Mossberg 500 Project: ATI Halo Heatshield

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Greg Luchsinger: Greg Luchsinger 2 minutes ago
The heat shield, regardless of the manufacturer, actually hinders the dissipation of heat off the barrel by blocking the effective circulation of air around the entire circumference of the barrel, and can cause a warped barrel under high heat. This is simple to understand....anything blocking the air circulation slows down the cooling effect of air. We tested 4 different heat shields and all of them slowed heat loss by 12 to 17% in a standard lab test environment. And the barrel will not heat up extensively, more than 20 degrees, unless 30 to 40 rounds are shot rapidly, which is not possible with this models capacity. Now if you want the shield because you think it looks cool then go ahead and spend the money, add the additional weight which slows swing speed, and hinders the sight plane, and basically does nothing positive for the function of the firearm.
Marketing does not typically aid the purchaser it creates sales for the company.

wildman473: I have a question. Will this work on both the standard barrel they give you and if say I bought a 28inch barrel? Or would I need a bigger heat shield if they sell different sizes. I'm new to this.

Ray S: Does anyone know if the ATI Halo Heatshield will fit on an 18.5" barrel with a muzzle break?

Michael Harmon: Very helpful instruction, a real plus over the printed instructions that come with the product. Keep the expertise coming!

Cutlery Addiction: Holy crap someone called the tool the right name.

evaun1t1: Website says this wont fit on the 500 manufacturer extended magazine tube. I have the 20' barrel with a tube just as long. Will it work for my 500? Sorry im a newbie at this haha.

BluOp: Wont that rubber buffer at the end of the barrel by the receiver catch on fire after 30-40 shells?

Randy Weaver: Will this heat shield work on a the Mossberg Door Breacher model???

Ronald Cash: great job, want to get a heat shield for mine and I have a feeling it will take me more time that it did for you, but I will follow your guide. Thank You for your time, enjoyed it!

samtheman2144: I bought this same part for my Mossberg except with ghost sights and I put it all together but it wouldn't go on my shotgun. Watched the video and saw you kept the end loose to put it on. Loosened the end and it went on. Thank you! Great video!

therealglt: stupid question, but will adding grease to threads that have locktight on them defeat the locktight?

Dennis Lyons: Totally cool man Thanks!!!

Dennis Lyons: Hahahaha hey man that was pretty slick how fast you got that adhesive on that round clip thing!! Excellent!!

Jordan Roberts: Does this heatshield work with the magpul MOE forend?

Joshua Colantuono: I bought one of these for mine and it falls off/comes loose after about 30 rounds. I even tried cutting the front screws short so I could tighten them down better before they bottom out but it's still not reliable

Dusty Minth: Quick Question. Could you point me in the direction to where i can find the smaller picatinny rail you used in this video? I have this exact mossberg 500 persuader, and bought this exact heat shield, but as you mentioned, I need the smaller ones instead of the large ones the heat shield comes with, but Im having trouble finding them anywhere...

KPigg09: great video brother! very well done. have a couple I phone vids, you tube kpigg09. one for re-loaders and 2 others.
keep up the good work

zatoichi101: Brother, I have a question and I am hoping you can answer it. I am making most of the modifications that you talk about in your Mossberg 500 -- I am doing the Halo Heatshield, the ATI Talon stock, etc. My question is the heatshield. I have the exact Mossberg 500 with extended magazine (7+1) as you, and my heatshield came with short picatinny rail sections to apply to the left and right side of the front of the heat shield. Except it doesn't fit. When I went to ATI's web site, the Mossberg 500 Halo Heatshield notes at the bottom of the web page that it "DOES NOT FIT with the Manufacturer's Extended Magazine Tube." I called ATI and they said they do not have anything that would fit or adapt to the extended magazine tube and warned that the heatshield would edge or vibrate forward after the shooting the gun because of the recoil and because the heatshield isn't secured to the end of the tube, etc. So, my questions are: How have you been able to make it fit? Do you have any recommendations on how to make my heatshield fit my 500?

pjamese3: What's the length of the heat shield?  I have a Mossberg 500 with a barrel that measures 14.5 inches from the back of the door breach to where the barrel connects to the back of the shotgun.

Jeebz93: this might be a stupid question but after I installed this it seemed a little bit harder to rack my mossberg500 but it is not very noticeable, and it does not wiggle in the fore end as much as it used to. Can this be a problem???

Mossberg 500 Project: ATI Halo Heatshield 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 500 Project: ATI Halo Heatshield