Browning Buckmark Vs Ruger MkIII Vs Hi-Standard Dura-matic

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phdfxwg Fischercat: my dads hystandard suppermatic trophy 7 1/4 fluted barrel is the best target pistol iv fired in 57 yrs now thats about a 1960 model and some people dont like later models as mutch just loved dads my rotten older brother ended up with it. bastard !!!

Robin Farmer: I love how people say the Ruger is so hard to disassemble and reassemble I love doing it plus it takes no tools and to me it is so simple

jailbreak74: I have the Lugar alike fire arm

Ericka DaBoss By Nature: Thank you for slowing down enough to see how to release the magazine.

TheMisterMonkeyman: I acquired my Hi-Standard the same way, from my Dad, and I feel the same about mine. Every time I shoot it, it reminds me of him, and it's just fun to shoot. For being an older pistol, it is still in remarkably good shape and is super accurate. I also found that mine doesn't like cheap ammo either, but if I put quality rounds through it I don't have any problems with it. Good review on all of the pistols. Peace.

Cynthia Perine: You won't say it but I will.  Remington Golden Bullets probably have one of the highest failure to fire rates in my opinion.  I have experience a failure rate as high as 1 in 20 in some bricks.  One of the most reliable is CCI Mini Mags.

gmcjetpilot: 2:17 - "Put them all of them in the size of a quarter..." sure at 12 yrds... not at 50 yrds. The he shoots them 8:54 and that is not a quarter sized group... sorry... 9:24 the buckmark does have muzzle rise. Also the Ruger comes in heavy bull barrel.

abner carrera: Bought the Buckmark Plus!!

abner carrera: About to purchase a Buckmark. What ammo should I be avoiding? I heard bulk Rem's are poor. What about Winchester Super X? I'm sure Cci' will run flawlessly. Any others to avoid????? I don't want to buy it if only Cci ammo is the only choice.

Serge Ostrovski: Is the reviewer talking about thundebolt ammo btw?

toddlfrank: I love shooting the High Standard. If you tune the magazine in using the tool you can buy on EBay with CCI standard velocity you be good with almost all Ammo

Soviet Labrador: i feel like jeff goldblum is narrating the video, no offense

cp1699: Have two heavy bull nose mark II have to get permission to use on 100 yd range (rifle). With red dot scope no magnification,I can easily blow out the black on a 25 yard target poster with extreme accuracy and fast. The gun never jams. I like this video nice job but seems in correct to just shoot hope for the best without calibration of sights.

Reg Sparkes: Well, it's Sept 08 now, and I have , since my last comment, bought a nice used Ruger Mark II with 6" barrel, and then I ordered a new Buckmark UFX, and today , just by chance I had the opportunity to shoot with the Hi Standard Dura-Matic.
Guess what ? The Hi Standard shot about 3 inches high at 10 yards. The others were dead on. I love 'em all. I can buy the Hi Standard for $300.00,.....I dunno.
I just thought I would let you know that what you said in this video is now shown to be right on the mark. I found what you found in all of them.

22bullseye: Nice video and nice job taking care of your firearms, all three of your 22. caliber pistols are so clean and especially your Hi-Power no pitting or scratches that I can see, nice job man, after every time I go shooting I take apart my firearms and clean them as well.

Honest Skeptic: 2:24 - "One particular brand I've had issue with..." - For my Buckmark, that would be WINCHESTER. Wildcats suck.

turbostewi: nice overview, the Ruger mk3 with 4.75" barrel seems to be a very accurate pistol. Is the 6" pencil barrel measurable more accutare than the short barrel?

BlueMaxOneNine: It is unfair to determine quality by price alone, considering Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. has no corporate debt and a commitment to lean, efficient manufacturing processes.  This enables Ruger to produce firearms at a much lower end-price.  I'm not a Ruger fan-boy.  The perception that cheaper price equals lower quality is simply not true for companies that have focused heavily on industrial engineering processes in an effort to pass the savings along to the customer.  

Vince L: I thought the Ruger was cool until I disassembled it.  I also had a SH series H.S. and the allen bolt would loosen.  I now have a 50's Field King combo with the button takedown that's heaven and the 50's S&W M41 is great too.

thehotsixer1: my ruger requires a mallet, punch, a hard surface and a 2-3 hours to reassemble.

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Browning Buckmark vs Ruger MkIII vs Hi-Standard Dura-matic 5 out of 5

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Browning Buckmark vs Ruger MkIII vs Hi-Standard Dura-matic