How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails

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YouTube Bitch Center: Hello humble, got a question: my 2012 VW cc 2.0t would not start this morning, got check engine light and epc light and then the red low oil pressure light comes on! I scanned the car w/ obd2 tool and got codes p0300 through p0304 I bought a new battery because it died also at the same time! Why won’t the car turn over? On line people are saying: change the oil pressure sensor, change the coils and spark plugs, change the pvc ! This is starting to get expensive and there’s oil on top of the motor! Help!

Ash Kumar: Diaphragm of PCV valve is in very good condition (No crack,no broken) but don't know why oil going to turbo , any cause you know why pcv valve consuming oil?

AdvanceTek: I just replaced the pcv/oil separator on the Audi A8L. Over 10 hours of labor.

Richard Sims: Hello bin watching and taking note had pure problems with are mk6 golf gti £12000 worth and still got engine management light on 😡

Patrice Normandin: Thanks for this video, it made me focus away from a suspected leaky turbo shaft. I found a fourth way the valve can fail; mine had significant carbon build-up on the diaphram and seat. After cleaning everything is back to normal.

Kevin Hilani: I don't see any info for the pcv on the 1.8t, why is there info for all the 2.0t but not the 1.8t?

vr6deezy: Should that hole on the top of the diaphragm leak at all?

Hamza Malas: Does a pcv valve rattle when in good condition?

James Lee: Most aftermarket catch can blocks off the intake manifold... So why dont remove the hose altogether , then block off the PCV outlet and Manifold inlet by plugging it. 2) Apart from emission control , why VW need to recirculate dirty air into the inlet manifold and not into the crank case

Alex Lopez: My 2015 Jetta started to go thru oil. Took it to my vw mechanic told me it was this unit that got "pissed" and crapped out. Had to replace the whole unit. Doesn't burn oil anymore. Love my car. Just very touchy.

Kenny Cao: What it says when both sides of Pcv have engine oils running?

Luis Meza: Same problem on 1.8 tsi?

Jay Rosario: I have a bad pcv valve is it good to had the oil catch can or I have to replace it too as well

pospc2: Maybe you have some advice for me. I would be grateful.
I have a 2013 GTI 2.0L TSI i have been hunting issues down since i bought it 2 weeks ago.
I have underboost code, misfire cyl 1 and 3 under load. Got a slight oil pan leak and rear main seal, as well. Its a slow leak currently.
I have checked charge piping and replaced DV(cheap and easy,why not.) Spark plugs have been changed 15k miles ago and i have personally replaced coils.
The misfire mostly happens around 5k rpm and above. Idle is mostly good, slightly rough sometimes at start up goes away fairly quick(30secs). According to carfax the intake mani was replaced 20k miles ago and valves cleaned at time of replacement. Most services by previous owner was done at the dealership.
I watched the way you check the turbo actuator and did so,it feels solid. While at WOT i can hear a whistle as well. The car feels like it has typical 2.0l power,like it isn't even turbocharged at all.
Any advice of what to check would be great. I am new to VW. I am very familiar with Japanese and domestic cars but these euros have me at a loss.

Stone Sauer: Over engineered $175 PCV....No Thank VW, I'll just stick with another auto makers !

MegaHowtoMan: Replace this before it fails. I have 2009 Tiguan with bad oil leak at 80K miles. Great video. Bad engine.

Catalin Toscu: Hi there Charles ! I have a 2010 mk6 GTI with CCZB engine. My problem is sistem too lean with small idle fluctuating. I also mention that i have a small leak from the rear main seal so i put some liqui moly oil stop leaker and after 600 700 km the idle problem pops up ... now i changed the pcv valve and things goes really crazy with missfire s and very very bad engine running... Any advices?
Greetings from Romania !!

Euardo Acosta: I thinking, if it’s plastic just join it back together with a good two part epoxy (3m). And the rubber with a good shoe urethane

Jason Kim: Thank you Humble Mechanic! Helped today so much in fixing my PCV valve and thanks for including how to test it.

mofine23: @HumbleMechanic please help me i have a P2096 on my A3 2009 it has a similar engine to the b8 . i have spent a lot on misdiagnoses. bought PCV, hpfp,fuel pump ,cleaned the injectors dont know what do next. kindly help

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How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails 5 out of 5

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How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails
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How The VW 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Fails