Set Yourself Free From Cable TV

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mike m: You are the best of all.   Thanks M.M.

TheMulekews: just settle with youtubeit has an enormus variety of videos uploaded by contnt creators whos only purpose is to make the viewers happy.

JoeNobody010101: PC to TV is WAY better than ANY antenna. Not convinced? Check out my channel, it's the first video that loads right up. Trust me, it'll knock your socks off! I have EVERY Movie and EVERY TV Show that EVER existed PLUS all of the future ones as-well. The best part is, not one of them has to be downloaded to be viewed. Just check it out, you'll see ~

waterwixxxer: Investigate spotify free version for music. It is Napster. Brought back to life. The music industry's worst nightmare. Easily available. Do it! Then pay for what you love if you can or it will go away.

waterwixxxer: For some strange reason I put all of this information into a yahoo comment and yahoo would not post my comment. They must have media ties. It seems to be posting just fine here to youtube. But what I've said is something that about 30% of everyone right now knows already I think. Still good to spread the word. I liked your video. I wish I could make some youtube videos. I'm thinking of maybe making some boardgame review videos soon. We'll see.

waterwixxxer: The cable comes from That is how it is $1. It is $20 at Walmart or more. Someday I'm going to make money on the internet. If doing the taxes weren't so bothersome and I could only find a niche :)

waterwixxxer: Beyond Hulu you can watch things like as far as I know still. Also if you are into anime it seems easy to find with nothing but a google search bar. I don't pay. I've been off of tv cable bills for 2 years. I'm what they call an early adopter and I am tech savvy enough to get what I want but not tech savvy enough to do anything serious with computers. I'm cable tv's worst nightmare and I was their worst nightmare back when cord cutting was new 2 years ago.

waterwixxxer: Alright so now the hard part is this. You need to figure out if you have hdmi on the back of your television or vga. I have vga for my "pc plug" on the back of my television. The other end that goes to my computer is an hdmi plug. Just look at the pictures. You'll be able to tell. Then here's the fun part. Don't do netflix really as it is a luxury. Google tv stations for clunky fun. ABC. Comedy Central. Really whatever you want. Then there's Hulu for nice fun. So much free.

waterwixxxer: Well what I do is this. I buy a Sony Bravia 40 inch right? Okay then you get this. Here I'll give you a link. Now on your computer you need something called a video card or even an integrated video card will be fine. Which all computers pretty much have this hdmi out. It is just a kind of connection. Like a power plug that you plug in the wall but it has little pins. Plug this cord in your computer. Now plug the other one into the back of your television.

Thedarakht nono: how ? and whats hdmi please ?

Tania Green: very helpfull cant wait to put the advice 2 practice wow look no further i just saved a million bucks on the tips u beauty bonus woo hoo :(.......hmmm wot did i come here 4 oh i know TBox settings Beeeep...... Byeeee

waterwixxxer: Hook your big monitor to your computer with a 1 dollar hdmi cable.

mac spillmen: you so sweet. you got one of those relaxing voice you did your homework a lot people need to see this

John Strabismus: @TheTootsieroll23 Yes, you will need a converter box with the antenna if you have an older tv that doesn't support digital tv.

John Strabismus: Absolutely right, and correct. I have done the same thing, except I made my own antenna. (hint, hint) I will NEVER go back to ripoff cable, and I don't have to deal with their attitude, their incompetence, their rude and lazy service people, or their high fees. I LOVE having NO cable!

TheTootsieroll23: Did you still need the converter box for the antenna?

Documentary Magic: Good for you! I've been watching programs online for 2 years now and never turn on my television. Now I want to hook my computer up to my tv and watch internet shows on my tv. Thanks for the tip about the antenna and old cable hook-up! Good Information. Thank you WeMatter2!

RingDangDoo: Free Internet Tv w_w.NetTv4Free. c0m

Quaoce Lonewolf: does this work now that everything has gone digital? i lost my job, so i no longer have any tv. please let me know.

mecca777: I've been tryin to turn people on to this for the longest. why pay for cable AND a high speed internet connection?? Good work.

Set Yourself Free from Cable TV 5 out of 5

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Set Yourself Free from Cable TV
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Set Yourself Free from Cable TV