What do you think about this video?

John Hodge: that's the one that pop off and made my crank go through the casing

William Fitzgerald: with mine unless it is under load the engine speeds up then slows down is this the governor?

jim machen: hi

Jay Landry: Whats the proper RPM for that engine at full speed?

roger shimshim: thank you

utube4361: First off a big thanks for all your videos on the Techumseh engine, I have been successful in fixing every problem I have had with your help. At the moment my governor is kinda out of wack I think, my motor runs like a champ on slow idle but surges a fit at fast idle, the carb has been cleaned and rebuilt, all new gaskets on intake, new fuel line, tank cleaned and fresh fuel, I am hoping I just messed up the governor setting (yes I stupidly removed the governor arm when I took off the carb). This video was just what I needed just one question does the throttle lever have to be in low run, high run or off position to make these adjustments or does it matter? And what is the recommended RPM setting at high and low speeds?

Chad Rivet: Thanks Don!  As always, you are my go-to for my small engine issues!  As you mentioned, I replaced the carburetor and took off the governor arm for the linkages and didn't re-install it in the correct position.  At full throttle I was turning at 4200 RPM!

Fiditti: Thank you very much for sharing your insights with us!! You have helped me a lot on many occasions.

David Struver: On the engine in this video, is there a governor spring attached anywhere ? I am about to replace the carb on an identical engine. All I see is the two linkage rods hooked into top of governor rod. One to throttle lever, other to carb throttle plate. Thanks for doing the videos, they help alot of folks.

Dominique Richer: Hi Donyboy73, my snowblower sometimes stalls when it revs low due to heavy snow. When it has to work harder. Like the mixture is not right. Maybe not enough gaz. But runs fine in lighter conditions. I think maybe my linkage rod to the butterly plate in not in the right hole. What do you think? What happened when you move the rod to the other holes? Thanks.

Mahesh C: I bought a replacement carburetor and holes on the plate with spring do not exactly match so I need to make a new link from Governor arm to throttle valve plate(with the retractable spring) . In the highest manual throttle position, the throttle valve plate opening should be 75%, leaving 25% room for any extra load the snowblower may see. If you max out throttle valve opening with highest manual throttle setting, then there won't be any room left. Is this correct? Also, is it okay to use big hole on plate, it will give some play. On the old carb, the connecting pin was inserted in smaller holes on the plate.

GmGarlo: hey donny , i can't find your video on you using a tachometer . could you send me the link to that one because it seemed to work quite good. if there is a tachometer you find is a good one please let me know and keep up the great videos ,THERE GREAT!!!

Fast Eddy: My snow blower only runs full at throttle , when I slow it down its back fires a lot and down to idle it just dies !! Carb has been all cleaned

MotorcycleJunky07: Donyboy73,
I am stuck! I have come across a problem that I haven't seen anyone specify or address in their videos. I must say I really appreciate all your knowledge and videos you post. They have been very helpful. The snowblower engine I'm working on is very similar to the one in this video; carb, linkage, throttle lever, and the governor. The problem that occurs is the engine bogs down when three things are happening; the wheels are being driven, the auger is spinning, and snow is being thrown. The engine doesn't seem to bog down when only the first two are happening while not throwing snow. What I have done: cleaned carb and made proper adjustments to the main jet fuel screw below the carb bowl and the idle mixture screw, checked compression (100-115psi), and pulled the underbelly of the machine to check for abnormal wear of all components (nothing obvious). Please let me know what you suggest and/or a link to one of your videos. Thank you in advance!

billeybop: When I need a very thorough how to lesson, I go to one of the very best on YouTube "doneyboy73"! Thank you.

MrTheHillfolk: I've adjusted the governor already, yet it still goes to the moon unless I throttle it back down manually.
and I already fixed a broken exhaust valve keeper from the excessive rpms when my friend had it.
As a Briggs tech , I think its time to open up this Tecumseh and check the governor gear and the arm,unless you have any other ideas sir.
Love your videos, they've helped me out quite a bit over the years.

lock1nout: does my choke need to be fully off to reset the linkages as well? my 10hp is hunting. great videos btw.

John Milner: This is from a Tecumseh shop manual on how to set the governor on either a vertical or horizontal crankshaft. and how I set mine on my 8hp-26" Mastercraft Tecumseh horiz shaft snowblower.

Daniel Hodson: I love your videos. I have subscribed. I have referred to this one because I have a full throttle power issue on my 8.5 hp Tecumseh. The lever adjust screw is not touching when it is turned off. Should it be touching?


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