How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails

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Cleon Robinson: Whats up man. I got a 2008 Jetta2.0T with a P12a2. I checked for vacuum leaks and found the hose to the brake booster slipped off of the fitting that goes in to the brake booster when I touched it. Also the air pump is leaking and the hose that plugs into it is wet with oil. The engine  runs ok. I don't think anything is wrong with the fuel pressure sensor or high pressure pump(although I could be wrong). I jus wanted to know if that brake booster hose is the problem or is there other things I need to inspect and test. Thanks for your help in advance!

Booostedgti: My engine is idling rough :( below 1k, its popping and shaking. Idk what it is. It happened after i went for it for like 3 seconds.

Bradley Groehler: I just replaced the oil Separator on a 2010 VW cc with 2.0 because I had to plug the big vacuum hose to the intake to make the engine run without misfires and rough idle. I bought the part at NAPA. It ran good for about 3 minutes then the same problem came back. I think I got a bad pcv/oil separator.
Question even if the rear main seal is leaking and the oil filler cap is off shouldn't this part restrict how much air can be sucked into the intake? Is the new pcv/oil separator assembly stuck wide open? Therefore “bad out of the box new? Am I supposed to do a relearn on the throttle or relearn on the crankshaft position sensor? After replacement?
Thanks Bradley

Hala Bira 1984: Hi can you show where's the pcv valve location for vw golf 2.3 v5?

Pr0Fifa10: I have a 2008 gti. I’m having a problem with the boost, I’m not getting any boost whatsoever. Could a POV valve cause that?

VAKKALAGADDA VENKATA PAVAN RANGA RAO: can explain about parking break mechanism in dsg7 gear box with cable connection

Sparkle Dust: should i just do a pcv delete kit?

Samuel Michaud: P0101 and p2187 « too rich » could it be because of pcv valve ? I have oil leaving the valve into the hose that goes to the intake

jeepjeeplady: Could I get a aftermarket metal PCV valve (with metal ball) will it interchange on the PCV breather for a 93 VW cabriolet? Thanks

jeepjeeplady: Hi, What would cause a 93 VW cabriolet (1.8 digifant) idle go up to 2000k when warm? And I've noticed the valve cover nuts keep loosening up. NO CEL. 😕 thanks for the video. Subscribed!

paul grape: Bro you're the MAN! Cant thank you enough! My 2011 has been in and out of 2 different shops 5 times and a total of 680$ later only to have to diagnose it myself...and it was the pcv valve! Seriously thank you again I can finally SHUT THIS WHISTLE OFF! My car literally sounds like a JETSONS car

Shane Henderson: I've got a 2011 GTI with just over 65,000 KMs. After spending a butt-load of money having the Timing Chain and Tensioner replaced, I was told I have a minor leak on the Rear Main Seal. Could replacing the PCV solve the leaky rear main seal or is the damage already done? Love your videos BTW, they're incredibly helpful. Cheers!

Pedro Gomez: I used to work for VW. Quit to the pay cut on service work. Aka maintenance

Pedro Gomez: Those failes since 2000 miles, new car a replaced them hissing noise. Ask a body to crank it and start the car. Plug the line with your tump finger. A minute diagnosis

Joejoe The sniper: Hello my Audi A4 2009 Quattro is sending a lot of oil in to my lines and intake please help

William penrose: Would you recommend a pcv block off plate to avoid all these wear and tear problems. I have an Audi a4 2008 and I have a block off plate but know I have some oil in the turbo pipe near the bottom of engine

simply me: My car has a huge misfire its a p0300 and cylinder 1 &3 on a audi a4 b5 1.8t atw engine cant find the issue

Benjamin Little: Maybe you can answer my question here, My 2007 Gti with the fsi keeps blowing the cap off of the pcv valve. luckily enough I found all of the parts and it is a brand new pcv. Is it most likely a stuck diverter valve or what, any ideas as to where to look would help me. Thank you

vhjioa: SEAT Leon CUPRA 2016 here, 2.0 TSI. Cracked the plastic clip on the end of the pcv pipe when pulling it out during a turbo inlet elbow swap, should I be worried? Note The pipe itself is not cracked or damaged in any way, just one of the plastic clips on the tip of the pipe (on the outside)

tanner brinck: I have a ‘13 GTI, I put on a Forge DV relocation kit awhile ago. I recently just got my car back from the dealership, long story short, can an aftermarket piece like this trip a check engine light?

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How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails
How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails
Failing VW 2.0T PCV Valve Diagnosis
Failing VW 2.0T PCV Valve Diagnosis
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Why to Never Let Problems Linger | 2.0t TSI Engine
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2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 AUDI A4 B8 2.0 PCV Valve Repair P2187 VW Jetta CC

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How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails