Jinhao 159 Review

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ingenerare: Wonderful pen. I have the 159 fountain pen and roller ball pens in my pocket in court (in case the fountain pen runs out I can use the roller ball). I have had only one problem in that I posted the cap and it popped off the back and I had to pick it off the floor. Now I don't post the cap. 

Bireswar Das: Nice review. Do you think these cartridge converters will works with this pen http://bit.ly/1nIkUP2 ?

ahmadaamer6: You should try out the Hero 760! Greate Pen with a good amount of heft. Good price as well. Cost only £21.60 + £2.89 for shipping on Amazon! Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Luxury-Hero-Golden-Fountain-Original/dp/B00CJ6MGFA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1389109672&sr=8-2&keywords=Hero+760 

Arun nurA: Trivia: Here in India, we have the "Pierre Cardin: Masterpiece" http://www.ebay.in/itm/PIERRE-CARDIN-Masterpiece-Glossy-Black-Fountain-Pen-New-/360258082348. It too seems to be inspired by the 149. In stores we get it for less than $10 (equiv). It comes with a broad nib and it's butter smooth and just absolutely a delight to use. A light weight metal body and so on. It has a two tone nib that has some etching. Cheers! great buy.

Rosario Di Rubbo: Can someone send the ignorant who placed the subtitling back to school, please?

Christian Rocha: Excelent review, awesome pen -- excepting for what Jay Pulli related here. I had feeding problems with this pen too. After writing half of a page or sketching for 10 minutes, the ink just stopped. Checked the conversor, it was ok, ink level also ok. The breather hole was wet, there was ink on it. The tip was perfect. The slit had that appropriate V shape. But the ink wasn't flowing through the slit... Perhaps there's a problem with the feeder, but after disassembling the whole pen, I couldn't find any problem with the feeder -- apparently it was ok too. After shaking the pen a couple times, it's working again, but, of course, that's not an acceptable procedure to make a good pen work. Any suggestion? Any tip? Thanks in advance. And best regards from Brazil.

ingenerare: I ordered a Jinhao 159 fountain pen off of amazon.com and by mistake the seller in China sent the roller ball version (he is sending the fountain pen now and told me to keep the rollerball free) the rollerball is very smooth. It seems that Jinhao makes rollerball cartridges to fit the Mont Blanc pens as well.

Jake Coventry: At one point, if you are able to find one at a decent price, would it be possible for you to get and review a baoer 388? It's an imitation parker sonnet.

Steve Crane: I haven't tried that but I will, thanks.

sbrebrown: No, flush it out first. Ink from the cartridge will be in the feed, which will ruin the colour of the bottled ink.

sbrebrown: It's the metal finish that gives it a nice, robust feel, I think.

sbrebrown: Once you start to go down the Way of the Pen, it will dominate your destiny forever :-). Yes, good idea to wait for pens after receiving a shipment - if that works :-).

C40: I like this pen. It is easy to switch the nib to other #6 nibs. (Goulet, Knox K35, etc.). I think the feed is very nice for the money - and it works much better for nib switching than the Ahab I have (and the Ahab feels much cheaper overall)

trexxxy: Hello! I realized that a Jinhao pen with the serwex flex nib is awesome. It's beautiful and it works very well. Try it if you want. :) (I used a Jinhao 155 for that)

bighousebobby: I have a large family and plenty of bills to go along with that. I've been wanting a MB 149 for quite some time, but I really cannot justify the 810 bucks. However, your video has convinced me that I can own the next best thing. So I just ordered the 159 for 9.95 complete. I can't wait to get my BIG FAT CHINESE PEN. Thanks brother for a great review and demo.

Bawssmane23: If you had to choose between this pen and the x450, which would you recommend?

trexxxy: Another question: Which brand would you recommend for calligraphy which is cheap, but still good enought? That would be my first calligraphy nib. Thank you.

sbrebrown: The short answer is, yes, the ink will run out, but the two colours will mix, which can be quite ugly.

sbrebrown: Yes, that's quite possible :-).

sbrebrown: Except it's not gold coloured.

DaiReborn: I hope it helps. Lots of people love their Ahabs but it's definitely a pen intended to be tinkered with.

bighousebobby: Just got mine in the mail. I noticed my nib does not have the carriage on it or does it say 18 kg. I have seen this style nib on a website before. Nice design though and it just Jinhao on it. As for the pen, it's a monster and I love it. I inked it with PR black. Writes smooth and even. Feels great in my fat paws. Botton line: I got a great pen after watching this great review from a great reviewer. Thanks again my inky fingered friend.

sbrebrown: Yes, the seller won't have to pay Ebay for shipping.

sbrebrown: Hope you'll like it as much as I do!

