BackTrack Is Now Kali Linux

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Rick Rietmeijer: Is kali much better or backtrack or don't it matter ??

max son: sir,i knew it that kali linux is mainly used for  hacking but stilll shall we use it for development like open suse

victor m: Kali linux is honestly a retarted os.

gmail andrianak: Hi! nice too now the difference, i have installed backtrack, but i think i ll move to  Kali...i am facing a problem on finding a compatible wireless adapter for both macbook pro 10.9.x (mavericks) and backtrack. i can not find a solution  :(
any suggestion? do u know an adapter that works better with Kali  maybe? ...                     i appreciate!!!

Carazy: Do you know guys the world kali linux means black linux

Marko V: unfortunateely I don't really know wtf is this video about. I was expecting the reason why BT its now KL but, this guy bubbling about mostly not important things. 

Feliz Atene: ARM! Mobililty++

shane williamson: Kali freakin sucks. I don't know why I am the only one who boots to black screen with no way to fix it total bullcrap. Bt 5 is still the best Kali makes no sense. The layout sucks so much crap that has changed

Dean Vidafar: Who Actually Uses This On Their Own Stuff

InformaticosGB: Genial genial :)

iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa: I liked Backtrack better.

Andy4Tune: I'm glad they finally got back to a solid distro base.

Leonardo M: So Ubuntu support without all the bugs? Yey!

Leonardo M: Whait, will this mean that I can't install ubuntu programs?

usergroupX: where is etherape ? and the pentest folder? it use to be so convenient

George Șerban: Kali Linux IS Backtrack 6 actually :P

Patricio Otzel: OMG I JUST LOOKED IT UP! i m getting one Raspberry Pi,THANKS! THANKS! i m really happy right now! ....HERE HAVE A cookie :3

General Tendie: Yes, Raspberry Pi is an officially supported platform.

Rami Mouro: does Raspberry Pi can actually operate Kali Linux easily

Robert Carlos: Kali Linux KDE download

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BackTrack is Now Kali Linux 5 out of 5

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BackTrack is Now Kali Linux
BackTrack is Now Kali Linux
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BackTrack is Now Kali Linux