Sig Sauer P250 FCU Disassembly

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oruwatching: I see this is an old video, but I really need to ask. I saw 3 springs in that video. Do all of them affect the trigger pull? Do you have any idea where to get lighter springs? Thanks

Bono Fung: I have a full size P250 and my first spring is different than all the vids I see. While all I see in all other vids you guys have the V shape spring mine is an actual coil spring that goes underneath in the middle. Not sure why it is different? May be an older or newer version?

Freedom Fighter: Thanks .you save my life .Im female sitting here and sweating my butt off several hours my husband laughing at me ,regretting what have I done !!!but I needed help to put stupid spring back together .I tested out with snap cap in in and its good to go!

PACtoBAC: Thank you for the instruction. I took my SIG P250 apart, but later, I couldn't figure out how to get the spring back on. Thanks to your video, I was able to reassemble the trigger mechanism. Sincerely, Pete

John Martin: thanks for the great instruction. I had the spring pop off. Now I know how to put it back together.

Adrian Rubi: Are those hammer springs shorter than those on the P229?

Cort Chubko: First I would like to compliment you on a VERY WELL DONE instructional video..I own a Sig P-250 Compact .40 cal and was bored at work and decided to fully clean and lube the weapon. Your video guided me thru this procedure FLAWLESSLY and made "unknown territory" to me a well known thing. I truly appreciate this as well as the re-assembly video you have done. I use these videos with my firearm instruction courses when we cover gun cleaning and deep cleaning. Thank you very much Sir, I have subscribed and look forward to more of these well done and well presented videos.

Jim Shellhamer: Frickin' GREAT video ! Thank you!

CoreyandRebecca Humphries: Great video!  But where in the world does the small washer come from?!?!  Does it come the spring on the slide stop assembly?

TheManWith2FirstName: To be honest I don't remember what size I used. Brand? I think Crafstman.

TheManWith2FirstName: Not really. Most are difficult to rotate because of the o ring. Just rotate the lever slightly back and forth. At the same time pressing out the lever. If you still are having an issue let me know and I'll try to post a video. Thanks for watching.

donald scarlett: Is there an easier way to get the take down lever out.because i cannot get my takedown lever out..

Jeff Dein: ANYONE looking to know more about the P250 there is a great users group filled with friendly, helpful, and humble owners. They've been a great help for me getting used to my 1st pistol. P250SIG.COM check it out-

Jeff Dein: cool beans- After doing my due diligence on-line searching for what to choose for my very 1st pistol the P250 became my choice. Ordered & payed for a 9mm compact. Waited for almost 5 months then decided to use the $ i'd paid for an in stock .40. Took it to the range on Saturday, went through 100 180gr. Blazers. On Sunday While continuing making a video diary, i took the FCU out, on camera, the spring on the trigger linkage fell off & i stopped taping and found this vid which saved the day!

TheManWith2FirstName: No sir I am not. I'm one of those people who can self teach themselves just about anything, and anything mechanical just comes naturally. Thanks for the compliment.

Jeff Dein: are you a gunsmith-'cause i'm impressed

Jeff Dein: vanishing cream that'd do it!

TheManWith2FirstName: Thank you for pointing those things out. I have been working on better lighting to help with the black on black. The hands problem might be fixed eventually. I ordered some vanishing cream from the back of a magazine. So that should help with the next video. LOL Thanks for watching and commenting.

TheManWith2FirstName: Glad this video helped, and thanks for watching.

Jeff Dein: now i'm being picayune, but your hand was in the way briefly and the black on black parts were hard to distinguish. Seems like you're are serious about how to vids so take it in the spirit it's given.

Sig Sauer P250 FCU Disassembly 5 out of 5

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P250DCc Intro 888x666Beh

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Sig Sauer P250 FCU Disassembly