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ian wiliamson: let no man deceive you.the words ofJesus in Matthew chapter 7

Mark Palka: James Randi has the right idea! Superstitious credulity is the debasing counterfeit of faith, whereas healthful skepticism must
necessarily go hand in hand with faith and trust in almighty God, and I say this as a Christian myself!

David Tadesse: James Randi goes to heaven. But, pop-oop, goes to hell.

Wes VanderWiele: ...but i bought the spring water

Mozzy Maryboy: religion an greed buncha fools go give money an make them rich while u get nothing in return believe in yourself an don't waste money on crap like this!

Usheka Williams: he super false ..I use to write and send money to him..I ordered the so called water and he lied greatly

Jeff Plast: how do these thief's live with themselves. without a soul .not much left of thiers

Jeff Plast: when you give money in faith it comes back 10 to 100 times more than you gave one way or another . I gave money to him in 2006 2007 2015 2016 and I have gotten nothing in return as I live below the poverty level for over 43 years .knee crushed between 2 cars by an elderly lady when I was 18 .a spinal injury at the age of 16 and a car accident the truck ahead of me had no brake lights left me with nerve damage in my shoulders and arms at the age of 24 .I have received no compensator for my injuries . what to do now?

Biz_Markie91: Although I don't really believe in anything, I thought you weren't supposed to ask God for money and lavish things and expect things in return? I thought that was one of the first things you learn about God? Does anywhere in the Bible say anything about that? Is that technically greed? I'm talking about his new "Miracle Water to erase your dept" scam going on now on TV at night. The guy is just purely evil.

I would say "well, those people deserve it for being so damn stupid and gullible", but honestly, they can't help it, and are going through a very tough time in life and are desperate for help. This man just kicks them when they're down and takes whatever change they got left through slick manipulation. I do really feel bad for this people. Especially the ones who are suffering illnesses and disabilities and just want it to go away. :( It's really heartbreaking that someone can be so evil, and these people are too desperate for hope to want to see it.

SKennedy: I could not have ever said it any better and I have been trying for years. At lime I am STUMPED about Mormons. As he said, I will never understand how people are drawn to the unrational. Exactly.

Evan Dickens: there never was a god there never will be

pazza1010: technically every prophet is a false prophet

SpetS: well, this is what stupid people deserves

Som Guy: So many people in here missing the point.

Popoff isn't a lone scammer; they're all scammers. Popoff simply got caught.

"Rot in hell Popoff"

"Popoff is a false 'profit' (lol)"

Uh yea, you're all missing the point. The entire faith is a con.

paul s: I worked at a Hyatt Hotel a long time ago where Peter Popoff recorded one of his healing seminars. I witnessed people being payed off to fake illness and fainting and given orthopedic canes from a huge box.

This guy was surrounded by creepy body guards carrying compact machine guns. Total phony who needs some serious investigating.

I feel for the fools who do have severe health issues and are desperate for help that give this piece of crap their money.

TAE-VAUGHN Smith: Wow that is crazy

carsten: Popoff is pronounced as PuhpAwf in Russian though, the way Americans pronounce it sounds closer to the Russian papa "dad" :DD

math gab: have seen the wicked people when their hands on person and they fell  dizzy this is the evil

Lovie VanLoo: A real prophet of God does not need the help of man or for that matter his wife feeding his mic with personal information leading the people to believe he's hearing from God, ( one of Satan's deception at the finest) the Lord Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit speaks directly to men and women of God... a gift is freely given, be it a healing, money problems are most importantly salvation for those we love our family friends and those who have even wronged us.. Forgiveness is a strong key to the Lord answering your prayers. please don't be deceived remember the Lord warned us about many false prophets , wolves in sheep's clothing in these end times and remember Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and he does have supernatural powers to deceive many , it is only Jesus that knows the person's true heart and their love and or desire to know and love him that he heals , it's not about money, remember that, always always only been about souls saving the lost remember in the Word of God we are told to store for treasures in heaven not here on earth were a true Christian is an alien meaning our true home is with him.

Lovie VanLoo: I believe some of these people get healed not because of this so called prophet but by their own faith he has nothing to do with it you do not charge for healings the Lord Jesus gave everything freely without expecting anything in return just like the revivals that were going on in the early nineties some of them were real I've experienced them first hand but through research I have learned and that money ego. and fame have deceive them they have allowed the devil in their churches because of their addictions to these evils just remember people Satan counterfeits the things of God.. The Lord Jesus heals who he desires, some of us may have to live with pain and other problems until the end but I will never waver from my faith it is only the power of the Holy Spirit that he heals and that is up to his discretion some he calls home for a reason it's not for us to judge but he warns us in these end times only trust and the Father Son and Holy Spirit and his word not man

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