Avinash Chandra: There is a guy in Texas (US), who gets these pens, QC's them, adjusts nibs and then sells them.

sbrebrown: Yes, I like these pens!

sbrebrown: Get a Pilot Parallel pen. Those are inexpensive and of high quality.

dleuk87: Just bought one for 7,33€. Two weeks until it is in Germany, looking forward to it. :-)

Jay Pulli: Purchased one on ebay and it arrived from China in 10 days. After unpacking, ran some Perfect Pen Flush through it to clean out any mfgr residuals. Filled it with Waterman Florida Blue. Wouldn't write at all. Dipped the nib back in the ink bottle to wet the feed and then it wrote fine. For four days. Today it stopped completely. Can't get any flow. Hmm, not reliable enough for work. Bad feed? No idea. Any suggestions?

bsspsyd: I'm beginning to encounter playback issues with your video clips; they stop unexpectedly way before the end of your videos. It may be the provider setting a limit on data usage but that is not suppose to happen with Sprint. The iphone on wi-fi mode allowed me to listen to your pen reviews at bedtime and allowed me to listen to them without having to be stuck to the computer.

sbrebrown: Oh, bugger - now you've shown me a site I didn't know yet that sells pen brands I haven't sampled yet :-).

Andrew Fowler: Have you reviewed any of the Kurve fountain pens? Interested if they are worth purchasing. Thanks for putting these videos out - very helpful for newbs!

pal180: Thanks for the video. I purchased one of these pens and it's certainly not a bad pen at all for the price (10$ CAD). I also noticed that the convertor did not draw up ink through the nib. I had to draw up ink through the convertor directly. Still, given the price and the feel/nib, a good deal overall.

Jackie Diaz: My one concern: The toil of the ultra cheap sweat shops which probably make the pen. I do not mean to be a wet blanket, but I sort of shudder at the thought.

sbrebrown: Yes, that would be interesting!

Karl Bach: i want one of these pens

sbrebrown: Mine does draw up ink through the nib, but the converter-directly-into-the-bottle technique also works quite well, of course. The advantage of it is that it allows you to keep the feed and nib clean of ink.

mikethenascarfan: So I can buy 600+ of these pens for the price of one montblanc. Interesting. I think I would still like the montblanc. it would feel like you are writing with Hamburg Royalty as opposed to just another mass produced chinese copyright infringement pen.

Jay Pulli: I disassembled it, cleaned the feed as you suggested, refilled it, this time with my go to ink, PR DC Electric Blue. Writes great. Who knows if the feed will choke up again, only time will tell. The scientist in me wants to model the physics of the feed and optimize the design. Which is what I imagine pen makers have been doing for 100 years via trial and error.

Mike Rivera: Thanks for another fine review. I've owned this pen for about six months and I'm always impressed how nice it writes and how well made it is for the price. I also have a MB 146 and bought this to see how I might like a 149 in terms of size, prior to spending the money. I'm so impressed, I haven't needed to buy the 149 ... yet. Thanks again. - Mike

sbrebrown: You're welcome!

sbrebrown: Yes, I would appreciate a video!

sbrebrown: These are surprisingly nice pens. Obviously, they don't rival the Montblanc prestige, but the 159 is actually made of metal, not of plastic :-).

sbrebrown: Some of these Chinese pens are quite nice. I'm glad you like this pen!

sbrebrown: Indeed, just give it a run and see what happens!

SirPhilosophiae: $0,99? Where? The cheaper is 7,8 in ebay :( Sorry for my poor English.

sbrebrown: I think these are pretty robust pens, pleasant to use.

totalmalfunction: i love your humor, with the "fat chinese pen" :D after this review i'll probably order one

dleuk87: I think the logo of Jinhao on the clip is not a cherry! It is a horse and two people on a vehicle.

Shun Prince: They are not actually cost 0.99,the retail price is 4$ indeed(without box). I ask the seller who sell it for 0.99 on ebay is that possible using a china postage to send it to me(which is only 0.3usd)and send it to hong kong,and i 've got freaked up badly. Clearly the price is included in the shipping.

Jinhao 159 Review 4.9 out of 5

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Jinhao 159 Review
Jinhao 159 Review
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Jinhao 159 Review