if there is lead or anything else toxic mixed in with Jinhao pens to cut costs... Considering many Chinese factories manage to evade safety regulations... :S

Glenn Higley: I am really liking my 159 - especially at the price.  I love my cheap and cheerful Chinese pens.  And Stephens videos of course, but who doesn't?

Michael S: Hello Stephen, love your reviews. I love writing with oversized pens such as the Jinhao 159 and Laban Mento. Curious of other oversized pens you may know of.

P.S. Please do a review on the Laban Mento.

Bireswar Das: Nice review. Do you think these cartridge converters will works with this pen http://bit.ly/1nIkUP2 ?

iolaosgr: i found  it at aliexpress china  for 5.99 usd free shiping!ive ordered 2 of them!

ingenerare: Wonderful pen.  I have the 159 fountain pen and roller ball pens in my pocket in court (in case the fountain pen runs out I can use the roller ball).  I have had only one problem in that I posted the cap and it popped off the back and I had to pick it off the floor.  Now I don't post the cap.  

ahmadaamer6: You should try out the Hero 760! Greate Pen with a good amount of heft. Good price as well. Cost only £21.60 + £2.89 for shipping on Amazon! Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Luxury-Hero-Golden-Fountain-Original/dp/B00CJ6MGFA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1389109672&sr=8-2&keywords=Hero+760

Christian Rocha: Excelent review, awesome pen -- excepting for what Jay Pulli related here. I had feeding problems with this pen too.

After writing half of a page or sketching for 10 minutes, the ink just stopped. Checked the conversor, it was ok, ink level also ok. The breather hole was wet, there was ink on it. The tip was perfect. The slit had that appropriate V shape. But the ink wasn't flowing through the slit... Perhaps there's a problem with the feeder, but after disassembling the whole pen, I couldn't find any problem with the feeder -- apparently it was ok too.

After shaking the pen a couple times, it's working again, but, of course, that's not an acceptable procedure to make a good pen work.

Any suggestion? Any tip? Thanks in advance. And best regards from Brazil.

Rosario Di Rubbo: Can someone send the ignorant who placed the subtitling back to school, please?

Arun nurA: Trivia: Here in India, we have the "Pierre Cardin: Masterpiece" http://www.ebay.in/itm/PIERRE-CARDIN-Masterpiece-Glossy-Black-Fountain-Pen-New-/360258082348. It too seems to be inspired by the 149. In stores we get it for less than $10 (equiv). It comes with a broad nib and it's butter smooth and just absolutely a delight to use. A light weight metal body and so on. It has a two tone nib that has some etching. Cheers! great buy.

ingenerare: I ordered a Jinhao 159 fountain pen off of amazon.com and by mistake the seller in China sent the roller ball version (he is sending the fountain pen now and told me to keep the rollerball free) the rollerball is very smooth.  It seems that Jinhao makes rollerball cartridges to fit the Mont Blanc pens as well.

Jinhao 159 Review 5 out of 5

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Jinhao 159 Review
Jinhao 159 Review
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Jinhao 159 Fountain Pen Review
Jinhao 159 Fountain Pen Review

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Jinhao 159 Review