Non Sewn Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

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Betsy Eche: I got this done and its amazing !!!! By far the best way to do hair extensions , i had them in for almost 3 months and they still look the same!! I would recommended this to everyone.

Tiffanie Ainley: how would you do this on shorter hair? can you do it near the part line and hair line?

easternhair: It's Really Useful Information! Great Technique! Thanks for sharing

Jessica Planalp: Where do you buy your hair and where do u get ur beads

Brigett Bearden: also can you bleach/tone your hair if you have just the beads in if you are just using the sew in bead technique?

Brigett Bearden: What size of micro beads do you use?  I have 5.5 but I can't seem to find a larger size.

Gitteee: Is this also recommended if you only want to ad more volume and not length? so not a full head of wefts, just a couple

thababygyrl: Never had any issues with it. It's important to use the micro links that are silicone lined to help provide the protective cushion from the link itself. I had one client that was stubborn and used regular pliers to take the links out herself which resulted in hair breakage. So if you decide to get this done or do this method on your clients, please let the professional remove the links.

thababygyrl: I been using this method on my clients for the past 2 years because I found it much more sturdier than from using the thread and last longer. Plus this process is faster than the other brainless methods out there.

astoldbyzury: Amazing technique!!!! But will the tracks be able to slip out after the hair grows out a little? How long will this last before they start to be too loose?

Tammy Kym: They are really comfortable. The first week your scalp may slightly itch but thats about it.They last for as long as you want, about every 6-8 weeks they will need to be moved up by your hairdresser. Yes you can wash them like normal hair, but its essential to have the right shampoo & conditioner and blow dry after washing to stop knotting.Use a soft bristle hair brush not a tooth brush, I plat mine before going to bed, which stops you laying and pulling on the extensions, and stops tangling

Tammy Kym: Ive had a full set of these done in Australia and they are absolutely awesome. There is no uncomfortable feeling or pulling. They are strong and best of all they dont ruin your natural hair. I went from short to long in a period of an hour. I can wear it up or down without the ugly micro beads showing like other types. Maintaining is so simple, when they begin to grow out your hairdresser either replaces your old beads pushing the extension back into place.

C Vang: how long does this normally last?

Katelynn Antonson: You can buy a tool at a beauty shop or else just use fishing line. make a loop with both ends through the bead. Put the hair through the loop and pull.

Tarmecia Jackson: Where can supply be purchased

Mia: These are really awesome! I have been looking for a new technique such as this one! I am a cosmetologist as well! I really appreciate you showing everyone your work, because many hairstylists don't like sharing techniques. I think this might be what I do on my hair next! How exactly are you getting the weft to actually stay in the hair? I watched the video, but I wanna make sure I have it right. Thanks!

EnchantedPrincess11: Would going to the gym in these be a problem? I really want some but I workout pretty often.

Ashley Nacke: Genius!!!!!

AKIYIAKELLY: I love your videos :-))

Nena Ruis: I cant wait to do this .. i need to find some were for all the supplies . Cuz i cant sow fo crap lol

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Non Sewn Beaded Weft Hair Extensions 5 out of 5

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Non Sewn Beaded Weft Hair Extensions