Delta Slow Flyer RC Plane

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Алеша Качкин: привет! очень интересный аппарат.не подскажешь чертежи где взять?

ramon demoya: hermoso vídeo me encanto 

rc channel: Song is dreamscape 009 sound system.

Reuben van Dorp: Why do we want to see u throwing planes into the air 30 times?!

Justwantahover: Great video, good repeat effects, entertaining. Great model, home made I bet. The best models are scratch built. 

were562: nvm its :let it rock

Nelly2150: I really, really hate this song. Dude really, if you want more views, change the damn song. FFS it is so overused. Way to be original there guy. Seriously, I was going to watch the video until the song. Now, I don't even want to watch it, muted or not, it sucks now. How about actually using something like a commentary? That would be way better than that lame song.

Eduard Akopyan: how long and wide is this plane

Skydive4ever: Nice, I like the way it flies, this is one I could see myself building. Thanks for sharing :-)

Lithoushine: yeah you should get fsone (a flight sim) for 99$ thats as cheap as you will find a nice sim. or get real flight g4.5 for 199$ its worth it and for your first plane if its made out of foam make sure to but tape and a hot glue gun for repairs

sloshays: WOW That is an awesome plane! I loved the video editing too and the music! I want to make a plane like that. I still need to buy my electronics (I'll probably buy them from graysonhobby because their in the US) I just need to find a cheap charger for lipos. Keep up the vids man! This is one of my favorites that you have done! sloshays

rctestflight: thanks

Upuauta: Very, very nice. I like planes like this.

were562: i think its called rock on

osorioavatargaming: All rise for the youtube national anthem

oaney: lol that plane is cool. how do you size the motor and battery and prop and ESC with eachother? I have a radio/reciever/esc with some servos, but the battery and motor is really heavy. i want a nice slow flying plane to learn with, i have zero time at the stick.

rctestflight: Hi, I used a 20amp esc from hobbycity, i think it was like $10

TheRooster602: Please stand for the Youtube National Anthem.

joris hurk: he uploaded this vid in 2009

rctestflight: let it rock

Chris Holub: yep I need to build something like that. Nice flying Daniel. Keep up the good builds. BTW I hope they dont take out the audio on you because of the song. I never put music in my videos anymore because of that and also you ar guaranteed that some tard will ask *whats the song * You could put someone singing the freaking alphabet and still someone would ask :-)

brotherlybrother11: whats the song awesome 5/5

final showdown: that's an awesome slow flight :)

joseico90: deltas like this are so much fun, so cheap and simple too, I've had bags of fun with my own ones too. Well done, the model and the flying as well as the video. keep it up!

DLPlanes: Cool! Look a lot like the UB-130! . ~DLPlanes

FlyhighRC: what makes thisd vid really really good is its longer than 1 minute vids like ur usual ones lol 5 stars

rctestflight: lol, let it rock

rctestflight: the first thing u should do is get a sim, then buy a 3 channel plane, then build one

P47thunderbolt41: I really like the song

Atom RC: Deltas are the way to go, I just started in rc planes. I didnt want to buy a plane and spend much on something I know i will crash. Iv built a plane that takes about 5 min to build, and cost about $.75 each to make. Just add electronics and you are good to go!

Justin Depew: Awesome catches and landings! Keep up the good work!


Delta Slow Flyer RC Plane 4.7 out of 5

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Delta Slow Flyer RC Plane
Delta Slow Flyer RC Plane
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Delta Slow Flyer RC Plane