2013 Kawasaki Z800 First Ride Review -- Ep. 2

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Avishek Dhar: m going to buy ds :D

erwindonaire: Oviously for big boy bike my friend.

gwain rea: hi,nice review! im at 5'5" height, i know z800 is kinda tall for me...so this my question, if i put a lowering links kit in it, can i seat properly on the bike? thanks...

Mohd Hafiszal Naazli: Bro, any personal review for Z800 vs Ducati Monster 795 vs Aprilia Shiver 750?
(since you already test drive all models)
Thank you in advance

TheBadPils: 02:15  motorcycle stand.....hahaha

Ivan Blade: It's an amazing streetfighter bike with a great price for 800cc bike..

SkewerHed Barberoussa: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, hold the mic properly and don't fidget when you speak : /

Long Hoang: how high you ?

Nama Saya: i like this bike .. but i must get b full to ride it ...

Anthony Idderis: this really put some weight on my decision! I want a nimble bike that can cilok through traffic without have to patah my pinggang...you know it when you have to ride at the peak hour trying to get out from Singapore...Woodlands CIQ motorcycle lane is a hell on earth!!

Vladimir Kerzhakov: +mohd faeez haha apsal? dia kecik sangat ke?

ud3r007: Good review , but you are obviously too small for this bike ... Anyway , this is an heavy bike for sure , but it's  even worst for you .

I liked the review , that was well done ;)

abu saiful: hello Malaysian riders. i always stunning look at all ur vids n the way u make ur reviews n vids it look so pro n intrntnl for me keep reviewing sir! i ll be watching! :)

asran abdullah: salam.i have been watching your reviews. I could say u did get it honest and spot on. Other publications on bike reviews are all BS. money comes first. I have a suggestion. Majority of fellow malaysians are not able to buy a brand new bike but possible with used bikes. could you make a review on older bikes. I have a 1989 kawa ZX10. probably u could ride and review mine. hehe. possible title : old heavy bikes relevancy to world of riding and newbies.

ThorVeras: Sir next time use the microphone next to your mouth to better understand of your voice. Nice review anyways.

Ray Isaac: bro can u upload kawasaki z250 :)

Arjan Rietberg: I think that if I ride that bike (with a weight of 94 KG) its a lot different then you ( presenter weight I estimate around 55 KG). I have not driven it, but it's a strong contender to follow up my '07 cb 600 f hornet, which just lacks a bit of torque.

Wan Yeor: buang lah mic to... mcm tk guna jer pegang.ahaha

Wan Yeor: baik ckp melayu lah weh

Wan Yeor: Hahaha...

2013 Kawasaki Z800 First Ride Review -- Ep. 2 5 out of 5

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2013 Kawasaki Z800 First Ride Review -- Ep. 2
2013 Kawasaki Z800 First Ride Review -- Ep. 2
Kawasaki Z800 :: Review :: ZigWheels
Kawasaki Z800 :: Review :: ZigWheels
First Ride: Kawasaki Z800
First Ride: Kawasaki Z800
Kawasaki Z800 (2013) first ride/test
Kawasaki Z800 (2013) first ride/test
Video Detail dan First Ride Kawasaki Z800
Video Detail dan First Ride Kawasaki Z800

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2013 Kawasaki Z800 First Ride Review -- Ep. 2