F4U Corsair RC Plane Wing Folding By Pappy883

What do you think about this video?

maxxxtro666: Hey Man! That is the most incredible thing i ever seen!

LtOneman: outstanding, very nice


Simon Gurry: Fantastic.

MJNZfilms: Cool can i have it (:?

afiqryu07: may i know what components are used for the wing folding? electrical actuators or what?

chardgha: excellent

Phrozius: well done :)

miller999965: what did you use to make the wings fold up

haegenberg: great job man

Aussie Fpv: Great Video thankyou Richard ! I just purchased one of these kits last night, approx 5% build completed, I will try and contact Pappy883 in the following days, I am seriously going to need advice with this long term project ! I will take pics and post on my channel as the build progress's too, thanks again, very much appreciated ! Murray/AussieFPV :)

jackandamber: sweet...


fillopygeesi: thats gonna look good taxiing around before takeoff

maxxxtro666: Hey Man! That is the most incredible thing i ever seen!

guitarjesus9: i would add some stagger for reality..... two thumbs way up nice video

Cricket202: Awsome Job.. would love to see it fly

Karol Groh: Oh man , amazing

LEESODANO: Hi I just finish watching the video , fantastic I am thinking of buying the 120" Corsair and would like to do the same . I saw Oregon Scale Aviation sells the electrics , but does anybody sell all the brackets , rods or what ever is needed to complete the job . Steve .

Rex Holes: i've never seen that before.

Mohamed sami ahr├Ęs: good job

Robbie C: i saw a beautiful F4u at warbirds over Delaware 2009 with the folding wings and a real radial scale engine. it made me . LOL

Kekelala1976: Just don't crash this....!

vanepico: Just awesome, no other word for it

balsawerkz: Someone that still frames up models. Beautiful! You sir are a TRUE modeler. So few of us left.

Timothy_DatzzSick: if this crashed would it brake

skullythecreator: @aznthief15 depends on the speed of the crash?

jfoster2: Where did you get the controls to make wings fold,or did you build from scratch.

jerkfacejim: That's just too cool ! ! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this video. Jim

CB1RflyingRc: so cool

jakeman121acdc: wow nice effort how much that puppy set u back ?

hemiram05: That is awesome. Did you use air cylinders to raise and lower the wings?

pandora77711: wow its awesome........

Rustyolboy: Well done !

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F4U Corsair RC Plane Wing Folding by Pappy883 4.9 out of 5

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F4U Corsair RC Plane Wing Folding by Pappy883