Gel Nails - Liquid Acid

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Tanya Briggs: why do you use a regular top coat (orly glosser) on top of the gel nails?  I would think you would use a gel top coat and cure it.

范氏杜垂: Gel Nails - Liquid Acid:

zigg3: are you putting on the gel on acrylic nails? great video

jess hi: I love this video so much

Dollzz111: I love your videos. Where did you get those little square d designs? 

DivaSabrina: Where can I get the Liquid gel?

UnderTheLilyShadow: clear gel can only b used as a base gel or as a topcoat for color gels. Builder gel is used to "build" the nails but can also be used as a base layer and top coat. so the builder gel is the most versitile

steffers841: is there a difference between builder gel and clear gel? I am wanting to buy some on ebay to do my own nails at home as i have an led light and im not sure which to buy??

UnderTheLilyShadow: I once had SIna, didn' tlike it that much because it felt very plastic like. I now have one gel polish from Sina, and I actually like it a lot

SAVvyGurls: Have you had experience with Sina gel? I'm just starting out, and need something cheap, but safe! Thanks!:)

Stephanie Perea: You do such godo nail art designs

UnderTheLilyShadow: polish is polish. UV polish is still nail polish but with UV block (non yellowing), UV sealer/UV gel is gel that needs to be cured. So it indeed is just normal clear nail polish

UnderTheLilyShadow: IBD builder gel clear. I buy it in 56gram jars. and I do couple months with it

Godelieve Mol: Haha ik wist niet dat je Nederlands bent. Wat grappig! Bedankt voor je reactie.

UnderTheLilyShadow: telkens 1 vinger. op het einde is het gewoon doorschijnende nagellak

Godelieve Mol: Hello! Ik drom Holland and i love your video's! I have 2 questions. With the zigzag methode, you do That One finger at a time or all the fingers and than under the uvlight? And at the end do you use uv clear nailpolish or just regular clear nailpolish? Cause the last One is a lot cheaper here. Thanks!

UnderTheLilyShadow: that's a good idea,

Lois1593: this may sound crazy,but can you show us how you mix the glitter and gel to get the right consistency? love your videos:)

monica guzman: BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Sheryl Fisher: love your work.

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Gel Nails - Liquid Acid 5 out of 5

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Gel Nails - Liquid Acid