Introducing The Savage B.MAG Rifle In .17 Winchester Super Magnum

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JP Phillips: Hey Bryan Paul. Just cause you like overpriced crap doesn't mean we all do. I've killed 3 yotes so far with 3 bullets. Head shots. Oh and WITH my $150 scope. Lol

Bryan Paul: SRP $349??? My scope cost twice that much. I'll stick with my 10FCP

That Guy: It's not really that chep of a Rifle as I thought it will be

Rodrigo Rodrigiez: Were is the ammo.

ely336: Now to find ammo and extra mags

ely336: Gander Mt has 50 of these rifles in now. I just bought one.

Rand Chandler: That is SO true, Savage is a great company and the Prices are not to bad either.

Barnaby Wylde: in 40 years of shooting I haven't been disappointed by a Savage rifle.

MIke Mertig: i just seen something on it today they must be close to releasing it 06/19/13

John Andrews: Am still waiting for my ordered B Mag rifle to show up.

rbran0110: Because he is trolling and obviously is not a fan of Savage so he is bad mouthing them to try and make them lose business. I have never held a savage that didn't have a smooth trigger, and has anyone ever shot a rimfire and not have one that didn't want to go off? That is just an excepted part of rimfire ammo.

Gary Foster: How do you know this about a gun not available yet Schneidercurt?

schneidercurt: The bolt is not smoothe and the catridge does not always eject and the bullets don't always fire . Each bullet is about .30cents so for each bullet that don't shoot your losing money

SRTjunkie: Shipping to dealers in late March early April. Ill be buying one :)

wyattconyers16: You should shoot this cartridge into ballistics gell, and when Is this going to be on the shelf at my local dealer?

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Introducing the Savage B.MAG Rifle in .17 Winchester Super Magnum 5 out of 5

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Introducing the Savage B.MAG Rifle in .17 Winchester Super Magnum