Benchmade 162 Bushcraft Sibert Test And Review By Equip 2 Endure

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John Shannon: What fire rod are you using with this sheath??

Rack44hoonmaster: I noticed the nice was really expensive, so I guess that meant it was really well made like Cold Steel knives.

G Fish: I bet the color of the handle will really impede your bush-crafting

Chris Mehlenbeck: knee pads....bwahahahahaha

Cheryl Newman: I went to cabelas today an looked at one... this knife is just what I've been looking for... I like a strong knife an its plenty of that....its sharp as can be... an its very. strong.....

Анатолий Карпенко: Вафел нерусский

J Zoolander: I would love to have this knife for work and general use. However I live in Australia the politically correct nanny state....police can demand a search of myself or vehicle at anytime without reason. The knife is legal in my country, however I have to be able to justify why I am carrying it at the time, and submit myself to the officer's acceptance or denial of my reason. The penalty is $550 for the first "offence"and you risk jail time for further "offences".

Chris Archer: I collect knives and I've had my eye on this one for awhile I finally own it and I'll be taking it up north in (I live in Canada) all I can say it this is more of a camp knife and I'll be bringing an axe as well lol if I want a knife for shelter making I'll bring my cold steal trailmaster 

paulie 4x: Yup the Benchmade Bushcrafter #162 hold's a very good edge retention, , the thickness makes it a strong knife like what Mors Kochanski refers to as a "Sharpened Prybar" anyhow not a tank but a very good sturdy knife, the lenght is over 4" to me that lenght makes it a nice versital blade lenght for what I do, the handle is comfortable and no problems here with me, I really like the Benchmade Bushcrafter #162 it became one of my fav's, I got #299 out of 500, everything is spot on on mine, yup defenetly I will recommand this knife, after using it more and more the more I like it. 

David Hilton: Everyone has their preferences as to the kind of knife and knife steel for their knife.  I am no different but, I have to say the Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter fits all my bushcraft needs.  I love the knife so much that I own two of them.  There aren't very many videos on this knife so thanks for demonstrating the knife.

TheKro16: You cut a living tree? Why would you not be cutting on something that's already dead? Wasteful. Unsub. 

paulie 4x: The Benchmade Bushcrafter #162 is one of my 5 all time favorite knives they are my #162, Skookum J.B World Finest Camp Knife, C..S. SISU, and my favorite my Busse Son of Badger, I just got a Stromeng Buhku (LIL) STAK that I'm considering as a neck knife it's a ultra lite knife, but one of my go to sets is my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4 and my newest Rodent 6 and the Rodent Solution my Rodent 9 and my Ratmandu are my big job knives for trios up North and other serious trips, I also use my new compact folding saw the Wicked Tough Saw made by Wicked Tree Gear and my Nessmuk Style Double Bit Hatchet made by 2Hawks, I really enjoy watching your video's again god job, be safe.

mjb skwim: Kids using knives for thing that AXES were meant for.
Funny stuff

Blissfully_Kryptic: One of my friends own this knife and on our canoe trip last week and I got to use it a little bit. In all honesty, I'm glad I don't own this knife. I'm into bushcraft and this knife as it is advertised as a bushcraft knife, any decent bushcrafter would stay the hell away from it IMO. I can see it used as a backup survival blade although it's a bit shorter. If you are into carving like I am, don't get this knife. My wrist was in pain after like only 20 mins with it and all I did was feather-sticking. Didn't even go into any detail carving like I always do. The design itself is very bad. It won't make any deep cuts because of its grind and crapty geometry. You won't feel any weight at the blade itself which makes it harder to control in a long carving process and also because of that it doesn't slice well. And don't even get me started on the sheath, it's an abomination, a big F.U to all decent sheath makers. It felt like I was cutting through it every time I was putting it in and out. SMH. Ok there's my rant for today. 

paulie 4x: Just wondering if the knife got some bad reviews, it seems to me it's not, and the price is growing, I guess I'm just lucky, my sheath fits the knife great, and again, mine is a first production run, I like it, now I have 9 great bushcraft knives, I have the Busse Son of Badger, John Bradley's "Worlds Best Camp Knife, Rod Garcias Skookum Bush Tool, the Sisu by Cold Steel, Gerber Freeman Stag in S30V, a G.E.K. custom knife, made out of saw steel, Bokor 4 " recurve in 440C, Blind Horse in 0-1, Benchmade #162, I still have hope for a Bushlore, and who knows what else comes along. Oh yeah, a Canadian Belt Knife, made in Germany, can remember whos, it's stag handle, but made out of carbon, so it's 10 now.

Vincent Fernandez: Nice review dude. Thanks much.

Тим Карамболь: The knife is good! But I cannot buy it in Russia! 

John K. Eich Bushcraft.: I cant skip the adds no more WOW! Great job brother Adam.

You and this knife are the reason I fell in love with bushcraft.

I made a pouch out of a tool belt for a bushcraft project.
because I wasnt sure what bushcraft was I just seen your contest vid & was just getting into it so I thought I needed a pouch & I thought it was bushcraft lol.

But what I got from that contest is better than any knife.

So thank you now on to watch the video of the knife that started it all for me for the first time.

Thanks again.

paulie 4x: Great knife, I have a first production run model, like I said great knife, I paired my Benchmaid #162 with a H.I. M-43 Khukuri, and the Bokor 2011 Vox Production, with my Silky Bigboy #2000 I'm set to go, some complain about the holes in the handle, no big deal I got used to mine, a piece of tap would work.

Steve R: Adam,
Honestly the most useful and helpful knife review I've ever seen.  I was looking at buying this knife, mainly as a deer hunting knife but secondly as an all around woods/camping knife.  Is there a knife you'd recommend over it (in the same price range)?  I liked the weight and feel of this knife when I held it, and have a lot of faith in the S30V BenchMade blade, but you seem vastly more knowledgable than I so I'd like to check out any other recommendations before purchasing.  Thanks!

Benchmade 162 Bushcraft Sibert Test and Review by Equip 2 Endure 5 out of 5

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Benchmade 162 Bushcraft Sibert Test and Review by Equip 2 Endure