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Ron Griff: You truly know your trade.Thanks again,& keep the videos coming,please.......................

Brian Eggebrecht: I've been struggling with my throttle linkage for weeks, thank you so much for the video on how to set the governor!

arthur1920: Hi. I have an 8 hp Tecomseh on an MTD 24 in snow blower. I could hear it faintly surging (changing engine speed ) for a long time. this storm it got much worse. The surging was changing the RPM's much more then it died after I did half the drive way. I took off the heat shield thinking the carb needed adjust only to find it is not adjustable. I changed the spark plug. I cleaned both jets although they did not look dirty. Carb cleaner is blowing freely through the holes. I cleaned out the float chamber although that was not dirty either. It starts fine, sound s good for the first maybe, 2 min then it starts reving up and down and I can see the speed governor moving back and forth, then it starts to run worse and worse and in about a minute it dies as if I had shut it off.
When I had the float bowl off I noticed holding the float up made fuel run out of the fuel hose (I had blower standing on it's nose) so I don't think it's fuel starvation. The governor arm has never been off the blower. After the first few minutes of not moving, the governor starts moving as I described eventually the engine just stops. Any clue?

Dan R. Hunt: Fantastic ! Your videos are so clear and easy to follow. I am a mechanical novice but I have found instructions to bring my snowblower back from disrepair. Thank you!

Phil falzone sr: thanks for the video very helpfull

transformer889: After changing the oil seal I was a bit confused how the governor linkage should be correctly connected , your video help to clear it out. thank you for posting.

Junk: What is the proper rpm on a tecumseh hssk50 engine at full throttle

tony Kari: thanks as always ... I've got a 1990 JD 826 and I cleaned the Carb and put in a new Carb kit. I also replaced the drive belt and the auger belt but it won't throw more than 3 feet. what gives? it runs awesome and doesn't bog down or anything like that. any info will be appreciated. thanks

Robrobi: Salut, L'ajustement fait t'il sur une veille Columbia 10-28 ? des années 1980 ou 1990 et comment faire pour trouver l'année de la souffleuse? DonyBoy

Phill R.: Very good videos. I have a tecumseh snowblower that starts and runs but it pulses the rpm up and down won't stay at a steady full throttle. Also seems to need some choke left on or it will die.

devilswroth: hi donyboy thank for your video that help me a lot ! But after adjusting my carburator it seem my job wasn't well done as i thing . When i turn on the auger drive to blow the snow and it become hard the engine slow down and they lost is power. Is it can be about a bad carburator adjusment or just my engine snowblower getting to old ?? I have another problem to ... the gaseline trought out of my carburator constantly . Leak is between the carbutor base and the casing what could be the cause ? the carburator float maybe ?? thank you

Roger Gietzen: Thanks! My first attempt at small engine repair and this, plus another video of yours was all needed to solve the problem. Appreciate the work that went into this teaching aid.

Jeff Condon: Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

hoober ed: donyboy73... Id like you to know, although im no stranger to mechanics in general im no expert. Your videos not only helped me but I always get my teenage boys involved fixing everything from appliances to cars to carpentry. Now they have the confidence to rebuild and adjust the Ariens 8hp. Tecumseh thanks to you.

hoober ed: donyboy73... You the man, I removed the carb and cleaned it. Set the adjustments. Engine ran to fast, and you where right. The governor was not properly set. After reset I warmed it up and fine tuned the carb. Running smoooooth now. Thank's to your videos.

Ron Goyer: Thanks, really helped.

usernamemykel: I'm in south Florida, so I don't have a snowblower, although I did have to find and wear my jacket last week.

I do have a Champion generator, which I'm trying to repair. My question to you is, re: your video, when you said ..."throttle lever in down position..." with regard to the machine to which you are demonstrating, is the "down" position where the throttle is "open" or "closed"?

Many thanks - I hope to have the generator ready for hurricane season.

Joe Soboleski: Thanks for all the info it sure helps to understand how to I am sure you had alot of troule shooting experience great job and thanks again not every one can take a snow blower in for repairs due to low income or time . It's nice how you explain things I would recommend adj. To the original specs. Thanks again

Dave N.: Wow my snowblower engine is in way better shape than the videl of course the snowblow is 11yrs old.

G Croteau: Thank you so much for you kindness, your altruism and your good explanations. You save me a lot of time, you give me the opportunity to learn how to do it instead of being totally dependent of a service, in a place with a shortage of mechanic technicians and where the service is so expensive and slow. You save me too hundreds of dollars and I'll be more safe as a winter storm is ahead. Thank you so much you're a great man !

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