Osprey Kestrel 68 Review

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Наталья Милехина: please tell me which backpack is better -
Osprey Kestrel 48 or 68 liters?

Reuben Goadby: I had this pack set up exactly the same way as you when hiking yesterday, and I have to say it's the most uncomfortable, painful rucksack I've ever had. Not sure what I'm doing wrong as I had the hip bones right in the middle of the belt and they became incredibly sore, to the point of numbness, from the pressure. I also had trouble with too much pressure on the shoulders and chest. Any suggestions?

aegis1337: I utilize my 1L Nalgene bottle on my Kestrel 58's side pocket. I think it's a bit disconcerting that the woven mesh stretches so much to accommodate it but I utilize the strap on the outside to secure it even further. I've had my fully loaded bag with Nalgene in that side pocket loaded beneath buses and jostled around and it was secure. Good luck with whatever direction you go!

aegis1337: Multiple water container devices in case of failure. CamelBaks can burst. I use a stainless steel Nalgene that I boil water in as well so it doubles in function.

streetspiritben: Why not use a camel back bladder?

Tom Smith: 'Here I'm carrying my water shoes'.... A bit later he says 'There will be no water sources on this trip' Hang on ;) whaaat? but seriously thanks for the review, pretty informative :)

Andrew McManama: Hello Rozana, thanks for watching. This pack does not extend much higher than it is here. Maybe a bit more, but you's sacrifice the ability to fully close the main compartment. It really does have a lot of capacity though, more wide than tall.....

Rozana Zn: hi andy. good review :) i just want to know, is the top of the bag can be extended to be high?

SoCalDaveL: Great review AJ. I'm sold on Osprey.. also going back & forth between the Kestrel (my 1st fave), Atmos 65 & Aether 70. The Kestrel is a great fit at a more reasonable price. I tried them all on at a local REI. My biggest concern came when adding a standard 1L Nalgene bottle to the side pockets.. didn't hold well walking around the store. Might hold better once the bag is fully loaded. Any thoughts/comments? A water bottle should decide my pack, but my pack should accomodate my gear. Thnx

ayokay123: Thanks for the response. :)

Andrew McManama: Sorry for delayed response, I've been using the Kestrel! My buddy has the Atmos and he loves it. We both have wet backs at the end of a hot day, but not soaking. The Atmos is also lighter I believe. IMHO you can't go wrong with either. I saw more Atmos' on the trail than Kestrels.....

Chris Bergst: I think exterior gusseted pockets would be nice to make the interior really the advertised size. Nice review. Seems like the Kestrel 68 is right for me.

ProteanView: Great review. Like to see a bag reviewed when it's full. Appreciate the tips about loading pockets & bladder, as well as how to put it on.

ayokay123: Any thoughts on the Kestrel 68 vs. the Atmos 65? I know the air suspension is a bit deeper on the Atmos.

Andrew McManama: Thanks for watching! The Atmos is a very nice pack as well. I've seen it in action first hand. It is more customizable as fit goes, so If you fall outside of the measurements for a kestrel s/m or m/l you want to go atmos. The Atmos also has a more breathable vent system for your back so you'll sweat less. But The kestrel still breathes just fine, I've done plenty of hikes with it and remained dry. My bias says Kestrel for the rain cover and price, but untimely it is up to you.

Scott Stith: Andy, thanks for the review, this looks like a great pack! Similar question to hursty but I'm thinking about this Kestrel over the Atmos 65 for price, included rain fly and your positive review. What do you think? Thanks!

Andrew McManama: Hey there hursty! Thanks for the review. The aether is a good pack as well. It has the same air escape padding on the back as the kestrel. The aether is more customizable when it comes to fitting and has an add on attachment for the daylite pack. Personally I like the kestrel because I am pretty average in my size so I don't need to customize the fit. And I love extra pockets! It's nice having the rain cover as well. I'd go for the kestrel if you like the way it fits.

Andrew McManama: It claims to hold up to 55 lbs. I have had 40 in it with no issues. It carries the load very comfortably.

Shortgunkiller: Great Review Andy! I'm gonna buy one. so I'd like to know one thing about the shoulder harness and load lifter strap. Is it strong enough for the heavy loads.

Andrew McManama: Thanks! Enjoy your new pack. I am itching to get mine out again!

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Osprey Kestrel 68 Review 5 out of 5

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Rucksack Review - Osprey Kestrel 68L
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Osprey - Kestrel 68  SKU:7656765
Osprey - Kestrel 68 SKU:7656765
Osprey Kestrel 68 Review
Osprey Kestrel 68 Review

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Osprey Kestrel 68 Review