.30 Cal Airgun Rat Hunting Vs .177 Daystate MK4is

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Babyfarts Megezacks: Sad regulated gun!

John Tanner: Yeah how is it .30 cal sub 12 fpe that's a dumb ass law. I have a break barrel that makes 34 fpe in 30 cal and it's going like 550 fps

Jason Wilkinson: try putting out sweet wine for the rats, should slow down the matrix moves

Freddie B: How many fps is the 30 cal. traveling? I just can't see the rat evading anything moving more than 300 fps. Those pellets were moving like cold syrup.

Maximillian Keentiger: Daystate is good and efficient gun. Is originally USA or British made ?

Richard Morgan: Just buy an export pressure spring it would be the best air rifle ever lol

James Denny: shoot the .30 that shoots 100 fpe and see it that rat can escape 

Jordan Kleinschmidt: I'm not sure why regulations are so strict over there. We can buy airguns that shoot 1000+fpe and no fuss is made.

James walker: 30 caliber at 12 ft pounds, my wrist rocket will do do that.

Something Dreadful: Having kept pet rats for a number of years, I would have thought that it would probably have cleaned its face before going back to the nest. They can't stand being dirty. Also isn't .30 cal a bit of an over kill for rats, I'm not saying that a .30 cal air rifle doesn't sound like fun but it just seems excessive.

Matte Edström: You need faster velocity on the bullets. I have a suped up Hatsan PCP AT-44 .22 with 370mps exit the barrel, and i never see my rats jump or flinch. I can shoot a dove at 50 meters and they drop instantly.

Alfred Mayer: the bullet it too slow. thats whats going on :) The rat can hear the bang and escape before the bullet reaches it. Lolz.

Yamaan Alshamma: get the daystate wolverine .303 its shoots the pellet at 950 fps

mr bad example: it's gotta suck when your "nanny-state" gov't limits the power of pellet guns! i live in the worst state in the USA, Illinois, and it's not even 1/10th as bad as over there.

hetrodoxly: Strange reply?

jason hunt: wow, even bows are demonized.

The Definitive Airgun Review: Let me know when you get it FAC an I will bring my NV over for some shooting action! ATB Malc

The Definitive Airgun Review: It does but we are no allowed to use them for hunting =( ATB Malc

hetrodoxly: .243 is the minimum calibre for red deer, but many stalkers use larger on big hill stags, bow hunting was stopped in 1963 because of the amount of wounded deer.

TheGunrunn3r: I think you'd be better served using a bow. Surely the land of Locksley still allows unlicensed longbows?

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.30 Cal Airgun rat hunting vs .177 Daystate MK4is 5 out of 5

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.30 Cal Airgun rat hunting vs .177 Daystate MK4is