Louis Vs Schmeling 2 Boxing

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John Deer: funny too see a german so strong no matter how hard he get hit keep getting back up on his feets lol my Shepperd is strong too.

William Joseph: WORLD STARRRR WOORRRLD STARRR african american

Eric Day: A part of me feels sorry for Max in this second fight, he was up against a man who was not to be denied, plus he was used by the nazis, Max gave santuary to a jewish kid and faced harsh reprimand for it, he also helped pay for Joe Louiss funeral. So dont just hate Max Scmelling he studied Joe real well and beat an overconfident Louis,in the first fight dont forget that, he was a true sportsman who was used by pure evil.

Bobby Uttcrumbs: Nazi piece of crap got knocked out real quick.

Eric Day: Joe was devastating inthis second fight with Schmelling.

AspaceBalla: Schmeling had just found out in the lockerroom his trainer wasn't allowed to be ringside, and then his cut man backed out as well.. he was shook mentally and using a dated game plan and Louis was ready.. I don't think it was a throw at all

eisfresh: this fight was not fixed...schemling in the first threw nothing but counter right hands over joe's left jab. joe in the second kept his left hand up and u saw the results. also if this fight was fixed how come schmeling was sent to the russian front in world war 2 because he lost

asinine81: Schmeling thought he could beat him fast. That was his first mistake. The 2nd was being pressured into beating him fast. Joe Louis represented the world and won in dramatic fashion. Why after that did it take sooooo long for segregation to be abolished?

brooklyn560: @franky543 if their first fight louis was not in good shape, he spent more time golfing then training for the fight

birdmanhero: schmeling was never a nazi hitler just talked him up

KentA Mitchell: @jergsden answer: Louis beat the living hell out of him. If Schmeling had won, he would've had the world by the tail. No way he threw that fight.

AspaceBalla: Louis broke Vertabres in the guys back for craps sake

puroindigino: joe didnt train for the first one. plus he had even more experience than before, and he was pissed. you dont think its easier to beat someone up when you're mad? no way he threw the fight... schmeling was too old and louis was too good. look at the hits... if it was thrown they wouldnt have made it so easy.

Steve Perry: It's true, Louis broke Schmeling's back with a punch. To even try to fight with broken vertebrae is impossible. Besides, if Louis was in his prime when he fought Marciano, Marciano wouldn't be known as the only undefeated heavyweight to ever live.

JMart24491210: Joe louis was 37 yrs old.Way past his prime

Jesse Hodges: If they didn't settle this the ring, none of you fags are going to settle it arguing on youtube. Shut the freak up. haha

betterthanu156: Mayweather could beat their asses

betterthanu156: Cool story.

Fast Freddie: well that was quick

batvette: obviously he meant during the separation. Louis was quick, powerful and accurate. No longer fooled by Schmeling's tricky right cross as he was in the first fight and having an overwhelming advantage of raw physical talent, Schmeling didn't stand a chance. Schmeling however proved to be an exceptional human being outside the ring, it's really a disgrace to review the way he was treated by the American public at that time. Perhaps this was borne of ignorance, not knowing he was no Nazi.

bphatboyjohn123: @ousooners182 lol. yea schmeling publicly said he did not support hitler and his political party "nazi's" he didn't like the direction his country was taking at the time, also two years prior to this he ko'd joe louis, and he was 31 then, joe was 22, this 2nd fight he was 33! lol. and joe was 24, in his prime, their 1-1 , and schmeling was out of his prime in both fights, and joe was in his, their 9 years apart in age, psh, the media just made it a big deal cause it was a german vs an american

Murked512: @franky543 tell your sources to freak off

Steve Perry: You are freaking retarded. Go ride Gayweather's ass some more. Lol you are no true boxing fan if you think Mayweather is that good. He's good, don't get me wrong, but not anywhere near Louis. I'm sure Schmeling could have kicked Mayweather's ass too.

Kop Dog: Schmelling actually paid for all Louis' funeral costs!!..........

danslapem: GREAT FIGHT!

floydefisher: Puhleeze...Lewis broke Schmeling's back in several places...no one could have fought with that going on.

Dennis R: Between rounds? This fight ended in the first round.

trvth1s: in the 1st clip slow motion you can c Louis faded a jab. Schmeling had out standing defense but Louis fade helped him set up the right that got Max in big trouble.

burx18: damn after this fight i woulda went to the cotton club to get my dance on lol.

ihatelifejosemartine: @jergsden You know why Schmeling fought like that? because that was the same style he used to beat Louis in the first fight. Louis wouldn't have any of it, however.

Houdini774: Even between rounds, Louis never takes his eyes off Schmeling. He keeps his eyes on him like a tiger.

SuperPekka: Lol man I would've loved to be there to rub this on Hitler's face. Or the faces of all the racist retards, rather.

bphatboyjohn123: @eisfresh lol. what? he was only in on battle, the battle of crete,

brooklyn560: Mayweather never fought anyone at Louis lvl

greg79mcfc: @eisfresh no wasnt fixed your right there but what you mean by "joe in the second" im pretty sure it was over in the first

rjbonacolta: Did they alter the color on this because Louis is white here.

i000110001100: @rjbonacolta probably had to raise the contrast to improve the quality of a dim video

jergsden: Fight was pretty pathetic. Schmeling didn't even throw a punch versus a guy he owned previously. Any chance he could have thrown the fight? Why all the sudden the human punching bag, unable (or unwilling?) to fight back? Take nothing away from Louis though, the man's a boxing legend. This fight's just weird.

ousooners182: monumental win... louis really did it for the usa in that one. freak u nazis

Quickkick: Yikes, those head-shots on the ropes look deadly (150).

420Potheadification: Get off Mayweather's pickle you maggot.

trvth1s: Mayweathers a midget compared to them. Joe Louis was more accurate then Mayweather according to compubox, this is amazing after you consider the fact that Louis was a heavyweight, Mayweather a mere welterweight.

codec98: When they show that right in slow motion, it looks like Max's head did a full 360. That's POWER!

marica berro: and what dos rocky marciano do with j.louis?--> BANG BAN BANG xD SCHMELING IS A kitty :D

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Louis vs Schmeling 2 Boxing 4.8 out of 5

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Louis vs Schmeling 2 Boxing
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Louis vs Schmeling 2 Boxing